Here at VIEWBUG we love our amazing planet. In order to minimize our impact, we're proud to present the Earth First contest series, which awards top-end gear that was lovingly used by another creative individual. Providing high-quality, pre-owned prizes puts less strain on the planet, and allows us to offer even bigger prizes. Classic win-win!

For this contest, we invited you to share the photos that you are most proud of. From remote vast landscapes and your favorite cities and towns to special family moments, portrait, and fashion photography; show us how you explore the world around you, share your most amazing photos, and get inspired by the submissions of the community.

"Golden Meadow " by markcote

"Wild rainbow in the Wadden Sea " by larsroed

"Old spoon " by Svetlanaree

"Happy Jumper " by nikicolemont

"Early morning Brown Hare " by stevebanner

" " by thomas_martin

"LAST GLOW " by manuelmohorovic

"Lonely Tree " by travisdaldy

"Intensity Personified " by troymarcy

"Photogenic Tornado " by NZPChasers

" Theo Cohen DSC04567-Modifier 28 fevrier 2021-2 " by theocohen_


"quiet hunt " by MKOSACHYOV

"Elements #2 " by marconunofaria

"Eternity " by CreativeVibesPhotography

"This gentle and elegant mother protects her calf, all the time allowing us the incredible opportunity to share in the moment. Filmed in the Silver Bank, north of Dominican Republic. " by damonmcdonald

"Valencia " by antocamacho

"Vestrahorn " by EpicByErika

"Walk The Line " by XLUREX

"Verona 1 " by telmark

"Ballet " by fightthelight

"Enjoying cooling shower " by ypopkov

"one sunflower drop " by milmoj_photos

"Robin snacks " by damonjenkins

"Martian Landscape " by raghumadanagopal

" " by ccaramelea

"Sniffing fox " by EuroBen

"Breathe " by VladimirPlavac

"BodieChurchNG " by DuffyDoherty

"Jumping out of the water " by gerdaeilts

"Press-The-Button " by Nishant-101

"Icelandic Horses " by AsmitaK

"Stars over mar menor " by villeheino

"Howl " by AlanJ

"On the edge " by petrosnikolaides

"Innocence " by hiyahercfarm

"Conway Bridge Sunlight " by Merma1d

"Soul of nature... " by MarketaNovak

"Shipwrecked " by ladyincammies

"Mediterranean Seascape " by Creattivv

"Sunrise Fog " by teddymorrow

"If someone were to ask me what my favorite part about shooting HS seniors is, I may have to say the expression of sports. I love the artistic freedom that comes with it and, well...who doesn't love artistic freedom right? " by LiveInspiredByBrenda

"~ Good Morning ~ " by HenrikSpranz

"_DSC4610 " by outside

"Crossing Paths for 1/60s " by peterburu

"The Tree is dead, long live the Tree " by ThomasDenoulet

"Autumn Reflections " by (A)jhags1313

"frozen lake on a cold night " by (A)Robert222

"Barnowl in flight " by (A)Creative_art

"Scottish staredown " by (A)vincentcroce