Minimalism is a form of art in which empty spaces are used to create an emotional response. Flat colors and simple lines reflect the simplicity that minimalists believe should be present in life itself, while also being aesthetically pleasing for viewers who enjoy this style. Congratulations to all the finalists that are part of this beautiful gallery of images!

"reflections " by raymondhoffmann

"4634bw " by gennacard

"Edge " by (A)MiguelMartins

"Mysterious palace " by fabrizioferraris

"Sea of Love " by pedroquintela

"All Ashore! " by Hedde

"Sunset on the beach " by nikispasov

"Red dimension " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Mismatch " by ArtMoodVisualz

"Usedcars b+w " by (A)farlow

"Rubjerg Knude Fyr " by tonyjhughes

"Egg 56 " by Dacemac

"smooth gray " by josejfferreira

"Sugarloaf Lighthouse Mist " by SandroRossiImagery

"Embraced " by rturnbow

"Arctic Fox " by thombarbour

"Black Church of Budir " by madspeteriversen

"Lights Of Paris " by nicken

"tuned to fade away " by Mtknight

"Mako Shark " by mytmoss

"Above the Fog " by steffoto

"Evergreen Hearts " by NikYog

"Inception " by csabakiss

"Flights End " by charterswilliamosborne

"Getskallberget " by 6susa5

"huelva-04 " by javiroman

"Fall Float " by vernswieringa

"Abstract statue 'stairway to heaven' " by Alvadela

" " by vladimirvasilyev

"Stand " by Lightyear

"White Gladiolus - 120 Film " by brucedavisphoto

"Can you hear me? " by DeborahRLaChance

"preliminary canter " by judithkuhn

"Against the wall " by Omen_Photography

"is winter over? " by eyecimages

"Rolling hills of Switzerland " by Wim-Solheim

"golden building " by dylantjader