Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots of landscapes showing sand in this photo contest with chances to win a Bukm Canvas DSLR Camera Bag and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the next landscape related photo contest coming soon.

"King of Sands " by ryanbuchanan

"Lake edge " by emmafleetwood

"Man against the Ocean " by AnjaPerse

"*Stargate Cave* " by Mauro_Mendula

"Desert Winds " by hillaryyounger

"The Journey " by Astrophotobear

"Distant Shores " by francescogola

"Stokksnes " by strOOp

""Archway Islands" " by Photographybyko

"I return to you where pictures of the beautiful desert " by adeebalani

"dead thing " by Joseph-Balson

"Ibex 5 " by steveberkley

"Kumtag II " by smijh

"Desert forms " by silvanomartincigh

"Shadows of the dunes. " by SeektheShot

"Press-The-Button " by Nishant-101

"The Dunes Mungo " by Bossy

"Sunrise over desert " by wojciech_toman

"Shadows " by QubaKpl

"Sunset at Great Sand Dunes " by DaleFPoll

"Sand Ripples " by PaulPersys

"Sea of Sand " by CobusOosthuizen

"Vestrahorn " by runeaskeland

"Black Dunes, Stokksness " by patrickyates

"_DSC0171 " by TheoShilton

"Bad Moon rising " by DustinPenman

"the climb. " by JeffSiege

"9N4A3302 " by Anneliese-Photography

"OR Dunes 041 " by Dalriada50

"Flaming-Sands " by scottkingman

"Optimism " by madspeteriversen

"Sunset at Sahara " by alex_panek

"Natural Curves " by DoraArt

"A Hard Road " by ecmguy

"-THE OLD TREE " by Luka180

"Happisburgh " by stevehardiman

"Thailand " by ErikSvec

"Empty Spaces - Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado " by RobertGaines

"I'd Walk A Thousand Miles " by lauriesearch

"Vestrahorn Surrounded " by Dantes_View

"Night dunes " by beamieyoung

"Sunset at Scarborough Bluff's " by angie_1964

"Boardwalk " by SteveCheetham

"Playa Danta Sunset " by ScottELB

"Green sand? " by johnygoerend

"Dune " by Eagleyes

"Mesquite Dunes at Sunrise " by clhyre

"Great Dune NP " by johnmerrell

"Sea Stacks " by JasonStephens

"Quintessence of Wave " by antongorlin

"Knotted " by artursomerset

"Fischland- Darss-Zingst " by Markus_Bachmann_Fotos

"Saksun " by nandoharmsen

"Dreaming of the Desert " by eastlynandjoshua

"Waves of Sand " by mathieurivrin

"IMG_6316 " by trune66

"Rhapsody on a dark day " by pawelklarecki

"Solace " by mere5oh

"sand-in-the-hour-glasssand dune textures " by rodneytrenchard

"Storm is Coming " by alanwsmith

"Juliet " by DmitryTeperkin

"Stokksnes " by RichardShore

"'Rippled Sands & Ridges' - Stokksnes - Mt Vestrahorn, Iceland " by kriswilliams

"Khongor sand dunes " by louisetakesphotos

"Down " by dudygr

"Mesquite Dunes " by marcdewitt

"Dunes in stormy weather. " by tomassigurdsson

"Waves crashing in the distance " by joshuakenny

"shine " by deti

"Waves of light " by kahi

"Desert Abstracts " by kathrynsklenakdannay

"Maspalomas beach. Gran Canaria island. " by EliecerLabory

"Dunes " by hughmobley

"tracks " by LeonhardKieffer

"Durdle Door - Sunrise through the Arch " by PennySlacke

"St Marys island " by AngiWallace

"Death Valley " by Joecf

"blowing " by paisinis

"Evening sands " by RuudPeters

"Otherworldly " by SeanAllenPhoto

"DSC_6726-2 " by simalg05

"IMG_1991 " by emmabutton

" " by jordanledbetter

"before the storm " by coughdrop

"52317 Sandy " by photobug

"Maui_6704 " by CherylO

"Death Valley " by shelbyhands

"Number Eighty Four " by (A)TimSmith67

"Heading for the highest... " by (A)journeyer50

"Tire Track with Running Woman " by lucretia

"Balloon " by dpinard

"Cacimba do Padre " by (A)Marcossccosta

"Oceans of Curiosity " by (A)Sethvdl

"Tin City " by (A)denglish

"By the beach " by (A)chad_clark

"desert sand dune " by (A)gregoriodelacruzsoldevillajr

"Portrait of a female on a beach " by alexeyvladimir

"Of Tides and Sunrise " by njephotography

"Saltburn Cliff Lift " by zhaoqingMal