For this photo contest we invite you to share your best images showing hats or caps as the main aspect in the composition with chances to win a photography bundle.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Maddie McGarvey for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Maddie McGarvey is a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication in 2012 with a degree in Photojournalism. In 2014 she was named an Emerging Talent for Getty Reportage and in 2015 was selected as one of Magnum’s 30 Photographers under 30. In 2016 she was chosen as one of TIME's 51 Instagram Photographers to follow in the USA and has recognized by Picture of the Year International for her campaign and portrait work.

"Kate " by klepikovadaria

"The Lost Swimmer " by ElenaParaskeva

"Laura (1 of 1) " by ajcophotography

"Isaac " by traceydobbs

"Malin " by anettematsson

"Mariana " by ilyayakover

"Blank " by shannonhreha

"Christina " by johannafroese

"Don in B+W " by GregDavisFlorida

"Maarten Koch, Dutch nature photographer " by jeanhaasbroek

" " by marcpickard

"SISTERS " by connieazcona

"IMG_9831 " by lauradark

"Sabi holding hat " by geirchristensen

"DSC_2599 " by Boud1999

"April Sun ... " by NFDI

"Djene " by peterdeboos

"Chicken Dance " by BKoesel

"Into the light " by Blanco_Canvas

"A girl from the fairytale " by robertabaneviciene

"The Dane " by DeanYounger

"Cowboy " by kimzierlein

"Ethiopian Mountain Guide " by kdooley

"Infinity relaxation " by patmeierphoto

"Studio Portrait " by Ellie_Simcock

"natural light portrait " by ziedmnif

"The Musician " by luisasalomon

" " by SalayPhotography

"'Semper Fi" " by bpoimbeauf

"Em guitar " by eyesnap

"Brunette Hand on Shoulder in Denim Jacket and Cap " by dbvirago

"Girl in a cloche hat " by imeldabell

" " by Bambed

"oh oui.. " by petrhingar

"Studio Portrait! " by ArberElezi

"Mood od decadence " by MOZEL

"Smashing Pumpkins " by lucianocapasso

"Lucia 14 " by Chris_Photoshooter

"Rona (0105) " by StudioTjeerd

"A painterly beauty " by Jstevens83

"Berber Boulman " by dancekarma

"Anna " by bibipec

"Cowboy/Cowgirl Shoot, Moab Utah. " by Bordaine

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY " by carl_doghouse

"Big hat big attitude! " by Aliyahrenee

"Model portrait " by steveupton_8699

"The Smile " by M2M_Pics

"DSC_1290 " by TerriCoxPhotography

"LADY " by gastmannsvetlana

"The timeless beauty " by Andamata

"Baby portray " by ellu

"Little Baby Bear " by scottfranks

"In the Red " by tinamarie_7110

"Kellen " by JuliaAltork

"Miss Terious " by L4zyPhoto

"Sandriin " by MariaKruusenvald

"Pure Adventure " by (A)deannadanielle

"Model " by Prijaznica

"Dreams 2 " by NinaMasic

"Summer sunset " by Lindsey_Shedd

"Cormorant fishing " by q-liebin

"*** " by slavasamoikenko

"Moody autumn " by daliaa

" " by dellaina

"First fish " by Loza

"General Sandua " by christiankieffer

"The Godfather " by leesutton

"DSC_8978 " by JimmieRatliff

"I004341 " by Lindividu

"My dose of country!! " by heathersheri

"_CGW2609_Full_Res_Mono " by Christographer

"The Sheriff " by beckykempf

"Winery walks, talks and shots " by ChenaeLoren

"Sarah " by ymruzilo

"Waiting For Rain " by TracyDeptuck

" " by (A)terondavy

" " by (A)huntedimages

"Sarah Arnett " by NicoleShotMe

"Constricted - Steven " by ashlibrookephotography

" " by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Edward " by FrankSomma

"Louisa #1 " by CreativeVibesPhotography

"Hats off " by Fsoare95

"michi-0188 " by MightyReiti

" " by MDPortrait

"Dad and daughter on city transportation after a long day " by heathermchenrywilson

"Chef " by MKPhotographysa

"Sunset Sihouette " by johnboland

"Autumn People " by jessicaeik

"Black hat " by FloS

"The Old Conductor " by acglock

"its end " by markopaakkanen

"Frankie Mae_2549 " by AuroraLensman

"018A2373 " by stephenleonardi

"Cover girl " by _atombomb

"Beach Guy " by barbarabrock

"Trust gets you killed, love gets you hurt, and being real gets you hated " by jmphotography2323

"The Thin veil " by BRYNPhotography

"Lourissa " by maggiemabon

"Occhi!!! (Eyes) " by marcogabbuggiani

"her destiny " by tadejturk

"Captain " by Tartufe

"Colors " by Dsmphotography

"Caught in the rain " by ctbugan

"IMG_3081 " by michaelleahey

"Man on a train " by zTilghman

"Cowiche Sunshine " by ThanePhelan

"summer day " by alexey_gorshenin

"Living Happy " by redwriter

"Mahmoud " by marchesedp

"Posing at Reedy Swamp 4 " by SvenProe

"I've Seen a Few Things in Life " by (A)kenderby

"DSC_4993.JPG " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"IMG_6603 " by (A)Bingerz

"Kayak rider " by (A)KMHalaska

"Winter :) " by Josef4727

"Indecision " by (A)mea115546

"Gunslinger " by (A)BlackthornePhotography

"h i p p i e " by (A)tatumthedirector

"Tom " by sollenaphotography

"Nevermore (!?...) " by clementinacabral

"The look " by redzepagicaida

"The Photographer... " by Alexlud

"Want to photograph an artist? " by StephenBridger

"Michael Md.House " by pedrontheworld

"self III " by PaulHenryStudios

"In front of you... " by Cezary

"Zion National Park Overlook " by (A)ks_pics

"Kaczor " by (A)santesimon

"Sushi girl " by LeonovPhoto

"Never without my hat " by PixelsInLightspace

"Hawaii " by Codyama

"The temple keeper " by Darrenp

"Divergence " by Limeblu

"DripShow2019_0-51 " by taylawells

"Four " by HelenRea

"Fire and ice " by Paatryk

"Found and Lost....kindness on the street " by learwoody

"I am here " by ScottDClark

"IMG_8346-3 " by caprin

"Russian Generals look so much nicer these days! " by Kajamera

"the Wall " by bendikstalheim

"Dias de los Muertes " by iwangroot

"Kira CB " by yannickdesmet

"Yellow Morning n.02 " by stellabonatto

"The Jake " by JakeKurdsjuk

"Gentle touch " by spARTiat_de

"Veronique " by St-GermainPhotographie

"Fall Breeze I " by KayleighKay

"A Man Holds His Golden Eagle " by Helen_Mountaniol

"pr??a " by danicasherry

"Equilibrio " by (A)Wersemei

"Light Up the Dark; BAM Project " by KColbyPhotography

"Street Artist, Shoreditch, London " by MikeW

"josh's shoot-1-8 " by jordanhanson

"the leaf " by Schnabler

"Pip the miner 2 " by ColinDixonPhotography

"Red Chili " by TawnyHorton

"Deep in Thought " by dpken

"Black Hat " by russhob

"Gold and black " by UnTill

"Arguing with myself " by etrdryzt

"Holiday senior " by CourtneyBlissett

"Under my hat " by ralfeyertt

"dinoa " by vassilispitoulis

"Hot Coffee " by Joerg

"Wesley " by warrenstowell

"Lost in The Sixties " by rturnbow

"doubt " by eelcovanroden

"Sunset stroll " by HENSHAW_photography

"Gift " by LaYue

"ValhallONE " by Boholm

"Summer Feeling " by panilsson

"Summer Beauty (2) " by antoniogirlando

"Smart " by miguelantunes_8885