For this people photo contest we invited you to share your best photos showing what you consider an interesting person. From people of different cultures or regions in the World to friends or family members that you consider interesting with chances to win a Fujifilm X-A5 Mirrorless Camera and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Tom " by Pamela

Congratulations Runner Up "Model " by Prijaznica

Congratulations Runner Up "Way " by Proshin

Congratulations Runner Up "Young Novice " by DrewHopper

Congratulations Runner Up "Adharc " by NiAnluain

Congratulations Runner Up "IMG_0283 " by DarkWildWaters

Congratulations Runner Up "Joe Sutherland " by ADZyne

Congratulations Amateur Winner "My Father. " by nickgriffinaustralia

Congratulations People's Choice "Sadhu and Monkey " by antonjankovoy

"Mother Nature " by AnnaDemy

"Red Mask " by B_Blakely

"The manifold cults " by UsmanovRashid

"Irish man 2 " by Chris_Photoshooter

"Mimi In Red " by Linus1969

"Isi " by MichaelSchnabl

"It's me " by Talmaza

"Jesse " by RatbarSteward

"Tell me " by flviosouzacruz

"weird connection " by margarytakenis

"Farmer " by petesmith2710

"Fireman " by Alannixon

"Wahai CInta ku " by sonandreas

"Attitude " by _Subarna

"selfie " by Alexander_Sviridov

"Lost in Memories " by BruceSaunders

"The fisherman of Inle lake " by Marco_Tagliarino

"A kiss " by lyudmilabureeva

"Counting Days " by PaulKilleenPhotography

"Happiness lies within " by owenspereira

"Dignity " by johannesoehl

"Jessica Louise December 2018 " by aylxnphotography

" " by Lzguy76

"the bird friend " by gilclaes

"New York City Street Musician " by zkrol

"Old monk, Myanmar " by Houmann

"Natural light portrait " by EvelinaEve_Photography

"Outlandet " by ewacwikla

"Dance with me. " by RichardAdams137

"Fireflies " by schevallier

" " by anuragkumar

"Paul " by RuudMooi

"Laughing Dog and his Cowboy Pal " by timboten

"_MG_9217 " by HollowOak

"Boneless Girl " by pelayogonzalez

"Portrait " by carlbrugger

"Beauty in motion " by Rpolk314

"Man on the Street " by bobdaveant

"omip " by newelly

"|| don‘t be afraid to go into the mist, be excited because you don‘t know where you will end up || " by tpratsch

"evening break snak " by ac_photo

"Katya " by alexeykazantsev

"Portrait of a village oracle " by TendrelImages

"Incredible India " by Meghana_Jauhari

"My Fatal Valentine " by itsakingthing

"????? " by elenasoloffoto

"Old Man Feeding Pigeons " by matejpaluh

"Biker with Motorcycle and fog " by sjholbert

"Pipeliners Texas " by roypope

"Rush Hour " by KaraAmyLeigh

"A Beautiful Catastrophe " by kapuschinsky

"Cormorant Fisherman " by ssharma

"Cowboy " by bryanmcgowan

"Musician on the Rocks " by RichardReames

"Ageless beauty " by JohnSmall

"the gaze " by bhithapa

"Suri boy " by vedranvidak_1401

" " by michaelleahey

"Jack-Leg. " by Egstad

"Martina " by maximilian_eheim

"Seelenlandschaft #6 " by levinlee

""She Was A Storm" " by vastdreamer

"Life " by GregDavisFlorida

"Wonder Women - Karlee " by FightGuyPhoto

"Model or Photographer? " by antoniogirlando

"We all see things differently " by jpalethorpe

"Remy " by PierreTurtaut

"Glamorous Brunette " by Julieweiss

"Self Portrait: Hair " by Faithklefever

"Freckless " by martinkrystynek

"In raining ... " by MarketaNovak

"Elegance of Age " by miskovic

"Death Star " by harveybm

"Take Five " by saraascalon

"_MG_8147-2bw " by IrinaKendrick

"Sadhu " by vladimirchuyko

"Dreaming of the Desert " by eastlynandjoshua

"Creep " by andrisbarbans

"Daughter Of The Wind " by Giuseppe_Geps_Pintaudi

"Kiss of illusion " by shellspeare

"Mehandi " by Andrii_Kazun

"Brother in arms. " by stevenmaguire

"Ho Ho uh Oh " by Michaelvincentphotos

"Violonchelo " by MishoJx

"View From A Window " by knoxphoto

"Follow me " by SamGorski

"Louise " by danielhollister

"The soul of a man " by panilsson

"Lost " by salosnapshot

"La Sonadora " by brandtcampbell

"My monnalisa smile " by Teod

"smoking man " by csphotoretouching

"studio work " by touchwood

"Bridal Boudoir " by klapouch

"Air smile " by yurarakovskiy

"Spring is finally here... " by dirkrichter

"Ann " by lyubkosha

"Street Sancti Spiritus, Cuba " by RuneHermansen

"Volume IV " by KayFreeman

" " by jamestaylor_0971

"_RAW7084_contrast blast " by kimberlypekula

"me phone Lights bLue (pink hair) " by softrealms

"Pip the miner 2 " by ColinDixonPhotography

"Forgotten Britain " by kizziemurray

"The Gamekeeper " by JackieCareyPhotography

"IMG_8025v2 " by ronaldwebb

"Classy Smoking " by alexandrucsiszer

"Spokanee Woman " by MickAlicic

"beauty III " by christophreiter

"Rahel " by Chris_Bos_Photography

"Tired self " by troutman29

"Thinking " by Bonny-BahniGhosh

"JB5A4048-?? " by VictorPereverzev

"Brooke " by Victoria_Anne

"Anya " by katgorbanov

"Alina " by Tabula_Rasa

"The Vietnamese Belle " by petrhingar

"New life " by mitranor

"The thoughtful old man " by zzz1

"Muses " by anastassiavolkova

"Spring Time Photoshoot " by justinciappara

"Chrissy Joi Ben " by bimmerlover

"The Lavender Farmer " by talynsherer

"Elegance " by FMGImages

"Portrait in Hoi An " by kiramorris

"Himalayan Kids " by harymuhammad

"Married with my bicycle " by tinumueller

"No one was injured making this photo " by izzybouchard

"Don't ask. " by calebdaniel

"Zero gravity levitation " by nathanridelaire

"Waiting for? " by desyatovpetr

"Julian #11 " by kierandurrantphotography

"The Jake " by JakeKurdsjuk

"who's afraid of the boogeyman " by spARTiat_de

"Warriors come out and play " by Dduerringphoto

"OS-Shoot-4sm " by chris_barnes_726

"Time for Tea " by kimayres

"Retro Girl " by maciejplewicki_fotografia

"Chef " by MKPhotographysa

"Terminus a quo " by bilans

"X1 " by Bastiaan3737

"Salt Pillar " by MelodyPepper

"To the train station " by surlorand

"gang life " by bathsalt

" " by zachar

"Christian on Guitar " by Mysterymantis

"contrast " by davinajoy

"reader " by mitojashiashvili

"Clyde " by DanielGarrison

"through the squares.. " by pedro-duarte

"Portrait of an old man, Yunnan " by Patosan

"Bananaman " by L4zyPhoto

"Softness " by jasonspiteri

"Berdorf Climbing I " by RubenB

"Cliff " by rd66

"NGHTSHFT " by StefanWitte

"Playing with glass - full of water " by straylightrays

"_MG_0861 (2) " by donaldgbrown

"BrandyPage " by soulartva

"_DSC7781 " by Y_C_Photography

"in which the little old men meet " by JennaVee

"? " by Basakatu

"Security Officer " by janvanpoortvliet

"IMG_2067 " by maikschrank

"Girl at the mirror " by davidemarzotto

" " by adrianmurray

"Smile -Nat King Cole " by juliesenkow

"istanbul " by Kenwaxman

"Gust " by Eyeteeth

" " by Alkonst

"2018-02-18 - DCW - Studio Lighting Portrait Session 012 " by lloydkasper

"Wichita Bill " by noelsouthcott

"Contemplation " by jonpearson

"DSC_1059-Edit-2Simona " by kejty

"Classy man. " by JerryZeephoto

"For a handful of rice " by AdCarreira

"Cruise " by kentrondlyle

"Brave " by slaythecurves