Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing subway stations in the Metro Stations Photo Contest with chances to win a GoPro HERO4 Session and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Jeroen Nieuwhuis for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. A creative collaboration with cinematographer Erik Journée resulted a few years ago in our own photography & film studio called ’NEW DAY studio’. This studio is fully equipped with high-end film and still cameras, lighting equipment, a large cyclorama wall and all kinds of different background opportunities. Ideal for all types of photography and film productions.

"She made a run for the train" by eraeber

"Jubilee Line , London" by SarahCaldwell


"The Wharfs Back Door" by mrkirby

"Stadion Metro Station, Stockholm" by ajmphoto

"The Night Train" by rubensantos

"TBM Image 42" by byrnephotography

"Raising Hell" by ts446photo

"Blu Line" by AntonioMarchetti

"Rush Hour" by helenbissellbland

"The fast and the frozen !" by Lucdeherdt

"Motion" by beckykempf

"Metro Deep" by Kevin_Miller

"subway" by pappkornl

"Going Underground" by MartinPatten

"Waiting For the Next Train" by keepingitneil

"IMG_4633-2" by (A)robmercer

"gaslamp quarter train" by aaronmmoshier

"900000001540-D3300-17-55-Akadem-Metro-McD-Kresh-Metro-3-3-2016_0739 copy 10" by crosleyjsc1

"Overgrown Stairs" by martinrosenkranz

"Subway" by ceridjones

"underground" by elenapardini

"BZ5A0001" by robwright_1990

"station wide view" by (A)thatblacklabby

"Corrigated Tunnel-1" by SURREALIMAGE

"Going Up 2" by karlredshaw

"555 (1 of 1)" by eyeoftheoptics

"Metro station" by Kamstrup

"long way" by Kirichay

"MTA Fulton Street Dome" by carmine9592

"_DSC0226___tonemapped" by TheoShilton

"Hafencity University" by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto

"SOS" by mohamedelbarkani

"Sliding Doors" by andreacelli

"Feeling Small" by (A)janland

"Lucas Railway" by darcithompson

"fast track love" by mellow123

"To the Train" by rhmimages

"Underground II" by josalp

"to the end" by depechmaniac

"Metro" by giovannivolpe

"stairway to heaven" by pauljoinson

"Waiting on a Train - 00674" by misterscott

"OEZ 1 - Down the line" by rogerhampton

"Ziegelstein Station" by matayosoixantequatorze

"Underground Spaceship 1" by raven-black

"Underground" by mikica5

"Canary Wharf Underground" by artursomerset

"DC Metro" by jfischerphotography

"Escalator" by kenopictures

"Inside Out" by jjones6307

"Tokyo Metro Life" by (A)gerdiehutomo

"Frankfurt station" by turboinc

"MI6Vauxhall." by antonybarbour

"limp" by D_Golubev

"Subway" by ctbugan

"Fridhemsplan" by (A)esziger

"Movement" by FBphotography

"Down" by Svetlana_Sewell

"underground" by (A)markschlicht

"Undergound" by angelosnik

"gate A3 " by PoloD

"Je reviendrai à Montréal " by (A)BrigitteDupuis

"RenCen Station" by adavies

"Guillemins, Liège, Belgium" by Pjerry