Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the main subject out of place. The gallery gathered within this photography competition is truly creative with mind-blowing finds that are a 'must see', be sure to browse all the great photos in this collection!

A special thanks to our friends at PhaseOne for making this photo contest possible and to friend and professional photographer Mikael Sundberg for his collaboration as a guest judge!

Congratulations to the Grand Jury Winner "Prom Night II" by btdean

"I love the photo, it gives me thoughts, what makes a fine woman there? It is an image that raises questions. A good HDR image which used the correct effects and shows good focus. Tip: When shooting in HDR, it's easy to use too much of the HDR effect, try to balance the effects so it does not feel too much HDR. Make it right with HDR." - Mikael Sundberg

Congratulations to Runner Up "Wine Lover" by Eduardbetz

"I love animals, I like this photo very much. A beautiful photo which could be the perfect advertising photo. Tip: Practice patience and patience when photographing animals :) It pays in the long run. If you do not have telephoto zoom, try to get even closer without scaring the animal." - Mikael Sundberg

"untitled" by ginnardarchibald

"I love the pictures with messages. It raises questions and it makes a great picture. Tip: When you shoot similar pictures like this make sure to pay attention to your  highlights and shadows." - Mikael Sandberg

People's Choice Winner "Luke Meets Monarch" by jessicakirste