Thank you to all the photographers that shared their creative compositions in B&W in this photo contest with chances to win a and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Chris Poplawski for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "Hello everyone! My name is Chris, I’m a Southern California native who travels full-time for anything that keeps a camera in my hand. I’m home one week of every month and have managed to explore 12 new countries since I started a year ago, with my favorite being a tiny chain of islands in the North Atlantic ocean known as the Faroe Islands. A large portion of my work is dedicated to traveling with brands (products) and for weddings, but personally I love experiencing new landscapes and engaging with wildlife in their natural element."

Congratulations People's Choice "St Monans Pier, St Monans,Scotland." by garyalexander

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "The Soul Man" by Bobwhite

"Dramatic, emotive and timeless. I found myself staring at this image, instantly captured by this man’s story and his connection to music. The contrasts of light trapped in such a tight frame is inspiring. Every detail feels like its connected to this man’s soul. And to me, that’s exactly what a monochrome image should allow. A sense of wonder or contemplation, altering normal viewing behavior from the typical differences in hue, to shifting your attention to the various forms of light. Just perfect." - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations Runner Up "EDRO III" by ElenaParaskeva

"Originality. Landscape photography has a stronghold on my heart, and it takes quite a bit to capture my interest without the use of color. Yet, this image pulled me in. The scene offers a darker foreground, with a beautiful midtone and further bright elements that bring purpose and depth. Monochrome landscape photos need that balance of tones to leave a lasting impression. And some of the best monochrome shots are ones that focus on lines, shapes, patterns and textures- which Elena utilized wonderfully. " - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations Runner Up "untitled" by smkeena

"Sheer power, and humbling. As a photographer who has spent the last few months on and off boats, working with a crew to document the depths of the ocean and the majestic creatures that roam this huge space- this photo is a perfect representation of just that. The ocean is powerful, mysterious, dark, and a humbling atmosphere photographers are forced to respect. You brought all those aspects into one image. There’s a grand sense of wonder and a balance of light that shifts your attention similar to #1. It is difficult to do that underneath the surface, but here we are left with a beautiful moment doing just that. " - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations Runner Up "Li River Fisherman" by smijh

"Impactful. Prime example of prioritizing your subject placement and ensuring proper framing. Powerful monochrome images need those basic rules to capture the viewer's and to hold their attention longer. I absolutely love the use of light with the lantern, as it provides tonal balance and a look into this man’s life. Again, leaving us wondering and contemplating who he is and what he is doing. The landscape backdrop adds a surreal environment that this gentleman is thriving or struggling in. I question that. This photo simply makes me think about the reality of survival and to be grateful for what we have in this life. " - Chris Poplawski

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Pointe Of View" by CMDurst

"divided black tip" by romainbarats

"Boat..." by kbrowko

"Lauren " by PaulHenryStudios

"Boyhood" by pattyschmitt

"Worlds that fade " by inesmaddel

"Hawkman" by Disselfoto

"gmp-24" by guymace

"My Solace" by kapuschinsky

"The Drill" by IvanMuraenko

"Wating for crumbs" by aimeejohn

"Low key Black and white photo of two male buffalo in the Kruger National Park" by christophersalerno

"Photographing Giants" by KatnPat

"Yes... it is frozen :)" by ellu

"Boulders_Snow_Feb12_2017_Watermark" by sdondero

"Homeward " by UsmanovRashid

"My Feline Muse " by FotoCavallo

"Haus der Kulturen der Welt" by EvilFrees

"Photographers Shooting Thermal Activity" by FeatherstonePhotography

"Reynisfjara Sea Stacks" by kenrhodes

"Whale Bone" by MatthewLeite

"1949 Ford (L1000192)" by larrymarshall

"Caged Joy?" by BlackBalance

"Portrait - Black and White " by Alexlud

" Smoking in the dark" by MarkoBeljan

"thirsty" by kasper

"Kiss" by matejpaluh

"The Wreck of the Telamon" by Timm15

"Flaubert bridge" by pascalpbz

"Rail-bridge-delhi" by vincehooley

"abandoned dock" by davidgrachek

"The dancer and the pope" by livioferrari

"white rose of peace" by darcithompson

"A night on the beach" by UnTill

"Water Splash" by christosmavros

"The wait..." by AnaW

"Venice CourtYard" by shutterchemistry

"Tireless" by Alannixon

"Tower bridge" by alechickman

"Bird Brains " by Kavanthekid

"Log Jam" by johnwpace

"DSC_4715-2" by franklinabbott

"Are you dare to shoot?" by alexanderuljanov

"see how the wind blows" by dKi_Photography

"untitled" by cristinacovas

"Tenerife Auditorium " by felicebellini

"Mona Lisa" by artbypamelagarcia

"capture the back" by SamGorski

"Pebbles 31" by ronharrison

"Boat in the desert " by LeeAnneDunwoody

""The woman's diversity"" by miskovic

"Brought to you by the letter A" by ashleysowter

"The Race" by peteranthonyrollings

"untitled" by farigiovanni

"philomena." by Marcel_A_Vie

"Cross" by jrhardy

"Colorblind" by JenniferHannaPhotography

"Not So Abandoned " by PHOTOHAPPY

"Ascetic" by emavitale

"Derelict" by GhostLightPhotography

"Hair Silhouette" by teewhyell

"Foggy Morning" by tylerfitz94

"_DSC0180" by surajshrestha

"Preflight" by HMFICPhotography

"Under the bridge" by marcdicino