The human face is a canvas for emotions, stories, and beauty. We wanted you to show how you capture the essence of the human face through your lens. Whether it's a portrait, a candid shot, or a group photo, for this photo contest, we invited you to submit your best work showcasing the diverse range of expressions and personalities that make up humanity with chances to be featured on Dodho Magazine.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Albino " by alexeymartynov

Congratulations People's Choice "Lisa" by Meike_I

Congratulations Runner Up "Stripes " by SteeleBirdie

Congratulations Runner Up "PAMOJA " by derekobura

Congratulations Runner Up "Untitled " by

Congratulations Runner Up "Converse " by Photospindel

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Linda Hu " by AllEyesOnYou-Muenchen

Congratulations Honorary Mention "DSC07179 " by irostap

Congratulations Honorary Mention "awe " by AgnieszkaD