Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the moonlight in this photo contest. The moonlight has been perceived as a mystical and pleasant source of light as it reflects the sunlight in such way that illuminates the night offering unique shadows, tones and intensities. Having a good photo of the moonlight is not an easy task as images can easily show too much grain, unshaped moons and under or over exposed results. Having the right equipment and knowing how to get the best out of it is a must when shooting at night.

A special thanks to the photographers that voted for their favorite photos helping us find the People's Choice and to friend & professional photographer Richard Bernabe for his collaboration as a guest judge!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "I'm Being Followed by a Moonshadow" by jameswheeler


"Technically, this image is nearly flawless from the composition, light, processing, everything. But what sets this image apart, in my opinion, is the emotional impact it has on the viewer: calming and mysterious. It is easy to transport oneself into the scene and live vicariously through the person standing on the dock." - Richard Bernabe

Congratulations Runner Up "Moonlit fairytale" by thomaskast

Moonlit fairytale by thomaskast - Moonlight Photo Contest

"The image is balanced out perfectly with the mass of trees in the bottom left part of the image and the moon in the upper right. This juxtaposition of these two dominant visual elements creates tension by creating a virtual diagonal as the eye moves back and forth between the two areas. " - Richard Bernabe

Congratulations Runner Up "Tree with Moon" by RobertoSpotti

Tree with Moon by RobertoSpotti - Moonlight Photo Contest

"A simple, elegant image with the dominant silhouetted tree seemingly embracing the moon. I just love that tree! You just want to sit beneath it and watch the night sky unfold before you." - Richard Bernabe

"Improved Outlook" by WendyHudnall

Improved Outlook by WendyHudnall - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Hunter's Moon" by robertstump

"Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast" by ChristopherLH

Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast by ChristopherLH - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Moon-over-DSavo" by mikaelsundberg

Moon-over-DSavo by mikaelsundberg - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Arch Rock Desert Moon" by kenleephotography

Arch Rock Desert Moon by kenleephotography - Moonlight Photo Contest

"spotlight" by Zwerch

spotlight by Zwerch - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Bay Bridge" by shannongriswold

Bay Bridge by shannongriswold - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Night Turns To Day" by vibrantshot

Night Turns To Day by vibrantshot - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Hobart Moon" by LordHippo

Hobart Moon by LordHippo - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Moon at sunrise" by Pointomega

Moon at sunrise by Pointomega - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Moonlight over the lake" by sciepko

Moonlight over the lake by sciepko - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Corbiere By moonlite 1" by ybuhac

Corbiere By moonlite 1 by ybuhac - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Panoramic moonlight" by wildlifemoments

Panoramic moonlight by wildlifemoments - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Full moon rise over the mountain" by EtienneV

Full moon rise over the mountain by EtienneV - Moonlight Photo Contest

"Moon rise lighthouse-2421" by Follest

Moon rise lighthouse-2421 by Follest - Moonlight Photo Contest

Congratulations to the People's Choice "Levender under the Moon" by LMImages

Lavender under the Moon by LMImages - Moonlight Photo Contest