Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best eagle photos in the Just Eagles Photo Contest with chances to win a Nikon D300s and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for more inspiring photo contests coming soon!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "fighting" by giovannifrescura

Congratulations People's Choice "The Dancer" by lszlpotozky

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Wedge Tail Eagle" by stevegodwin

Congratulations Runner Up "Steller sea eagle in flight" by hibbz

Congratulations Runner Up "Eagle" by JohnJPhotography

Congratulations Runner Up "Sea Eagle " by wimdebaets

"Rain bird" by robgubiani

"Eagle Battle" by SShinners

"Take Off" by charlotterhodes

"Angry look" by daliaa

"Take Down" by ladyvet

"Juvenile Bald Eagle" by RhettHerring

"Eagle 1" by johnsinclair_4356

"Eye On The Target" by beverleylu

"" Wingspan"" by Ingramfoto

"Bald Eagle 24" by SunBear22222

"Bald Eagle" by sratcliffe

"Bald Eagle" by Lpepz

"Mississippi Bald Eagle" by tomtarner

"Bald Eagle hiding in the trees" by brianbaril

"Perfect Landing" by DwaynesWorld

"Attitude" by Joecf

"Maverick and Iceman" by bmackenziephotography

"concentrate..concentrate..." by JDJohnson

"Bald eagle" by Phiddy

"Bald Eagles of the Pacific Northwest" by spiveydon

"Nature's Habits" by liasimcox

"Portrait-of-a-Bald-Eagle" by tracymunson

"untitled (99 of 278) Mother and Child" by mleary333

" 2 Eagles" by LAGE

"Eagles Battle" by kellymarquardt

"Lunch time" by amandabeersphotography

"PK0_2522-1" by Chnski

"C'mon Punk, Make my day!" by kathaggiss

"Bald Eagle" by JimCumming

"Power of Wings" by vandanabajikar

"White Tailed Eagle In Hokkaido" by Forrest_Brown

"Eagle Landing; Chincoteague, Va" by syoung_va

"I'm gonna get you sucka!" by brentmorris

"Bald Eagle" by JohnStager

"In Golden Light" by laddiehalupa

"Sea Eagle" by traceytaylor

"changing direction" by leannescherp

"Bald Eagle, Homer Alaska" by BobKendrick

"Scavenger" by Taurus25

"eagle portrait" by Tommyshot

"Bald Eagles" by RodSchwartz

"Eagle's Roost" by SRunningM

"Wet Feathers" by Jekawrig

"Aguila Real_01A3785" by pilardazgmez

"Snowy Night" by sandyscott_0995

"An Alaskan Eagle" by KayBrewer

"Eagle" by zero9photog

"Blad Eagle Fishing" by MWPhotography2

"Eagles" by mjkirkland

"'Merica 2" by briangreenberg

"Bald Eagle Full Spread" by BensViewfinder

"landing" by genevievelapointe

"The Eagle has Landed" by Nikonic

"Golden Eagle" by sabrinatheroux

"Scream" by gesser

"Here's looking at you kid." by Kaceoo

"Bald Eagle" by philowen

"Bald Eagle Finishing Dinner" by jimstennette

"Bald Eagle" by donanzinger

"Bald Eagle" by GLDPix

"Bald Eagle in Flight" by HarryC

"Eagle in daisies" by MfWestcoast

"raindrops keep falling on my head..." by dmitrysamsonov

"2015-03-15 16.54.32-1_DxO" by GEFAELL

"Wedge-Tailed Eagle " by Ozscapes

"Eagle " by aleoko

"Strike a Pose " by alishaclarke

"Bald Eagle " by joechowaniec

"Bald Eagle " by tomhausler

"black kite " by dannymoore

"Bay Watch " by stuartclark

"Bald Eagle " by scottmorrison_3144

"king of the tongass " by KMHalaska

"White tailed eagle " by AlexanderArntsen

"Golden Eagle Pair " by ericschaerphotography

"EyePet/iPad " by DaGeo

"Welcome to Alaska " by marrieladurandegui

"Golden Eagle " by SLRChick

"White-tailed eagle, cosy conversation " by 4-your-eyes

"Golden Eagle " by JADUPONT

"American Eagle " by Mikaouette83

"Tawny Eagle " by JoeS

"Juvenile bald eagle scream " by dario2004

"Bateleur Eagle Juvenile " by mytmoss

"White Tale Eagle " by marekbiegalski