Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best macro shots in the Macro Games Photo Contest with chances to win a HD 8 Tablet and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Drew Hopper for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Drew Hopper is a fine art travel and landscape photographer, when he isn’t traveling he calls Australia home. Captivated by the diversity of cultures, people and environment, Drew ventures far and wide to capture pictures that define his experiences with the vision that they will impact and inspire an audience in a way individual to each viewer. Drew is a regular contributor to Australian Geographic, covering assignments throughout Australia. He also regularly contributes to Australian Photography magazine writing photo articles and judges monthly contests, and has work featured in numerous travel, photography and lifestyle magazines worldwide.

"Peekaboo" by Ethos

"Drinker Moth" by chrisjarvis

"Horse fly - Tabanus sp. (Portrait)" by lukasjonaitis

"Let's dream.... " by (A)PriscilaOctavianaBadalut

"The Little Brother" by adrian-borda

"Smooches" by gianlucapartengo

"A Sea of Yellow " by ericakinsella

"Oops!" by joecas

"Snail and mushroom" by elenasolovieva_photo

"Pretending to bee :))" by Popov_Alex

"BEE BOMBER" by PRL_NaturesMystique

"Just one drop" by ksean

"Roberfly portrait. " by (A)priyankdhami

"FROG" by ricosajoo

"Relishing" by (A)ashwinikadagodu

"Moody Rose " by (A)MarissaJane

"Wasp Macro" by johnpreston_5231

"tulip petal" by inspirejackie

"Are tou looking at me?" by (A)philipwood_2998

"doorman" by michaelpricen

"** Ladybug **" by Marierich

"Cinnabar Moth caterpillar" by (A)carolleather

"borboleta8" by (A)MarcelaMotta

"Bumbling along" by ncpcov

"Incy Wincy." by Anthonypmorris

"Fly" by tinoskiee

"fly" by pixelmac

"Wishes" by StaceyS

"Jumping Spider" by radekgora

"Strange little friends 2" by sebuse

"Bee Macro" by YepThatSarah

"Staring Contest" by chrisklug

"Blending in" by (A)Cbries

"The way of passion" by biagiosalerno

"ooOOOooooOoo" by MikaJC

"Eyes" by (A)EmmJane

"Climbing tiger legged tree frog" by dominicbeaven

"Land Shrimp" by benthic_photos

"Lizard Eye" by LucyCMorr

"Dylan + Katie Photography - Wasp" by dylantjader

"Big stag beetle" by sergiibravissimos

"Fairy realm" by Amanda_Leigh31

"Veins" by HaleyDawn1994

"Shrooms in the forest" by Jtrojer

"Winter White" by (A)niuhayan

"Cabbage White Butterfly" by (A)PWMMacro

"Lilacs " by sandythompson

"Autumn ladybug " by bvphotosnap

"Cinnamon Butterfly " by jackieday

"Beautiful Ladybird (Project 52-Week 41-Oct. 8, 2017) " by mihrt

" " by auksx

"Trichius fasciatus " by (A)TobiasMandt

"ladybird 3 " by (A)podson9

"Honey Bee with Back Pollen " by JohnVS

"Keeper of Man" by Kylemay86

"Flying Frog" by (A)andripriyadi

"Green Bee Close up" by keithpassaur

"Peacock jumping spider" by michellebarnes

"Together we achieve more" by thighwana

"Daddy long legs-" by Joeandkibo