Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots of cars in this photography competition with chances to win a Tamron 17-50mm lens and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Michiel Pieters for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michiel is a 26 year old, self taught freelance photographer based in Beringen, Belgium. He discovered his love for outdoor photography while on a road trip through New Zealand in the beginning of 2015. His work nowadays focuses mainly on the feeling he got being on the road for the very first time: Adventure. To offer a documentation of his travels on a constant basis, he uses different media platforms such as Instagram. Where with a combined following of approximately 300,000 he quickly became one of Belgium's biggest (outdoor) influencers.

"Ford tuff " by georgiafox

"Cold day exhaust " by HaydnDarePhotography

"SIXTY SEVEN " by one7studios

"Alfa " by ALBESA

"The Race of Gentleman. " by Michael__Sutton

"The Citroen Traction Avant " by BantamBluePhotography

"HOT & PEPPER " by jimmyjones

"_MG_8597 " by FSP-Studios

"the one " by depechmaniac

" " by alekseisolovjov

"Hard Right " by PeterEvans23

"happy 500 people " by piotrciechomski

"Classical Monument Valley " by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto

"Corvette C1 " by PierreTurtaut

"Lil Bomb " by SabineRoediger

"1962 Vette " by jimmotes

"Sports car 5 " by livioferrari

"Ford Truck- Front- Warman-2017 " by janlori

"Jason Johnsons newly finished 1979 Rabbit " by capturedslc

"Äijäkuva 3 " by kenygrd

"Old Yellar " by SweetRay

"The night rider 2 " by AlexanderArntsen

"Under the old oak tree " by HamptonPhotography

"Auburn " by AlanJ

"tired " by Johnsalterego

"Vintage Plymouth " by Sookool

"Nelson Ghost Town " by FlorendoStudioArts

"chevy-bel-air-128 " by Mougaard

"Bugs life " by danielventer

"XY GTHO PHASE III " by Ozscapes

"Seven Hundred Seven " by HathsinPhotography

"US Icons " by martinrosenkranz

"Future is now " by vittoriavitte

"Ferrari " by joaquimcapitao

"Putting Up a Fight " by randybenzie

"rollsroyce-142 " by guymace

"AML Vantage GTE " by JohnBarratt

"WRC "Sweden Rally" 2018 " by carlostojo

"Lambo " by MikeW

"The Only One..... " by AndrewatWolfe

"Vette Wheel " by Stanley_Photog

"once upon a time II " by CHWagner

"Panoz Esperante GTR-1 " by bradbuddphotography

"k landy 2 " by constancemorris

"Morro Bay, CA " by Jpaulfreeland

"Mercedes SL " by pixelmac

"Bentley - Car Show Vancouver " by dv8Photography

"Old Blue Plymouth " by StephenBridger

"Challenger R/T " by Hollingsworth

"Pontiac Firebird " by EvilFrees

"The Green Bug " by mzoom62

"oak harbor rat car 1 " by grillguy

"Catillac " by photopainter10

"Abandoned in the desert " by LionspridePhotography

"White lightning " by SimonArron

"Old Corvette " by kdm222

"BMW " by stevechoryan

"Mustang " by DamianPiorko

"Pony likes it sideways " by PeterTerry

"Chevrolet Chevelle " by NickBPhotoUK

"Late Night Pick up " by ts446photo

"Rubicon " by rugavy

"Nissan Rogue One " by maksym

"stormy glam " by debnieuwerth

"Forgotten " by Aklivingston

"Nights streets of Matanzas " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Classic " by gailstelick

"Vintage Car Christmas Lights " by CarolynBaillargeon

"IMG_3616_-2_-3_tonemapped " by rickcrawford

"Luigi " by Mariko

"Lamborghini Huracan " by MikeMPhotos

"Oksana " by SSchaghaghi

"Call me " by Nikolas_profoto

"_MG_3882 " by houdinihoudini

"Chevy " by mandypiccolo

"Dodge the Milky Way " by pedropulido

"20180223135021 " by samrosu

"Aston Martin Vantage V6 " by Alexlud

"GTO in the middle " by smarieab29

"SUV Cayenne Turbo " by GTherapy

"BF Goodrich II " by ThroughJsLens

"Datsun " by (A)NiaWolf

"Ds3 Performance Line, Loved this car just a shame it fell apart! " by (A)nickmclellan

"1952 Ford on the prairie of North Central Montana " by (A)Larzz

"Studebaker " by (A)ashleyhansen_7299

"DSC_4716 " by eMpTy

"Holden Monaro " by (A)Stevo17

"Old School Sweetheart " by (A)Mellyjay

"GMC Truck " by The_Whitography_Project

"high society " by (A)ryancrane

"Valiant - Dorothy, Alberta " by (A)Mish55

"Semi-retired #2cv #citroen #barn #classic #french #auvergne #car " by (A)Lucien_Wood

"Chevy Under The Stars " by (A)Ranbud

"Sitting " by (A)Effess

"Hot Rod " by EeVeePhotography

"jeep " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Grease " by Dolcefoto

"Oldtimer " by akphotographystudio

"Belleaire " by inspyred

"Xavier's Mustang 2015 - Sunset II " by xavierw

"Smiling 63 Riviera " by paulkendall

"_DSC1498 " by FrancoisHorne

"Oldie but a goldie " by cameliasopon

"Old Truck bw " by (A)Structor

"HT GTS Monaro " by schrammy

"Chevy Camaro " by ChristyRStanford

"DSC_1744 " by darrellfrancis

"Mustang II " by aaronjgroen

"IMG_0003 " by (A)ronwetherell

"storm sweeper " by noway13

"Nissan GTR " by chrisfphotos

"Ferrari Enzo front view fine art photo done with focused diffused light. " by sarelvanstaden

"Timing " by Wayne-Stadler-Photography

"1949 Ford (L1000192) " by larrymarshall

"Night Lights " by knoxphoto

"Old Car Light Painting " by mmunksgard

"ford truck " by schrammy

"Boy's Toy " by Nilesh_P

"Romain Dumas on Pikes Peak " by jamesharrisphoto

"Supercharged hot rod Lincoln " by martinesansoucy

"IMG_8996_HDR " by adavies

"Ghost in the Machine " by (A)Athena_B

"Dodge Viper RT10 " by Boholm

"Cermatt and a Swiss Land Rover " by annetteflottwell

"Pull over and avoid the storm. " by gottobeme1234

"Waiting for owner " by tadejturk

"Classic Corvette front view photograph using the fdl technique. The final image consist of 6 images that were layerd using Photoshop. " by sarelvanstaden

"Forgotton Dreams 13 x 19 " by James_Francis

"FAT46 " by Nishant-101

"Green Machine " by (A)TimmyLancaster

"Fiat " by ilyayakover

"Classic Lines " by jfischerphotography

"Old truck " by suegraves

"What the future holds " by bendikstalheim

"Fastback Tail " by (A)joshuashannon

"Hinch Indy Car " by turboinc

" " by jacksonmann_3918

"67 Mustang " by williamtanos

"Endless " by Eidennareth

"Innishannon Steam & Vintage Rally 03 / 07 " by Chris_Photoshooter

"Jeep, Jeep, and Jeep " by steveyancey

"My 2015 F350 " by mkrof72

"I create this low-key effect on the Pagani Zonda C12 by using focused diffused light. " by sarelvanstaden