Long Beach, California, is a city full of stunning views and photo opportunities. From the historic Queen Mary to the vibrant Rainbow Harbor, plenty of spots will make your Instagram followers jealous. In this guide, we'll take you through some of Long Beach's best photo spots so you can capture all the beauty this coastal town has to offer. So grab your camera, and let's get started!

The Queen Mary


Is a must-see landmark for any tourist visiting Long Beach. This ocean liner has been transformed into a floating hotel and museum, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience the glamour of 1930s transatlantic travel. The ship also offers stunning views of the city skyline from its deck, making it an ideal photo spot.

The Queen Mary offers a unique experience to step back in time and relive 1930s transatlantic travel glamour.

For those interested in marine life, the nearby Aquarium of the Pacific is another great location for photos. With over 11,000 animals on display across multiple exhibits and galleries, there's no shortage of interesting subjects to capture on camera. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden also provides a peaceful oasis within the bustling cityscape, perfect for capturing serene shots amidst nature's beauty.


Long Beach is a city that offers endless opportunities for great photo spots. Whether you're looking to capture the stunning views of the waterfront or explore local landmarks, Long Beach has something for every type of photographer. Taking advantage of these incredible backdrops when visiting is essential to create lasting memories and sharing your experiences with others.

With its vibrant culture and rich history, Long Beach has become a popular destination for photographers worldwide. From the iconic Aquarium of Pacific to Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, this city boasts numerous locations that provide stunning photographic opportunities. Understanding Long Beach's significance as a cultural hub can help photographers understand how best to approach capturing it on camera. By immersing oneself in its rich history and diverse community, one can appreciate both its beauty and importance through photography skills.

Best Spots for Photos

Long Beach is a picturesque city with plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photos. Whether you're looking for waterfront views or colorful beach umbrellas, Long Beach has something to offer every shutterbug. Here are some of the best spots in town:

  • The Queen Mary: is a historic ocean liner-turned-hotel with stunning waterfront views.
  • Long Beach Waterfront: the perfect spot to capture the iconic Ferris wheel and colorful beach umbrellas.
  • Shoreline Village: quaint shops, restaurants, and a picturesque marina make this an ideal place for photos.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific: get up close with marine life and take memorable underwater shots.

Check out Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden if you want something more serene. This hidden gem offers peaceful landscapes that are perfect for nature photography.

No matter your interests, Long Beach has plenty of photo-worthy locations waiting to be discovered!

Long Beach Waterfront


Offers some of the best photo opportunities in the city. You can capture stunning views from different vantage points along the waterfront, including the marina, beach, and boardwalk areas. A must-visit spot for any tourist looking to take memorable photos is Shoreline Village โ€“ a charming shopping and dining destination that boasts picturesque ocean views.

Another great location for capturing Long Beach's beauty is Rainbow Harbor. The harbor features colorful boats docked against a stunning backdrop of skyscrapers, making it an excellent place to snap some unique photos. Itโ€™s also home to many restaurants with outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy a meal while admiring the view.


Long Beach is a city that offers tourists a unique blend of urban and beach vibes, making it an ideal destination for those seeking diverse experiences. Taking photos while traveling has become an essential part of any trip, and Long Beach provides plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful moments with your camera. The city also has a rich history worth exploring, from its early days as a port town to its current position as one of California's most popular cities.

Whether you're looking for Instagram-worthy spots or want to capture memories with family and friends, Long Beach won't disappoint with photo opportunities. From the iconic Queen Mary ship to the stunning beaches and colorful murals around the city, there are endless options for all types of photography enthusiasts. So grab your camera and start exploring!

As you wander through Long Beach's streets, take some time to learn about its intriguing past. Founded in 1888 as a seaside resort town before evolving into a major hub for shipping commerce in the 20th century, many fascinating stories are waiting to be discovered here. Don't miss out on visiting landmarks like the Museum of Latin American Art or touring aboard the RMS Queen Mary - both offer insights into this incredible city's heritage that will add depth and context to your travels.

Best Spots for Photos

Long Beach is a picturesque city with plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful photos. Whether you're looking for snapshots of the ocean, skyline, historic architecture, or street art, this coastal city has something for everyone. Here are some top spots in Long Beach perfect for taking stunning photos:

  • Long Beach Pier: an iconic spot in the city with breathtaking ocean and skyline views.
  • Shoreline Village: a charming waterfront village featuring colorful buildings and boats docked in the marina.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific: home to over 11,000 marine animals and offers great photo opportunities with sea creatures.
  • Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch & Gardens: a serene oasis boasting gorgeous gardens and historic architecture perfect for Instagram-worthy shots.
  • The Queen Mary: this famous ship-turned-hotel offers an incredible backdrop for photos on its decks or along its dock.
  • Downtown Long Beach Art Walk: a must-visit attraction where you can take pictures of murals & street art by local artists.

These locations offer endless possibilities when it comes to taking memorable photographs. You'll find inspiration throughout these spots in Long Beach, from natural beauty to artistic expression. So grab your camera (or phone) and start exploring!

Shoreline Village


Located in Downtown Long Beach, Shoreline Village is a picturesque waterfront destination that offers a unique blend of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The colorful buildings and charming boardwalk make it an ideal location for anyone looking to capture the city's essence in their photos. Here are some of the best spots at Shoreline Village for taking stunning pictures:

First up is Rainbow Harbor - this bustling marina provides a stunning backdrop for your photos, with its boats docked against the beautiful blue waters. Next is Parker's Lighthouse, which stands tall above the harbor and offers breathtaking views from every angle. Finally, head over to Shoreline Aquatic Park for some genuinely scenic shots, with its sprawling green lawns and tranquil ponds reflecting natureโ€™s beauty and Long Beach's skyline in perfect harmony. Don't miss these locations if you want to get great pictures showcasing everything Long Beach offers!


Long Beach is a vibrant and picturesque city that attracts tourists from all over the world. Whether you're a professional photographer or love taking photos, this destination offers plenty of opportunities to capture stunning images. Long Beach has become popular for photography enthusiasts looking for unique and beautiful shots.

This article aims to help tourists find the best photo spots in Long Beach. From beaches to urban landscapes, we'll explore some of the most scenic locations that offer breathtaking views of the city. Following our guide, you can take stunning photos showcasing Long Beach's natural beauty and architectural marvels. So grab your camera (or smartphone) and discover what this charming coastal town offers!

Best Spots for Photos

If you're looking for the best spots to capture Long Beach's breathtaking views, you're in luck! The city has some of the most scenic locations perfect for photo opportunities. Here are our top picks:

  • Experience a pop of color at Naples Island with its vibrant houses lining the canals.
  • Grab your camera and catch a stunning sunset from Alamitos Beach Pier.
  • Explore Downtown Long Beach and discover urban art and murals that add character to the city streets.
  • Don't miss out on visiting the Queen Mary, an iconic historic ship with plenty of photo-worthy corners.
  • Stroll along Bluff Park and snap pictures of Long Beach Lighthouse against the beautiful ocean backdrop.

With these five best spots for photos, get ready to take amazing shots that will help you cherish your memories forever.

Bluff Park


Is a must-visit location for anyone looking to capture Long Beach's best views. This picturesque park overlooks the Pacific Ocean and offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline, beach, and ocean. It's an ideal spot for taking photos at any time of day or night.

The park also features beautifully landscaped gardens with blooming flowers year-round, making it an excellent backdrop for portraits or close-up shots of nature. Whether you're a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys snapping pictures on your phone, Bluff Park is worth a visit if you want to capture Long Beach's beauty in all its glory.


Long Beach is a hidden gem of Southern California, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors. But this coastal city offers plenty for tourists exploring a new destination. One thing you don't want to miss while visiting Long Beach is capturing those picture-perfect moments that will make your vacation memories last forever.

There's something special about taking photos while on vacation โ€“ it's a way to bring home not just the sights and sounds but also the emotions and experiences of your trip. Long Beach offers numerous stunning photo spots where you can capture the beauty of the cityscape, oceanfront, and unique landmarks. From colorful murals in downtown alleyways to panoramic views from atop Signal Hill, there's no shortage of opportunities for amazing snapshots in Long Beach.

Best Spots for Photos

Bluff Park: A panoramic view of the city and ocean. This historic park is one of Long Beach's most scenic locations for photography. Here are some tips for capturing stunning photos at this location:

  • Take advantage of optimal lighting by visiting during sunrise or sunset.
  • Experiment with different angles to capture both the cityscape and ocean views.
  • Incorporate foreground elements such as trees, flowers, or benches to add depth to your photos.

The Aquarium of the Pacific: Underwater Wonders and marine life. If you're interested in capturing unique shots of marine creatures, then the Aquarium of the Pacific should be on your list. Here are some tips for photographing inside an indoor environment:

  • Use a polarizing filter to reduce glare on aquarium glass surfaces.
  • Look for opportunities to capture animals in motion, such as swimming or feeding.
  • Visit during off-hours when crowds are smaller for greater access and less interference.

Long Beach Museum of Art: Capturing art, architecture, & ocean views. The Long Beach Museum of Art offers a unique combination of artistic inspiration and natural beauty, making it an ideal spot for photographers looking beyond landscapes alone. Here's what you need to know before heading there:

  • Explore galleries housed within iconic buildings designed by famous architects Richard Neutra & Roy Daines
  • Photograph museum architecture from various perspectives, including aerial angles from nearby bluffs
  • Include garden landscapes found throughout museum grounds along with oceanfront scenery in your shots

Rainbow Harbor


Located in the heart of Long Beach, Rainbow Harbor is a picturesque area that offers plenty of photo opportunities for visitors. As one of the best spots for photos in Long Beach, Rainbow Harbor boasts stunning waterfront views and colorful boats bobbing in the marina. Whether you want to capture a beautiful sunset or take shots with your loved ones by the water, this harbor is a must-visit destination.

In addition to its scenic views, Rainbow Harbor also features several attractions, making it an ideal spot for taking pictures. From its iconic lighthouse and towering palm trees to its charming shops and restaurants, there's no shortage of interesting backdrops for your photoshoots here. So grab your camera and head down to Rainbow Harbor โ€“ you won't be disappointed!


Long Beach is a hidden gem on the California coast, quickly becoming one of the most popular photography destinations in the state. The city offers picturesque views of urban landscapes and natural beauty, making it an ideal location for photographers. Whether you're interested in capturing stunning sunsets over the ocean or exploring unique architecture from different eras, Long Beach has something for everyone.

If you want to take your photography skills to new heights, then Long Beach should be at the top of your list. With its diverse photo spots and breathtaking scenery, this vibrant city will inspire even seasoned professionals. From historic landmarks like The Queen Mary and Rancho Los Alamitos to modern art installations like "The Loop" and street murals downtown, there's no shortage of exciting subjects to make your photos stand out. So what are you waiting for? Pack up your camera gear and head straight to Long Beach!

Long beach car photography locations:

Long Beach is a beautiful city that offers many opportunities for photography enthusiasts. Whether you're interested in capturing stunning views of the harbor, colorful buildings, historic ships, or art deco masterpieces, Long Beach has it all. Here are some of the best spots for photos:

  • Rainbow Harbor: this spot offers stunning views of the harbor and city skyline. Be sure to capture shots at sunset or night when the lights reflect off the water.
  • Shoreline Village: the colorful buildings and water views make this a photogenic location.
  • The Queen Mary: is an iconic historic ship with unique angles and perspectives to be captured on camera.
  • Long Beach Museum of Art: a beautiful art deco building with an ocean backdrop provides an excellent photograph setting.
  • Belmont Shore Pier: one can enjoy scenic sunsets from here over the waters.

Is there a scenic spot in Long Beach for scenic pictures?

Yes, Long Beach, California, offers many picturesque locations for tourists and visitors to take breathtaking photos. From stunning beaches to historical landmarks, there is no shortage of scenic spots in Long Beach. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best places to take scenic pictures in Long Beach.

Lions Lighthouse for Sight

One of the most iconic landmarks in Long Beach is the Lions Lighthouse for Sight. Located at the Long Beach Peninsula's tip, this lighthouse has guided sailors since 1949. The lighthouse is open to the public and offers a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse and take stunning photos of the surrounding scenery.

Hilltop Park

For tourists who want a bird's eye view of Long Beach, Hilltop Park is the perfect place to take photos. This park is on Signal Hill and offers panoramic views of the city, port, and even the Hollywood sign. Visitors can hike to the top of the hill or drive to the park's parking lot and take photos from various vantage points.

Are there any historic buildings in Long Beach that are great for photos?

As a virtual assistant, I'm happy to tell you that Long Beach is rich in history and culture. As such, it is home to many beautiful historic buildings that create excellent photo opportunities. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a beautiful place to take pictures, Long Beach has something for everyone.

One of the most iconic historical buildings in Long Beach is the Lions Lighthouse for Sight. Located on the edge of Shoreline Aquatic Park, the lighthouse was built in 2000 to commemorate the city's maritime heritage and to honor the Lions Club International's contributions to the community. The lighthouse is a replica of the original structure built in 1949 and used to guide ships into the Port of Long Beach.

The Lions Lighthouse for Sight is a popular spot for tourists and locals. Its picturesque location on a pier overlooking the ocean makes it the perfect place to take photos. The lighthouse is also open for tours, so visitors can learn more about its history and role in guiding ships to the port.

Another great historical location for photos in Long Beach is Hilltop Park. Located on Signal Hill, the park offers panoramic views of the city and the ocean. The park was once home to the Signal Hill oil field, one of the world's most productive oil fields during the early 20th century. Today, the park is a popular destination for hikers, dog walkers, and anyone looking for a best views.