Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo of canyons in the Magnificent Canyons Photo Contest with chances to win a Professional Tripod And More! A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Dustin LeFevre for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Dustin LeFevre is a Utah based landscape photographer who uses images to inspire his love for the outdoors. Dustin LeFevre is an award-winning and published wilderness photographer, born with an innate desire to explore. Growing up in Utah, he has always appreciated the beauties of the diverse landscapes of the West.

Congratulations People's Choice "Fjadrarglijufur " by jhags1313

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Coal Mine" by Davemce

"This image stopped me in my tracks. The composition is compelling and the landscapes is so interesting and that light! Wow! " - Dustin LeFevre

Congratulations Runner Up "Magic Sunset " by julecho

"I love the desert and I love images that showcase lesser known areas. This image brings those both together incredibly well and tops it off with stars. Well done." - Dustin LeFevre

Congratulations Runner Up "Light Bender" by ryanbuchanan

"This image just flows so nicely. The small gap in the trees starts the flow off right up to that beautiful glow and then circles back around. Of course the processing is top notch also!" - Dustin LeFevre

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Winter Play Ground " by droptinecollections

"into the peaks of zhangjiajie" by aaronchoiphoto

"Kanara Falls" by JeffAlexander

"untitled" by racheljonesross

"Blue Sky Slot" by michaelmarcoux

"Vikos Gorge" by Giannis

"Kanarra Creek Canyon " by lakevermilionphotos

"Valley of the Ten Peaks in Smoke" by chadmcmahon

"Sunset over Palouse Falls" by jeffzenner

"Silver Falls State Park" by chipbhi

"Views" by simalg05

"Magical moments" by TrueNorthImages

"Labour" by Jellyfire

"The Flood || Mt Cook, New Zealand" by capturezeworld

"Maternity" by CelestineAerden

"On the edge" by rogerhampton

"Down to Skogafoss" by JulienBeyrath

"Ruby over Fjadrargljufur" by eastlyn_

"Grand Canyon Nights " by SaguaroPictures

"stony heart " by CmoonView

"Ephemeral " by BrianaK

"By the Light of the Moon on the LMF River " by philipdrispin

"Night-Climber " by racheljonesross

" " by joebaumann

"Kegon Falls " by awoisoak

"Wild west jewels " by julecho

"Stream of Mt. Salkantay " by paaluglefisklund