Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing metallic surfaces in this photo contest in collaboration with our friends at SmugMug. SmugMug makes it easy to safely store, share, and sell your photos online. Trusted by millions of passionate customers, the independent photo-sharing site offers ecommerce-enabled, social media integrated, fully-customizable photo websites with gorgeous galleries and easy to order prints and gifts. Whether you’re a pro photographer or a proud mama, you’ll fall in love with SmugMug’s beautiful sites, simple interface, and 24/7/365 legendary Support Heroes.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Lindsey Pantaleo for her collaboration as a guest judge. Lindsey is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in the Midwest. Her photography career has sent her all over the world to document stories. She specializes in weddings and high school seniors. Her work has been featured in various publications such as Style Me Pretty, Le Magnifique, and Seniorologie. In addition to running her business, she loves teaching photography. Lindsey is a staff writer for

Congratulations to People's Choice "The Olde Way!" by GrahamF

"Wormhole" by geopapa

"Metal Memorial" by hello7671

"Junk Drawer - Redux" by randybenzie

"untitled" by (A)kamilasliwinska

"PW5" by db-ART

"A drop of oil" by Oxford

"Lions Gate B&W Tower" by xavierw

"Onondaga Submarine" by tracymunson

"Subway Car" by ginag0108

"cannes" by Bronco

"Viking Memorial" by TheLucidTruth

"Metal Bubbles" by Lorenzo_Bugarin

"Lines and Repetition" by ricardowilliams

"Disney" by andrei_duman

"silver ratchet" by Kcable

"Alexandra Bridge - Sunset" by eNasser

"One in the Chamber" by (A)NotableNuances

"Twisted" by bronwynrebeccaparsons

"Fausti 28 Guage Shotgun" by elob

"Pipes" by Rorysart

"All them chrome fiddly bits..." by godsbod

"Locks" by andrewhartl

"The Old Forge" by snowdon

"777" by wazza

"The singing ringing tree" by jamesrushforth

"bridge-to-no where" by geertweggen

"Vintage Wings." by redwriter

"Saltwick-sunset" by phillg

"USS Wisconsin Night" by (A)boski

"Tyne Rush Hour" by petergreig

"just shoot" by fotogalmexican

"Justin Lewis in his BD-5J" by THREEWIRE-Images

"fuzzy plays the blues" by FrankSomma

"weapon as a communication" by NFDI

"Tap" by justinsmith

"Corvette C1" by PierreTurtaut

"Christine" by JanetDaniel

"NoSteeringNecessaryNG" by DuffyDoherty

"CN Train" by stillinmylongjohns

"Banking Right" by jonnywilliams

"Plane Crash Light Painting" by mmunksgard

"not on this planet" by Joerg

"Departing" by ctoc