Thank you to all the photographers who shared their favorite photos of unique moments with moms in this photo contest with chances to win a Tamron 18-200mm lens and more! Meet the winners selected by the Master judge. Additionally, VIEWBUG editors and curators will also select winners for this contest.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Covid life " by Teod

"I love this photo because it shows the desire for communication between neighbors in these tough times. A child in a mother's arms, empty balconies, and a sense of isolation, but at the same time, I feel hope in society, when even if you're in a complete lockdown you still try to find another human being. " - Master Judge Mariia Tarasova

Congratulations Runner Up "Cake " by annabalaban

"I love everything about this picture: the light the editing and the emotions behind this photo. Motherhood is treated in the community as an easy job, but what we want is to see our loved ones coming home and sharing our love with them.
" - Master Judge Mariia Tarasova

Congratulations Runner Up "Home Farming " by froirivera

"This photo stands out from other ones by showing the connection between generations. No matter what happens in the world, our parents always create a safe place for us, where we can just be near them and feel peace and unconditional love. I feel so calm looking at this picture.
" - Master Judge Mariia Tarasova

Congratulations People's Choice "infant027 " by harveyjewett