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Congratulations to the Grand Jury Winner "_DSC0077" by TheoShilton

Congratulations Runner Up "Great Wall of China - Jiayuguan" by brendanvanson

Congratulations Runner Up "DSC_5491" by francescosegantini

"Woodland Morning Walk" by ceridjones

"My beach" by Rollier

"The Lone Wanderer" by booradley5

"Angel In Wonderland" by Joshua_N_Lopez

"Three Novices" by lpdigit

"friends" by solis

"loneliness" by diamadisbubaras

"Dance" by vedranadomazet

"Footprints" by mschutgens

"Greg in Fog." by maxinemary

"Paul Haynes Photography" by paulhaynes

"Hiking" by Sanmi

"The Struggling Little Musician" by ElenaParaskeva

"THEWANDERER_07" by intheloupe

"lonesome" by zeozwolf

"Lavender farm" by gabornagy

"The Captain" by denbote76

"Scattered Showers" by debbietegtmeier

"Journey" by llama

"The Man, the Dog and the Seaguls" by JoseMelim

"power line" by ihsanilze

"In pursuit of the fog" by Mistonja

"Me and My Shadow 2076 PRT" by Bozzzzz

"Alone" by jasonwilde

"Into the Storm" by samsoholt

"A Loner Sightseer" by sezginayvaz

"unknown path" by christianhartmann

"IMG_3080 (1)" by jjmcclear

"Fall" by neilkanhai

"The Wanderer" by SnowbunnyPhotography

"Morning Walk" by Tulips

"Romantic Stroll" by julienjohnston

"IMG_2019 (2)" by geoffandshirley