Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo in this landscapes photo contest with chances to win an Evecase DSLR Camera Lens Canvas Backpack and more. A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the following finalists by voting for their favorite shots:

"Frozen in Time " by SiggiPhoto

"Power of Nature " by zer0fx007

"Magic of light " by adamjezewski

"Cliff and rocks " by federicosassolinosasson

"At the Angara river " by andmare

"The dragon thunderstorm " by george7075

"Hamnøy aurora " by kaihornung

"My Time-My Momemt-My Rinjani " by jeromefang

"A view worth climbing 20,000 steps for... " by rebeccateng

"Dunes " by hughmobley

"Ramble " by elecfoto

"Paramount Presents " by joshuaperrett

"Leland Smokey Cabin " by b2bjacks

"Vestrahorn at Sunrise " by Vanexusphotography

"Yellow & Green Trees " by jjones6307

"iceland_olafsvik_cabin_northern_lights_01 " by gilesrrocholl

"From Dusk till Dawn " by raven-black

"Light Bender " by ryanbuchanan

"Euphoria " by Kittiya

"Morning light " by saintek

"Road to the Stars " by Mattia_Bertaina

"abduction " by diegoweisz

"The Sunwapta Effect " by winmagsino

"In wonderland " by andreacelli

"Spirit Island " by Jeff-Penner

"MACHINE OF THE SEA " by maurizioverdecchia

"Golden Fells " by damiankane_8017

"Lost in Sardinia " by (A)lucamonteleone

"Frozen Carezza Lake " by LucaPelizzaro

"night under the stars " by patrickthun

"Illuminated Cove, Malin Head " by markAPR

"Lines and shadows " by QubaKpl

"The girl and the fireworks " by SirDiegoSama

"Trillium Morning " by ChrisSveenPhotography

"The Kingdom " by Plpictures

"Saskatchewan Storm - June 24, 2013 " by (A)braunjo

"Dolomites " by Rostovskiy

"Gásadalur " by JesusSanz

"Winter Magic " by tristantodd

"Man On The Desert " by pimpin_nagawan

"Rural Japan: Winter " by journeytoinspiration

"Golden Gate Bridge at Dawn " by ConorEgan

"Lake Moraine " by leireunzueta

"Portrait Of Bromo " by (A)TienSangKok

"Interstellar " by stefanthaler

"Pillars " by francescogola

"Press-The-Button " by Nishant-101

"Huts " by (A)milkyway

"dartmoor forest " by cris6773

"Misty Morning " by RobbieRoss

"Split Dream " by MedicineWalkPhotographer

"A long and dusty road " by LeanneMWilliams

"Walking into the Sunrise (Self Portrait) " by MichaelMaddaloni

"Lower Lewis Falls " by DavidPriymak

"LOFOTEN NIGHTSPECIAL " by hisnameisflorian

"River of Turns " by kenfong_7038

"Rushing Clouds " by Daniel-Photography

"The boat at dawn " by DanieleJ

"Coastal Explosion " by KRL_Photo

"Light of moon, light of sun " by antonagarkov

"Lone tree " by livioferrari

"Nelson Lakes " by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto

"The Long and Winding Road " by JudyHess

"Sinusoïdale schwarzwaldienne " by matayosoixantequatorze

"Autumn Lane (Nevada 2007) " by David_Blakley_Photography

"trolltunga " by hasmonaut

"The Valley of Fire " by albaker

"Allees des baobabs " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Air baloons over Cappadocia " by zenit

"Night before the snow storm ... " by UroshGrabner

"Spray Lake, Canada " by ingmarwein

"sky is on fire " by Eventyr

"Beautiful Water Hazard " by bryanlwilliams

"Taupo, Motutere Jetty N.Z " by Vince_Pope

"Willcox Blast " by Scopppock

"Milky way and half moon over lavender field " by PatiAnna

"Tempesta " by andreafraccaroli

"Aurora Borealis have a river " by istominvitaly

"Road to the Eastern Sierras " by JeremyBish

"Peace " by margotrodriguez

"Garden of the Gods: Moonscape " by GayleLucci

"Soending the morning to explore the aera of this beautiful lake. " by i_caring

"Jökulsárlón " by Boholm

"Mount RUNDLE " by brianadamson

"Dream Lake " by MarvinEvasco17

"The Wanderer " by Astrophotobear

""Archway Islands" " by Photographybyko

"Matterhorn star trail " by tiger_in_teapot

"Transit " by hugovalleperez

"Winter in Ålesund " by nikolaydimitrov

"minimal sounds " by Antonio_Leao

"Snow Bells Reflection " by guidodiana

"Assiniborne with the blue dressed girl " by Remco_van_Adrichem

"DSC_5196 " by droptinecollections

"ROAD " by Pablo-Klik

"Reine, Lofoten " by MikeW

"Morning Sunrise " by (A)nsjohn

"Sunrise on the Rocks " by miguelantunes_8885

"Sunrise Paddle " by (A)mpelli

"Wedge pond sunrise " by weirfang

"Journeys End " by bevlea

"Autumn in Kuusamo " by niiloi

"Sunrise " by FarhatM

"Bad Moon rising " by DustinPenman

"Approaching Storm. " by timmeekins

"Golden Hour #5 " by Ruslichang

"Dawning Anticipation " by Hstarr

"Great Dune NP " by johnmerrell

"Eagle Creek Oregon " by shane_gregory_

"Winter Wonderland " by evgenyvasenev

"Zipper " by (A)NicoZwanenburg

"Reynistaðakirkja " by Arnar

"Kloentalersee " by pixelwerke

"Roadtrip, anyone? " by linakayser

"Saxon Switzerland " by luisa_lmle

"Up above " by FrancescoGulli

"Farmers of Bagan " by robgubiani

"Gornergrat railway in Switzerland " by ValeriyShcherbina

"Llyn Nantle sunrise " by (A)derrenjones

"Yosemite " by Juro_Jimenez

"Table Mountain at Sunset " by StuartMcMillan

"AUS_Wyndham36 " by ejpeiker

"Above the Clouds IV " by tk_photographies

"Highway to heaven " by chris-herzog

"Cast " by DrawsWithLight

"Don't valet park " by FlorendoStudioArts

"Watch more sunsets than netflix. " by Illsubject

"Balcon Pineta " by katarzyna_nizinkiewicz

"Natural frame " by mikkokangasmaa

"Untitled_Panorama1 " by (A)gabornagy

"fallen " by JasonStephens

"Golden Hour Dance " by (A)kborilehel

"Up&up " by liorfaust

"Hot For Hot Creek " by jasonchong

"Under the Stars at Glacier Point " by jasonjhatfield

"The Secret Beach " by Finnghal

"Balloon. " by (A)Miss_G

"White Mountain, White Church " by johnportlock

"Old Man of Storr / Scotland " by SebastianWarneke

" " by joebaumann

"Still waters during a moody evening in Cammore " by Damian_Blunt

"From the top of the world! " by LuciaP

"Dunseverick Moods " by LMK_Photography

"Ice Caves at Sunrise " by JohnStager

"Morning Coffee " by dirkbadenhorst

"Gold Tunnel " by Logrenraw

"Autumn View " by nathanaelmatthewasaro

"Evening at Multnomah " by liasimcox

"Trees among the fog " by The_Ledge

"Desert Drive (Arizona/CA border) " by ReidCollins

"Barcis " by (A)Oz1966

"Cracks In The Ice " by carlfino

"Darkness of the volcano crater " by christophecastejon

"The Queen. " by Samantha_Dawn

"Fire & Ice " by chrisd_photo

"Massive Sunset Over "Torbiere" " by fabiosozza

"3 Sisters " by PritamDePhotography

"Gost of the river " by jaylapointe_photo

"Distant storm " by (A)stuarthingston

"Nature's Blessings " by Jean-Massry

"El Teide " by fabiocamandona

"The adventurer " by (A)MariLaegreid

"Desert Winds " by hillaryyounger

"Time flow " by lukasjonaitis

"Starry tree " by IvanPedrettiPhoto

"Erta Ale - Ethiopia, Afar " by acseven

"400 seconds " by (A)alessandroscalas

"Baikal Treasures " by trofimov-photo

"Sunrise In Pha-An " by zayyarlynn

"Cliffs and Colors " by FromTheHighCountry

"over and over again " by werol

"Bridalveil Fall " by DJLee

"Stokksnes wave " by madspeteriversen

"Winter mornings at Lake Louise " by joshleyva

"Alignment (Jupiter, Mars, Venus And Orion " by craigkeane

"Kirjkufell reflection " by sunprojec

"Milky Way in the wilderness " by timoksanen

"A Camel Caravan " by (A)sharonwan

"The Ghost of the Dead Sea " by alextaubin

"Outpour " by mattymeis

"Moonset Over Mt Baker During the Perseids Meteor Shower " by jasonmatias

"A Night Under The Stars " by adrianabrahams

"Solace " by mere5oh

"Sunset at Valley of Fire " by jessicacathrinesantos

"The intersection of man and nature " by colelmore

"Stunning Geiranger Fjord " by zubairs

"Sassolungo with an idea " by (A)davidedonati

"Cheddar Gorge " by carlnorton

"Reflections of London " by GlennFoster07

"Point the Way " by (A)Davemce