Community member Luca Foscili (lucafoscili) is a young Italian photographer who specialize in portraiture. Foscili's photos are fresh, vivid and always with amazing light. Foscili captures also something which many photographer can only dream of: an underlying natural sexiness - a deep connection between the model and the camera. Take a look yourself!

I love photography because:
A photo is eternal. Life is so ephemeral, sometimes we just keep our head down working hard or doing something, and before we know it months have already passed, without even noticing. Just so fast. Photography lets you freeze that particular time you were in. When I look at my photos, I can go back and ‘live’ that certain situation again. All those memories are always with me, I just need to take a quick look at my shots to summon them back.

My camera lets me:
I like to think of my camera as if it was a magic box. Most of the times, I don’t want to show the reality in front of me. Instead I want to express myself and how I see the world in my own way.

I find inspiration when:
I love to play with light, so I feel very inspired when trying back lit portraits or other challenging lightning situations. Another great thing that inspires and helps me is having a good communication and connection with the model. The portraits will feel a lot more natural if you do have that connection. That could sometimes be hard to achieve however, because there are endlessly many personalities out there, some of them will work great together some others just won’t.

One of the photos I am most proud of is "Claudia" because:
I’m absolutely in love with this picture, the golden hour sunlight in the background gives an ethereal mood I’m often looking for during an outdoors portrait session. Also, I was working with a very good model who perfectly understood the mood I wanted from this shot.

My favorite place to shoot is  because:
I love to shoot in an urban environment when the sun goes down. The ambient looks is very down to earth, something we look at everyday, nothing special about it. But, with the magic of the golden hour’s light, I can give a strong ‘dreamy’ mood that makes a lovely contrast in my eyes.

One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is "Betsy" by danidiamond , it makes me feel:
I love the shooting style of Dani Diamond, I find it really inspiring. Everything about this picture is just perfect and in harmony. A gorgeous model in a lovely pose, awesome lightning and post processing.

One of my favorite photographers on Viewbug is Danidiamond because:
The author of the picture above, Dani Diamond. Amazing portrait skills.

These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:
1) If your camera lets you, don’t be afraid to set an high ISO when in low light conditions, a grainy picture is better than a blurry one. You can of courseuse artificial lightning to compensate, but it requires a lot of practice to master.
2) When shooting portraits, I try to keep my shutter speed to 1/250 at least, I experienced some blur at 1/125 unless the model stays still in a fixed pose.
3) Experiment with light, you will be amazed by what you can achieve.

One photo that was difficult to shoot was Ioana because:
It was quite a challenging shot for both myself and the model. The room was full of people, so it wasn’t that easy to focus and not paying attention to our surroundings. The light was very weak and I didn’t want to use an artificial light so I had to shoot at an high ISO.

The tips and secrets behind this photo:
The light was great, but as I said, very weak. I had to carefully balance ISO and shutter speed in order to have a perfectly freezed picture without too much noise. To enhances the feeling of a “stolen shot” that I was looking for, I left a chair blurred in the foreground, so it doesn’t give the feeling that it was a staged picture. This was my personal opinion however. Others didn’t like this particular element of distraction.

For more stunning photos taken by Foscili, visit his profile and Facebook page.