Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots taken on a low vantage point in this photo contest with chances to win a Manfrotto Advanced Befree backpack and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Alexia Mercado for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "My name is Alexia, I started taking photos at the age of 17. In college I realized that my real passion was photography, so I decided to study it. While studying it, I began to see it as a mean of an intimate expression, a feeling in which I could feel freedom. Photography has allowed me to appreciate every moment I capture. I currently specialize in weddings, fashion and lifestyle."

"JetOnRunway " by tomato1236

"IMG_6885-BEC " by FredBlundell

"Two kittens play " by miskovic

"roots to branches " by pixelmac

"Close encounter. " by brianjamesphoto

"horsepic-4 " by EvaBareis

"I need that title - 53 " by GentleGiant

"Empty " by jtwphotos

"N.Y.C " by MaRock

"Vacant " by mariostomazou

"Surfers " by TheWeddingTraveler

"Reflections of Neverland " by DoraArt

"ChillinInDownTown " by AshleyAnnImages

"Reach for the sky " by SteveCrampton

"Mille Miglia 2015- 5 " by ColinDixonPhotography

"Curiosity " by HenrikSpranz

"Sun kissed " by JeffreyA

"Summit Skateboarder 004 " by MylesNewberryPhotography

"Windows " by antoniozarli

"IAACC Pablo Serrano " by davidemarzotto

"monorail " by Kcable

"Canopy Gazing " by Ellen_O

" " by (A)runningwithrolo

"Slinky " by alexyudice

"Flowers_Mikasa_Park " by leohayes

"Pemaquid Reflections " by keeley15lf

"Wharf " by giordanoaita

"Baloo The Pug! " by EoinDiamond93

"i could use a few right now " by eduardorodriguezmelis

"Lombard Street " by rd66

"Troubled waters " by occasionalclimber

"STLucBath " by kevinbartphoto

"Down Low with the Corn Rows " by FastHandPhoto

"Resting Pitch " by catherinemelvin

"On The Limit " by philtaylor_5129

"Diamond Beach " by Miptog

"A fox trail " by RuudPeters

"Sheep or Goat? " by LornaSmithPhotography

"Daisies " by daruvarskiportfolio

"Lemon Shark Smiling " by carlosgrillo

"Sukhothai Historical Park " by iScreen

"Windsor Castle " by matthewarmsby

"Stairs into Autumn. The Series of "As I see Autumn." Photo 01. " by Andrew08

" adventurousness " by spARTiat_de

"Looking down " by MDPortrait

" " by Morgan_Lytle

"_DSC5145 " by Coraylaphoenix

"Golden Cascade " by Jchumleyphotos

"True loves kiss... " by Verafrancesphotography

"Twisted tree - Mohonk NY " by TimAtkinsonNY

"Lone Tree and Limesone " by Darrell_Evans

"Origami Man " by Garrytaiga

"Lobster pots " by jackclarke

"Mid-jump " by PhilC

"Give Me Your Chicken Nuggets! " by DobermanDuo

"Thirsty brown bear " by ritaholdhus

" " by Kaisaleephotography

"Hunters " by UsmanovRashid

"Under the boat " by jgnu

"shoes " by joeyg

"Fall Leaf " by Hippie22

"Grass at Sunset " by harflu

"Afternoon play " by NurseShaw86

"shoes pink " by jeanettesugar

"Dog Tired " by MikeW

"Best with no roads " by dennisglisson

"Cool Springs " by justinbetts

"Sandals in summer @ Sebago Lake " by x__jproductions__x

"Custom Wheels " by joshuashannon

"Lost " by Crystal-Fire-Photography

"NORD/LB Head Office, Hannover, Germany " by greenograph

"Nest " by mohammaddadsetan

"bike " by jasonbolduc

"Mason at Three-1 " by Pegertler

"Petronas Twin Towers (front), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia " by AlanJakarta

"IMGdocs on bike " by troutman29

"mainstrausse 24-127 " by (A)chasalbert

"New York City (b & w) " by (A)KippurY

"Tire Track with Running Woman " by lucretia

"Icelandic Ram " by (A)MagnusL

"nature play " by (A)ales_neumeister

"Hand of Fate " by (A)HarrySneed

"Trilliums " by (A)ChaseHasper

"A Rare Opportunity " by mjbranscome

"Old Ash Tree " by subuehler

"Look up! " by (A)natalyawilkins

"uhhhh " by (A)drewer1er

"Wheel of death " by (A)Samborough

"M,G Run " by (A)Highlandsportsphotography