Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots showing time passing by in this photo contest in collaboration with MOVO with chances to win a MOVO Pro 49" Motorized Slider with Wireless Controller and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Mo McFadden for her collaboration as a guest judge in this free photo contest. Mo McFadden is a self-taught photographer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles , California. Mo strives to create stunning visuals of the most beautiful human moments while bringing to life diverse characters that have yet to be strongly celebrated on the big screen. She uses this as her through line while also supporting the works of other photographers and filmmakers as the social media manager and content creator for MOVO Photo.

"Strange Lights " by Everettbloom

"Serpentina " by Wim-Solheim

"Mystery night " by Megabrain

"Road to the Stars " by Mattia_Bertaina

"Time Travel " by Bren_Ruiz

"Nightfall at Point Mugu. " by jasongerard

"Gore Glen " by StephenBridger

"The White House on the Cliffs " by StuartByles

"Passage of Time " by Astrophotobear

"El Berrueco " by JaviPozas

""Lights" in the City " by ThanePhelan

"Torcal Stars " by JoseDRiquelme

"ARO-Star-Trails-09032016 " by beabinka

"spin cycle " by jasonedelstein

"Castelluccio " by giovannivolpe

"Tower Bridge trails " by farigiovanni

"Laguna spins " by FlorendoStudioArts

"Bone Portal " by mattpayne

"Diamond Dust " by ClassTenPhoto

" " by TomPrice

"Night lights " by pepinair

"Startrail at the old monastery " by NoelMartin

"SpaceX Falcon 9 Iridium 4 Launch from Vandenberg AFB viewed from Avila Beach Friday evening 5:27:15pm-5:32:20pm (305 second exposure, f16 24mm(equivalent)) The bright cloud occurred when the rocket exhaust re-entered sunlight (launch was about 30m after s " by gregedwards

"Star Trail Over Hamnoy " by lddove

"LONDON. " by felicebellini

"Halo. " by AaronM

"Drifting in an old, crooked canoe " by Michael_Higgins

"Shangri-La Star Trails " by sdondero

"Rust In Peace " by MikeW

"North Star over Vogelsang, Yosemite, California " by Walklightphoto

"venice canals at night " by stevenjay

"The Canals of Amsterdam " by rinosuren

"Silent City " by paulantony2

"Stars above Gstaad " by j1bach

"Slaves of Time " by YuliyVasilev

"Trolley underpass " by ifarca

"St Pauls with stars and light trails " by adamvasas

"Lightning Ridge Startrail " by DanMarshall91

"Dance Class " by carawalton

"The Page " by KZ1300

"Surrounded by the stars " by albertoghizzipanizza

"Star Trail Sky " by KimNordbyPhotography

"D20CB1A3-BB87-4F1A-9F46-D62818EA24BC " by (A)Mark88

"Spinning " by SebastianWuttkePhoto

"Burj Khalifa at Blue Hour " by christophersalerno


"The Smoker " by Denis09

"_DSC0898_tonemapped (2) " by TheoShilton

"The Night Train " by rubensantos

"Atlanta from Jackson Street Bridge " by ericcriswell

"City Streaks " by ewill

"Spinning at the fairground " by FlatMat

"Solstice " by karolispipiras

"Old Gate By The Busy Street " by k009034

"hills on fire near Pacific Coast Highway " by Bruz

"Kings Cross " by jnoon

"Clash of Drums 02 " by RAPJones

"Night in Iceland " by patsphoto

"Winter in Ireland 2015 (Ballincollig, Co. Cork) " by Chris_Photoshooter

"Steel wool " by brentbeme123

"Stars Meet Ocean Sunset " by ReidCollins

"Crossing the Bixby Bridge Galaxy " by darrenlovecchio

"Bangkok Tuk Tuk " by Forrest_Brown

"untitled-68 " by paulkendall

"Roundabout " by jaanstein

"Wrawby Postmill Star Trail 2 " by Bob-Riach

"Mount Porezen " by matejmlakar

"Tunnel " by WGBN

"Sparked Up " by (A)MatthewKeeley

"Fire spinning in Thailand " by (A)brookechelettechapman

"A clear night on Westminster Bridge " by (A)bridgendboy

"DSC_3562 " by (A)balzsdobrn

" " by (A)PaulLavoieImages

"Khibiny " by istominvitaly

"Pigeon Forge Mill " by (A)DGriffiths

"star trail " by (A)gailhart_3699

"Star Trails " by kve239

"Enter the warp " by gkossieris

"Heart of Upper Antelope Canyon " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"Ran Over " by gunnarheilmann

"Time Stands Still " by DreamCapturedImages

"Passing by " by mbernholdt

"End of the Line " by stephenippolito

"Fire & Ice " by tallemmens

"Arizona Blues " by scottywarren

"Camp spot " by TreverGarner

"Seurasaari " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Frozen in Time " by pedroquintela

"Kinderdijk " by Saragabriels

"Operator " by michellevallese

"Boscombe beach, UK " by (A)mattbenham

"A Different Scene " by Jchumleyphotos

"Northern light trails " by timoksanen

"The Derrytrasna Blues " by PaulKilleenPhotography

"Algarve Coast " by Jtrojer

"Dealey Plaza - Dallas " by jfischerphotography

"To The Bright Moon " by iwangroot

"Pleasing lines... " by jamesrushforth

"Berchem " by (A)AdCarreira

"Again Throughout Eternity " by sarahallegra

"Watching from a Rooftop " by beyond_the_prism

"Windmills and Milky ways " by rhmimages

"Potted Light Waves " by rturnbow

"Sparks Fly, Steel Wool (w/o Kad), 1x2, 11.2017 " by KColbyPhotography

"A Window To Outer Space " by Jean-Massry

"Roll and jump " by UnTill

"Glowing cypress road " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"Smoothie way " by (A)anaritaferreira

"Follow the water " by alexorrec

"Genoa Express " by timot78

"Morphetts Enginehouse " by emmafleetwood

"BANG! " by kenkast2

"GHOST DANCER " by (A)jfrid

"Devil's Churn1 " by Badskwrl

"some stop some don't " by zenit

"Interaction " by James_Markus

"Charles Bridge - Prague " by richardcrompton

"Lavender Trails " by SteffenE

"Grouse Ridge Lookout " by Jbbevel

"Badwater Basin - Death Valley " by marcobertazzoni

"Haytor sunrise LE " by Stephen-Blake-Photography

"the racetrack " by hasmonaut

"'Solstice Stars' " by kriswilliams

"Art Deco - Sherbrooke Building " by dezkarpatiphotography

"The Racetrack " by Dantes_View

"motion blur " by adelmomassola