Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best female studio shots in the Her In The Studio Photo Contest with chances to win a 50mm Lens and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Andrea Accordino for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Andrea Accordino is a self-taught professional portrait photographer living in Latina, Italy. He started photography as a hobby, but on 2013 has decided to devote all his energies to be a Pro. "He traps instants in a portrait, capturing expressions and impressions that return timeless emotions. Portrait Specialist, took pictures of characters from the showbiz and art. To the great technical knowledge and poetic-conceptual expression combines the knowledge of computer graphics".

Congratulations People's Choice "Bancroft" by anikamolnar

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Shades of spring" by Dasha

"Because in this seemingly simple shot there is everything: The technique, the pose, the perfect choice of color grading. All these things return to this shot a very impressive atmosphere of romance." - Andrea Accordino

Congratulations Runner Up "milky way" by PoloD

"For creativity, which hides a great job behind the scenes, for the wise choice of a side light and for a post really impressive." - Andrea Accordino

Congratulations Runner Up "Flames" by RyanParkerPhotography

"A simple picture, clean but with great message of strength, this is what the photo should always be. The decision not to post-produce it is commendable and really made this shot even deeper. Congrats!" - Andrea Accordino

Congratulations Runner Up "Maria Gold " by rhino886

"Very very impressive" - Andrea Accordino

Congratulations Runner Up "Kate" by Hecho

"Dan Hecho is one of my favourite pro-photographer, he has always been an inspiration to me." - Andrea Accordino

"Her in the studio" by Paulina_Duczman

"Jalicia" by iuliadavid

"Silent" by Jenna_adele

"body" by Rostovskiy

"Luiza" by JBramerPhotography

"Something wild " by Andreas_Voigt

"Speechless" by billbehr

"The Scream" by alindinu

"Shana " by Denis09

"Melizanne Beauty 4 " by vibrantshot

"IMG_0856-Edit-Edit" by Luca_DeGregorio

"Svetlana " by JackHoier

"Dasha. Yellow grunge" by photoaliona

"Maria" by mcgillivraybirniephoto

"Anna" by PaninaNat

"Untitled" by JudiLiosatos

"Soul" by Blakberi

"Scenes from movie not yet written ... #IIIb" by briancann

"_Q8A6125" by racheldulson

"Child" by stephaniecomeau

"Patience" by KarenJack

"IMG_7991_pp_pe" by imarsh

"Step" by Byondhelp

"Brianne" by jasongrover

"Keidy" by crisgomezphoto

"Thyia " by siegart

"Jillian " by Jae_atWitsEnd

"- S T A R D U S T -" by spARTiat_de

"Maeva" by PierreTurtaut

"the Queen ?f clubs" by Auditus

"Natania 1" by AndChisPhoto

"image" by MelodyPepper

"model" by halinaphotography

"Jea" by markquitos

"Black in White on White" by silverdreamphoto

"_DWB6475-Edit" by KanaPhotography

"Living Art" by CrashBurnPhoto

"DSC_8535s" by BiancaBechisi

"Big Sweater Looks" by joebakerphotography

"Sundance" by stevenvanbeethoven

"When its over" by pixelightphotographics

"The snow queen" by vanessasiggardkay

"Demo Shot" by EddieGremlin

"Vogue" by markusalexander

"untitled" by SeldaPhotography

"Gothique Fashion" by lauradark

"Reflective Muse " by regnaphoto

"Woman in Light " by Maverickneru

"Kathy " by beautypics

"Rescue " by tomato1236

"Candy-floss woman " by AnnaDemy

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder " by sammigee

"Sarah 2 " by LynkPhotography

"The Fox & the Owl " by fournierphotographe

"Duck the Punch " by AndrewatWolfe

"IMG_3307 " by MoniqueWray

"Ambra " by Bloups

"Diane " by adrianrichard

"KJ in red " by Daniel_E_Photography

"falling into the sky 2.0 " by jmphotography2323

"Golden girl " by liudmiladutko

"Queen " by vitoservideo

"Studio work " by touchwood

"Guide Me " by fotofitz

"IMG " by chadcote

"Shooting with Emily on Fitness Lines " by zeeshawn

"Candy girl " by Bogdan_Iacob

"Naiad " by levsavitskiy

"Fly " by kateluber

"Evelien @ my studio " by ronaldcools

"Red " by ericakinsella

"Gabrielle 01 " by ronharrison

"Shape Of Grey " by dmitriymoskvin

"Sophie Rankin close-up " by robheath

"Alex " by warrenstowell

"Creative Make-Up High Key " by AlanC

"Honey " by WhitneyLevinPhotography

"Ruby and Gold" by chelseatischler

"Red diamond" by axelafrank

"Powder Room" by helenbissellbland

"Always the Bridesmaid" by jonpearson

"untitled" by alcowin

"Alisa - Beauty Shooting" by michaelzogot

"Glamorous Brunette" by Julieweiss

"BW" by rebekavodrazkova

"amypinupheadshot " by LittleSkullPhotography

"Danya (0101) " by StudioTjeerd

"Soul " by JeffAlexander

"Andrea T." by rejeanbrandt

"Marie" by tobiasglawe

"“Our imagination flies -- we are its shadow on the earth.” " by bryanmaes

"Impulse" by EvilFrees

"Brittany" by adrianchinery

"Chimera" by ElenaParaskeva

"Ira" by klepikovadaria

"Em" by tlessary

"Black Winter 1" by jacksoncarvalho

"Vancouver_washington_portrait_photography_Kate_photolga1" by PhotOlga

"Laura" by matayosoixantequatorze

"Elita" by piotrfoxwysocki

"Iris" by Alexander_Sviridov

"Ashland 2017" by ATDowning

"96" by PetraSebestova

"Eye see U" by dustindoust

"Veronica" by nickelphoto

"Untitled" by Jinjinphoto

"Anna" by alexeykazantsev

"Fishball Suicide" by lucafoscili

"Smoke Break" by rueromani

"Self Portrait Nyx Makeup" by tristanduplichain

"untitled" by johnthorburn

"Lauren" by PaulHenryStudios

"Amber" by Forrest_Brown

"Smart Beauty" by howardashton-jones

"Veronika" by petrhingar

"Beauty in pink" by ClovisDM

"Petra" by martinkrystynek

"Vi Ly" by danielhollister

"cait6y" by stupidpuppy

"Blue flower" by Victoria_Anne

"Birth of Venus - Power" by KendraPaige

"Derby Doll" by isabelklapwyk

"In Boots" by ralfeyertt

"Natalia" by luismcara

"Restraint" by Lennard_Lindner

"hat lady" by momasko

"crack" by inolab

"Sweet Sixteen" by lisaholloway

"DebbyDH51932B" by stefaanachtergael

"Origami meets fashion" by TheWeddingTraveler

"Claudia" by WPphotography

"„Power”" by Marcel_A_Vie

"Alone..." by Dzyngiz

"Ploy" by ramo808

"Morpho" by Ethos

"The look" by redzepagicaida