Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos shot from hight vantage points in the High Vantage Points Photo contest with chances to win a Drone Backpack and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Laurie Rubin for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer specializing in wildlife and nature photography. Her passion for photography as well as a career working for software companies, has combined her talents for teaching and sharing photography, from capture to post-processing. She currently has one of her prints displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

"Fly away... " by FlatMat

"House in the Woods " by Kevin_Li

"The watering hole" by mbernholdt

"The city that never sleeps" by miguelmd95

"Entering Aspens" by michaelwilson

"Up&up" by liorfaust

"Reinebringen at dawn" by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"River Crossing" by piotrparzybok

"Mount Evans Road From Above" by dcwilson98

"untitled" by Wim-sical

"Light Canyon." by JuanPablo-deMiguel

"school excursion" by maperick

"Stretched" by Boholm

"From above" by JADUPONT

"Port of Reykjavik" by (A)Sethvdl

"Lost Board" by RichLonardoPhotography

"Alone against the wave" by mathieurivrin

" " by joebaumann

"Saltburn Cliff Lift" by zhaoqingMal

"A Different Perspective" by Garifenton

"Yellow swirl" by flomotionfotografie

"Black & White Stairway Medical Dental Building, 509 Olive Way, Seattle WA" by matkujak

"Skittles" by RichLonardoPhotography

"View from Reinebringen" by razvaniliescu

"Sorvagsvatn Lake" by strOOp

"Alone Against all Darkness II" by adrian-borda

"untitled" by (A)KristianCyr

"Bald Eagle State Forest" by tonybendele2017

"Enjoying the view" by mberon-photography

"Kalsoy" by madspeteriversen

" View of the valley" by dieterrose

"Mt. Baker views" by (A)thesoundofwhite

"Reflections " by RussellD

"USS Midway Photo Pass-2" by markkrause

"Grand Canyon 2015" by shlava09

"NY" by (A)mityaika

"chucks" by Dadtank

"Chicago Blackhawks' 2010 Stanley Cup Victory Celebration Parade" by jessicakirsh

"Junk food " by JenniferKapala

"Signature Style 04/99 Dominika" by designpictures

"Overtaking" by Cefnstylle

"Fall Sunrise " by AndreLJBrandt

"Hunter Sunrise - Balloon Aloft " by Jimmmy03

"An Adventure's Beginning " by AbbyMathison

"Heart beat road " by chris-herzog

"DSC00009 " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"Scared of Heights " by albertdros

"Paris above and below " by DenizPhoto

"Silver Needle " by DavidMBuckwalter

"Day Dreaming " by amitzakay

"Owl Creek Pass Fall Freeze " by jasonjhatfield

"Forest " by rumenzografov

"Birds Eye View " by (A)whosjosh

"Lulworth " by cherrilscottmorley

"Getting the Job done " by Daniel-Photography

"Passing " by taylorhasal

"Connection " by AndreaPi

"Detroit one " by Masphotomi

"The Long and Winding Road " by JudyHess

"View from Above " by (A)MihaJurca

"Everything flows " by danieladandrea

"Vivid Sydney City " by wadebuchan

"Wedding Dress " by Flashsnap

""She is the ocean". " by alexeyvladimir

"IMGP0288 " by (A)Francfotografia

"Ligovsky prospect,Saint Petersburg,Russia " by Shpakov

"WWVR_Oct 29-142 " by Dangulol

"Dirty Water " by calebdaniel

"All i did was stand and stare " by miladsafabakhsh

"Caution: Deere Crossing! " by jeffzenner

"892 ft " by desmondli

"Surgical classroom in an abandoned hospital. " by KEnagonio

"Daddy/Daughter Dance " by Chelsie_Cannon

"Falling Away " by DavidFreire

"Birds eye view of the Cocoa Beach Pier " by CurtisReese

"Dead Men Walking " by frankseltmann

"Natural zip " by fabrizioferraris

"E L E V A T E D / / " by thenickelwell

"The Beach from above " by KellyHeadrick

"Skydiving1 " by HughCotter

"Wave Rider " by emilykaszton