Meet ViewBug community member tristan29photography who chose to live a different type of life than most of us. Read below, you'll be inspired and will learn a lot!

1. I love photography because:

I chose a life of experiences. I didn’t buy any house, and all I own fits in 2 suitcases. I have always been traveling and working abroad, so photography is the only thing that remains, in addition to these incredible meetings and memories.

2. My camera lets me:

Travel for free. I’m not professional in photography, but my passion helped me to get a job for an adventure travel agency (Aventure Colombia). So when it is matter to create new touristic plans, they try to send me first so I can bring back original pictures.

3. I find inspiration when:

I feel connected with the places, it is hard to put words on it. I’ve been reading a very good book called the « celestine prophecy » (offered by my sister) which talks about this. This book made me decide to travel, and influenced all my life. In some chapters it is talking about this energies. Well, if a think a picture is achieved, it is that I managed to express the energy I felt at that precise moment.
For portraits, I like to inject an emotion in the photo. Sometimes, it will be taken naturally, when people are not aware that I ‘m capturing a picture. Other times I try to create the moment by talking to them before. So for the same place at the same moment we can express the scene of many ways, creating a true climax with people.

4. One of the photos I am most proud of is: 

I think it is « taironaka Heaven ». It was one of the first time I was spending so much time on a picture, like a painting. I was learning the blending techniques, and it was delighting to see the picture appear slowly. This photo needed a lot of different exposures to get there, because the sun was so rush. The first single raw file was far form what my eyes could see in reality. When I finished I was so happy, thinking « Yes, I did it ! »

5. My favorite place to shoot is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta because:

It is a unique and mystical place. Every valley has it’s secrets. It has 4 climatic stationaries. At the sea level there are wonderful beaches, with tropical forest, then we can get into the primary forest. there are tons of waterfalls, tropical birds, and also it is the kingdom of our elder bothers: the Kogi Community. I have a strong respect and admiration for them. I just wish they still can leave the way they want. Contrary to the appearances, they are centuries in advance from our civilization.

6. One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is: 

It makes me feel I am in a dream or a movie, from Enrico Fossati. Each time I watch his pictures. It makes me want to improve my skills, to study more, and to travel more. This man is pushing the limits, and developping a new style that I hadn’t often seen before. I really love his moody photos, pushing down the lights to the darkest limits. This guy is really an inspiration for me. He is just recently arrived on viewbug, but fore sure soon we will here from him !

7. My favorite lens is:

Well my favorite lens broke 15 days ago. For Landscapes I had a 24-70mm 2.8 L II from Canon. What a sad thing. But with thousands of clicks, it gave me fare and faithful services. But my dream now is to get the 16-35mm 2.8L which seems to be perfect for landscapes.
For portrait my favorite is the 70-200mm Canon 2.8L. Well it is very heavy but it is very fast to focus, the bokeh is just exceptional, and for travel portraits, I think it doesn’t break people’s intimacy. I mean we don’t need to get so close to people, so they don’t feel bothered by the camera. Even in low light condition it really makes wonders.

8. These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:

Firstly, I would say to learn the light. I’ve been spending years without considering it as it should be. Need to learn what is hard light, soft light, how to control it. This is the most important factor in portraits for example, without good light, I don’t take portraits. Also for Landscape I avoid at maximum to take pictures between 09:00am to 4:00pm. (well I still take them for memory, but I don’t publish it ;-). Knowing the lights you will be able to identify if you need to take several shots to keep the full data range for further processing.

Secondly, I would say that you need to have a full domination of your camera. You need to be able to use your camera eye closed. So read read read everything you can, learn new techniques until you have all this knowledge as a second nature inside you. Therefore on location you will not block your creativity, and be aware of what is around you.

In third tip, I would say learn the blending techniques. When I bought my canon 5D markIII I was taking pictures in perfect lights conditions, but when I looked to professional photos, I was still far from them. I had the best material with the best lenses. But there was still a secret that I was missing. I’ve been trying HDR pictures to see how it is with all the luminosity range. But I still didn’t enjoy the result. One day I discovered the free videos of Jimmy McIntyre. He is so generous with his knowledge. He shares his techniques with luminosity masks, with very good video tutorials. I really recommend to have a check to his site, and he is really one of the best photographers I know. He videos have allowed me to get to the next level in photography, and play in a new ground. Now I think I have all the tools to express myself in photography. I still need to learn more technique, but the main thing is that I have to learn my own style. I mean the more I will edit pictures, the more I get closer to my style.

9. My favorite item in my camera bag is:

My “Mochila”. Haha. I always bring it with me. It is a bag made with a natural « cactus fiber », also called maguey. It is made by the local native women, and when I do trekking, I always put my camera in it, so people don’t see me arriving with all my technology. Since everybody is wearing one here, it is unnoticed, and anybody can imagine what I have inside.

10. If I could shoot one dream location it would be:

It think I would go to Patagonia. The images I see from there are just exceptional. The lights are amazing, since it is low on the globe, it seems to be always the golden hour. I think it is a perfect paradise for landscape photographers.