Matt combines his background in graphic design, his love for photography, and his passion for sports to create unique and artistic athlete portraits and composites. Recently named The Paducah Sun's Readers' Choice for Best Photographer in his area, he has established a solid local business, and is branching out to other areas. He has photographed professional athletes as well as members of Team USA.  Matt will be selecting the winners of the Flash Photography Contest.





We had a quick conversation with Matt, here is what he had to say about his experience in the field:
When did you start taking photos and what inspired you?

I started my photography career about 2.5 years ago. Prior to that I was a graphic designer for the University of Kentucky where I art directed a lot of shoots. I moved home to my home town, got married, and decided I not only wanted to do the design, but take the photos for my clients as well.
Do you have a favorite camera that you use most of the time?

Yes, I love my Nikon D3S. I have a D800 as well and really like it, but the D3S is so versatile it would be hard to live without. I really want a D4, but am holding out of the D4S.
Do you have one memorable photo shoot session you just cannot forget and why?

Probably shooting my newborn son for the first time. I've done newborn photos in the past, but this was a little different. Shooting him is something I will defiantly never forget. It was so weird to say I was photographing my SON (he is our first child).
How do you describe your photography style?

Dramatic and edgy for sure. I can do the soft look if need be, but dark and dramatic fits my personality and taste better. I love it!
Where do you find creativity?

I try to find creativity everywhere. I am always looking for new ideas or things that will inspire me. I have a lot of other photographers I follow that I look to for inspiration. Also, being a big sports fan I am always looking for things going on during games to give me new ideas for photos. I also enjoy researching movies and movie posters for ideas.