For this people photo contest we invited you to share your best photos showing kids with chances to win a and more. From kids playing in the backyard and jumping around to kids eating or sleeping.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Jakub Šnajberg for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "I remember it like it was yesterday when I first got my analog camera and I went out with my grandfather to try it out. It was at night and we went to Prague - my first encounter with long exposure photography. Then we went home and developed the B&W photos ourselves in a bathroom. Since then, I got hooked and started taking photos of everything. After many years of taking photos, I started to experiment with digital art which made me realize that I can give my photos a unique look, mood and the feeling I want."

"Carefree " by KimberlyWalla

"Balloon Walk-About " by sendme37

"© Natural-fotografie by Tamara Nederkoorn " by Tamara-N-Photography

"Smile " by vedranvidak_1401

"LITTLE COOK " by alarsen

"Summer Fun " by BrionyWilliams

"Why walk when you can dance? " by AshleyGoverman

"Siostry " by LukaszLisiecki

"Explosions in the Hot Tub " by joshhebert

"My Brother, My Friend, Autumn " by Arastan

"Teething " by jeffcooneyphoto

"gleam " by reneevonmorren

"OnTheLog " by tomato1236

"Eva guitar bw " by SanneLphoto

"_S7A3945-Editar " by ayelencolazo

"Civilized " by Cashman

"The Rocking Horse " by wonderandwhimsy

"Johnathan " by zachar

"Making Friends " by tressiedavis

"Run " by maciejplewicki_fotografia

"Being A Kid " by javluc

"divorce " by ulisessandoval

"Lets Look Out for Each Other " by SeoirseBrennan

"Fun in the yard " by elenakonstantinidou

"dreaming of spring " by JennaVee

"Blowing confetti " by AngieMarie79

"I want to be like you, Dad " by JoanLoBo

"run! " by matthewarmsby

"David " by carlosbosch

"NO WORDS " by jennifergrey

"Beach Princess " by gbutts1121

"Deep in thought " by harrytemplescotton

" " by Esperantess

"Sunlight and Dances " by mdtaylor0582

"The Chase " by kapuschinsky

"Catinca and Resa (0203-2) " by StudioTjeerd

"cowgirl " by kasper

"Those treasured moments " by PaulN

"Kisses " by binataylor

"Chips " by MKPhotographysa

"Child's Play " by top-pic

"_DSF0011-copia " by simonelenzi

"IMG_7083 " by jones_pereira

"Playing " by MarcoMouraPhotography

"_MG_2030 " by donaldgbrown

"Tickles " by Acobil

"DSC_1321 " by TerriCoxPhotography

"Happy Swinging " by Scla10

"2016 10 07 siblings eating apples 3 " by rbrucemontgomery

"Kids playing piano " by jeromebertrand

"Swimming. " by jessymay

"Best Friends and Family " by LornaSmithPhotography

"Eliav Turns One " by LisaShalom

"Summer blossoms " by MariaKruusenvald

"photolga-portrait-photographer-vancouver-washington-portland-oregon-children-grass-lion-pj-1 " by olgieshmolgie

"Thinking In The Woods " by barryhutchins

" " by Radonirina

"Chasing cars " by (A)SamantaKrivec

"Kid " by swqaz

"Carter " by Eye_Shoot_Images

"IMG_1983 " by kathymoore_7476

"Alice & Teddy " by zeliaevora

"Childhood " by bilans

"Free Spirit " by DeonG

"purple flowers " by rhondadavis-clark

"Giddy " by ewill

"Happy picture " by miguelmacedo

"Shark! " by chriswhittier

"First meeting with Ferbie!!! " by hawkstonehawk

"Umbrella girl " by emmyzettergren

"I'm a doggy too, " by MHoyt

"Fountain Play " by scottywarren

"Wacky " by RTDPhotos

"squirt " by thomasprusso

"20180228_112101 " by andreaolson

"fabric (7 of 8) " by gillettephoto

"brothers " by spARTiat_de

"Obi Obi16 " by louisekellieskorpil

"Mirror's Chisa " by Chaisongkram

"Felices " by aoplpo

"long goodbye " by JessicaVilar

"Fountain Dancing " by photoflea

"Bullied No more. " by AthanasiouPhotography

"PLP_8991 " by PaigeLaroPhotography

"A jump up to autumn " by mariamercedeszabala

"Anaïs et Camille " by lynefournier

"Amadeus " by WMDoornbos

"Smile " by Nishant-101

"_DSC2921 " by newelly

"Friends " by EvelinaEve_Photography

"Robyn " by warrenoliver

"Waiting for Butterflies " by Snowies

"2017-11-01_14.51.37 " by JillyP

"Checkin' On The Calves " by CharlesLemarBrown

"Portrait " by Uphollandlatic

"Splash " by Vendula

"IMG_9550-Jasper Halloween 2016 " by jimstennette

"Fun Run " by photosbydana

"Boys will be Boys " by sammigee

"harolds-1-2 " by JanaLand

"Surpriced... " by EinarSoyland

"A child's laughter heals the soul " by diane_hallam_4401

"Wave Runner " by Skarlia

"POP! " by Rikki-LeeWrightson

"bubble_burst " by williamgeisler

"A " by ElenaMorgado

" " by Innocentia_14

"Such a big miracle between such little sisters " by Inkie333

" " by lorijwhitneybrice

"The meaning of freedom " by jevgenijscolokov

"Waiting On The Altar " by tricianicolescott

"Brothers on tiptoes " by havasmileyday

"pillowfight " by gregoire

"Siblings " by nancyldolan

"Deep discussions " by keitholson

"Feeling the wind " by CharleneTrinsi

"Very cheeky miss 7 " by Chuckysphotography--EK

"Play in the Light " by SarahSwin

"Relaxing at the park " by tylerschwab

"Lexi Lou, Llanberis Snowdonia " by (A)jasoncervi

"Pan meets Tink " by (A)Tressa_A

"Army Men " by (A)esalamone

"Spring rain " by (A)derekgosselin

"My Best Friend " by (A)trishapayne

"The dandelion girl <3 " by (A)jurgitagrabskaitekalinauskiene

"The child behind the bamboo wall " by (A)Archer1581

"Funny Girls " by (A)sherrymagnusonklein

"Hurry up and Wait " by (A)deannadanielle

"Summer fun " by (A)vincentcroce

"Nathan (Beach Play) " by (A)PortrartCreations

"Mariia " by namero

"Cheer " by (A)Aarti_Sachin_Soman

" " by (A)brookechelettechapman

"_DSC9489b " by (A)Barbiecm

"Lulu " by petermarkus

"Childhood " by (A)LexyPhoto