Thank you to the participants of this contest that shared their favorite shots of geometrical shapes in black and white with chances to win a new tripod and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Karen Gkiounasian for his collaboration as a guest judge in this black and white photo contest: "Even though I prefer images to words when it comes to expressing myself, I'll try to give you an idea of what it is that I do. It all starts with a single click and then, thousands follow. That's how I define experience; thousands upon thousands of clicks and hours upon hours invested in capturing life into time capsules of photos and videos. My goal is to make moments last forever. A part of my soul lies in every single one of my projects and this is how I define passion for creation. I want to be perceived as a photo maker, not a photo taker; this is my vision."

"Illuminated cubes " by FredyFerreri

"Abstracts in Architecture - the Serpentine Pavilion 2016 " by jfischerphotography

"Life lines " by Rollier

"Curvitecture " by StuartByles

"ZigZag " by PeterFo

"spiral stairs " by zenit

"Image-Illusion - Composition-II " by dezkarpatiphotography

"Reichstag Berlin " by petesmith2710

"house, arcitecture, " by elmerjensen

"Structure in Shades of Gray " by ChandlerWalker

"Converging Overhead " by ClaudiaKuhn

"F3P_9927-20170719-Edit " by fred_fiii

"Colossus " by FredGramoso

" " by jamestaylor_0971

"Shadow Playing " by ricklecompte

"_MG_5514-Edit-2 " by Ljubix

"Beach Stairs. " by Bruizaphoto

"BW Roads " by Penderev

"_DSC4868___tonemapped " by TheoShilton

"The human voice is the organ of the soul " by iordaniskeramidas

"World Market Las Vegas, NV " by paulbloch

"Fibonacci Walk. " by mattpaskinphoto

"La-torre-oscura " by MONSUGAR

"triangles " by AndyG142

"Evolution Tower " by Eduard_Gorobets

"mini simmons " by LukeRedmondPhoto

"Wooden Texture " by majkakmecova

"Hamburg Office Building. " by davidscottrobson

"The Journey " by Paul-Stapleton

"bridge lights " by tadejturk

"oesterbanken bij Asnelles " by johanwolfard

"broken descent " by Popov_Alex

"The Center " by FrauGipp

"Mente Cuadrada " by (A)BranyerBACC

" " by achrafbelasri

" " by moxiebright

"Brighton pier... " by Jonbouy

"AF681B53-1846-4D3F-A95A-24AA2D6A8D50 " by MarcoGalli72

"Armadillo " by alexdempster

"Anchor " by Bzox

"Naddler " by burkittphoto

"Tenerife Auditorium " by felicebellini

"The Gherkin " by N1ckBaker

"Regina Towers II B&W " by IanDMcGregor

"La dame de fer dans sa robe noire " by slydeshaies

"Contrasts " by fabrizioferraris

"Basler-Herbstmesse-nb " by pchiuppiphoto

"Bullring Birmingham " by apr9999

"Fornebu " by rogerhampton

"DSC_0045 " by angelundercover

"Beckett's Sky " by Sneachta

"Entering the Ocean " by NiCoBoCo

"Standing Tall " by emmafleetwood

"DSC_5670BW " by simonyj

"Lines to Go and to Come " by alexvignoli

"Moon Shadows " by Jbbevel

"going under ground " by constancemorris

"Backdrop " by beyond_the_prism

"Savage Beauty " by robertmax

"?????? " by Kerberos486

"Soccer " by timezone

"Casa da música " by AntonioBernardino

"Silhouette with umbrella " by phonik

"Cardinal Place " by RAPJones

"Some city pattern in black " by mikenekim

"Stairway to Heaven " by kristopherrobertkurus

"Twists and Turns " by tsnphotos

"New York City " by jacphotographic

"Modern Geometry " by cclaude

"Steel Mountain " by cLJphotos

"BackToBack " by ursusminor

"Circles and Lines " by Markus_D

"Light " by aliasadi109

"Passing the Time " by inge_vautrin

"London Belly " by Dane1985

"_DSC8947 vb " by didiersmal

"Skyline " by rafsalsa

"Stang Stunner " by LosiggioImaging

"Stairway from heaven " by Marco_Tagliarino

"BUSINESS CENTER " by Missklik

"Ethereal " by dlm999

"Poznan, Poland - corridor between 2 shops " by Chris_Photoshooter

"Working Rithm " by Dragos_Pop

"Brooklyn Bridge Website in Black and White " by KayBrewer

"Changsha Meixi Lake " by janicewchen

"Stan Musial Bridge in St. Louis in B&W Upon Request " by andinorwich

"Lines and water. " by Kamstrup

"Hot rod days " by Thatsguy

"Been around the world... " by ErikDerbyPhotography

"Rounding Up " by (A)SeowSweeMeng

" " by r----s

"Cathedral Ceiling " by TimHallPhoto

" " by amcphoto88

"**** " by AlexS

"At Lisbon " by federicaferrazzani

"complex parking " by (A)melissafarelli

"Up and Around " by jmurre

" " by (A)mattbenham