Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most stunning image from 2016 in the Image of the Year Photo Contest 2016 with chances to win the prize of their choice amongst a Canon 5D MK III camera body, Sony A7S camera body, Nikon D500 DSLR camera body, Fujifilm X-T2 camera body, and more awesome stuff!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for more inspiring photo contests coming soon!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Flying High" by anitarossview

Congratulations People's Choice "Sunrise portrait" by CelestineAerden

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Broken wings" by semy

Congratulations Honorary Mention "This ain't Kansas" by jeffniederstadt

Congratulations Honorary Mention "fox.P1100221" by agustingoba

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Land of King Penguins" by Rainer

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Together we stand " by mchutton

Congratulations Runner Up "Winter Soldier" by Aram182

Congratulations Runner Up "Highlands " by Followmeaway

"Fox Tango" by bkcrossman

"6b-DttHR78c" by AnnaMelnikova

"Once upon a time in Groningen - The Netherlands" by luigitrevisi

"061sPlane wreck Iceland" by itadaniels

"Lavender sunrise" by evgeni_ivanov

""lovers: water planets"" by jasonbassett

"Golling Waterfall" by bblichtenstein

"Shreek Owl" by Kurobom

"Chasing Light: Hamnoya Harbour" by damonmcdonald

"Crater lake with double rainbow and lightning bolt" by Freebilly

"white flower" by Hanny-Honeymoon

"Kirke" by MatsBra

"Mormon Row Evening" by janeortlieb

"Shower Time" by Belloui

"Quench" by ingwe911

"Alpha Macaque " by lindiekolver

"A happy childhood" by natalyapryadko

"Giraffe in the African Sunrise" by andyglogower

"I said NO!" by sujatasetia

"Hamnoy" by brigittemohn

"Shelter from the storm " by Wellettas

"Life in Color" by MaxRinaldi

"Granger-DSC_9095a-1200a-CR" by wojtekkwiatkowski_1282

"Hush Little Baby - edit" by YNot2K

"Alps: walking up, above the clouds" by vbdmitry.sumin677921

"marcus+yates+dance+2016-08-18-6" by danleephoto

"Hedge Troll" by Wieselblitz

"Roe Deer 16-6" by kevinpigney

"Standing In The Shadows" by jaydbone

"The Steaming Baltic Sea" by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Lone Tree in Hayden Valley" by DancingAspensPhotography

"The snake under the Ra Gusela" by outdoorphotodream

"Dolomites" by Rostovskiy

"In the garden of remembrance" by GraziaMele

"Secret garden" by CarriAngel

"SUNRISE" by LamarrGolding

"Beautiful Morning" by pawelklarecki

"Castle hill" by shaun_denholm

"perfume of autumn" by larazanarini

"Aurora Ice Glow" by DPBVisual

"Death Tree" by ChrisVanLoan

"When God paint the world" by francescorusso

"Bearfamily" by Gahpir

"Wings" by kathijensen

"GLADIATORS" by Cobble-Art

"Winter" by Kuzhilev

"Glacies Crustallum" by stian

"Arctic Fox" by thombarbour

"Geisler Alm" by VDPFreelancer

"Morning Bled" by swqaz

"Arctic Angel" by aaronbaggenstos

"iceland_olafsvik_cabin_northern_lights_01" by gilesrrocholl

"Ice and Fire Donner Lake California" by neillockhart

"Autumn slumber: Noelle Mirabella Photography" by NoelleMirabella

"...Ladies in White" by vladsokolovsky

"Beauty" by chrisfischer

"Barnowls" by ploviekevin

"Once upon a time in Groningen - The Netherlands" by luigitrevisi

"Male kestrel" by AndyHowePhotography

"Autumn Reflections" by jhags1313

"Super Sci-Fi" by albertdros

"*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***" by shutterchemistry

"Lucky Strike" by SaguaroPictures

"Selfie Master" by meganlorenz

"Skogafoss" by moharrim

"First Breath" by jawsphotolife

"wOw" by Sneachta

"Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park." by juanpereira

"Watching" by clareahalt

"Sk├│gafoss" by sebastiao_chaves

"Storm in Neist Point " by fviolin

"Mount Adams Reflection" by Dljobin123

"Fragility" by hillaryyounger

"Mystic Falls" by thomasgoebel

"Phatom Valley" by MedicineWalkPhotographer

"Monument Valley Rainbow" by frednewman

"Llyn Padarn Tree" by SteveCheetham

"Svetlana" by JackHoier

"LOFOTEN NIGHTSPECIAL" by floriangurtner

"Boardman" by ianchen0

"Nelson Lakes" by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto

"Storr" by derekgalon

"Ocean"s Blue" by larrybeard

"Lone Swimmer Entering Surf at Dawn_P" by Toptruck

"Expansion" by dereksturman

"Path of the Paris tourist " by joshuaperrett

"the-hills-are-alive" by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"Hoary Frost " by DoigPhotography

"Predator┬┤s love" by thomasretterath

"Mother Great Horned Owl Returns to Nest" by DawnKey

"The dragon" by Eventyr

"A Foggy Day on Lake Bled" by ericcriswell

"Wind Farm Trails" by TimHallPhoto

"Mother Orangutans" by ajc555

"Nature's Camo" by wklein

"Light It Up - Gordon Dam, Tasmania, Australia" by tassiegrammer

"Field of Dreams" by lisaholloway

"abduction" by diegoweisz