Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most creative photos in the Getting Creative Photo Contest with chances to win a Vello Shutterboss Version II Timer Remote Switch, Blackrapid Sport Shoulder Sling Strap, and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Theresa Airey for her collaboration as a guest judge. Theresa Airey, author of five Creative Photography/Digital books, has shown her work extensively with solo exhibitions in eighteen of the 50 U.S. states. Abroad, she has held major solo shows in Italy, Spain, England, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. She has written two Photographic books on Bermuda--Bermuda, The Quiet Years, and Bermuda Then and Now. She is presently compiling another Bermuda book, called “Bermuda in Another Light”, which is all her own Infrared photography taken in Bermuda over the last ten years. Theresa has a MFA in Fine Art and in Photography and has taught at the university level for over twelve years. She now travels and teaches photographic creative workshops around the globe.

"Fairytale" by Annelisenicolephotography

"The future starts today" by paaluglefisklund

"Primal Instinct" by nightrose0087

"quiet chaos." by bobyjo_kebby

"3" by AlexanderGornikiewicz

"Küken unter Decke" by (A)tanjariedel

"Learning to fly" by Lynzybrooke

"The snow Queen" by (A)usachevalexander

"Poker Face" by crackedegg

"Storm Art" by Mark-Dobson

"Urban" by bendikstalheim

"puppy in autumn" by Anneliese-Photography

"The Captive" by exploredexposure

"Mythical creatures" by siegart

"JOE_9631asd" by joeehlen

"Tears Don't Fall" by emxsee

"Shoes." by ellestaples

"FOT_1391veeb" by MariaKruusenvald

"head in the clouds" by catherinetrudeau

"The terminator of terminators" by (A)Bastetamon

"Rainy cocktail" by olgakuznyetsova

"All aboard the Winter Express" by AnneDphotography

"'Nature's Thrill Ride'" by CarleyShellyPhotography

"angles are showing " by jmphotography2323

"double" by pkasprzycka

"Sunglasses" by ljdcanonshooter

"Beauty in nature" by brunogonalves

"Cheetah mirror" by olivernicklin

"conculsion1" by claudiastrepp

"TURTLE-BACK RIDE" by CreationScape

"Warp Speed" by GaryCummins

"Into the rough" by piotrparzybok

"Rolleiflex" by albaker

"on the street" by (A)ales_neumeister

"/ In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present /" by christoferenarsson

"Ghost on the Track?" by OwlEyeImages_ShaneMac

"Go Fish" by DerekKind

"Dog Vogue" by vassilispitoulis

"Gremlin" by liliumVA

"Child's Play" by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"Victorian Spring - Hatchings and Chirpings" by ElenaParaskeva

"Splash" by cindygrundsten

"Cathedral" by jenteeisme

"When light and darkness is equally attractive, how does one choose" by nikolaihessenschmidt

"Red autumn" by CasaBay_Photo

"Angel in Distress print" by scottfranks

"img007" by georginamay007

"Balloons + Bridges" by timmymarsee

"Loss of Control" by SheRoxPhoto

"Serenity" by DamianPiorko

"DSC_2257" by nightrose0087

"Grandma's panties are dry" by PoloD

"grasping a fleeting viscerality " by (A)kagebaker

"The dark side of the force • Kölle Alaaf" by cgnPhoto

"A Practice in Symmerty" by (A)Carty5270

"Mermaid" by lisamariephotog

"Escape" by morganmarinoni

"tears of a clown" by godriguez

"Gypsy_Z7A2149.1" by (A)bonjoy

"English weather" by Sgladiate

"Motivation" by CordovaImagery

"Headless Horseman" by tonyawilhelm

"Dawn of the Water Fairy" by craigkeane

"Rembrandt Bry" by Montethephotographer

"Sewing Her Dream" by juhamattivahdersalo

"Red Hot!" by agefoto

"fast streak" by PieterPietersPhotography

"Sunset on the Eiffel Tower" by FredericMONIN

"The Girl With the Hair" by Giddeyupimages

"Visionary" by jacksoncarvalho

"Beauty Editorial I" by Laska

"Naked woman on a bed with light rays shining on her through a window" by Luca_DeGregorio

"theks 1_DSC8883 copy copy-1" by verity

"********" by janeklass

"the little match girl story" by Mougaard

"Into another world" by antonagarkov

"Bear with me.." by juliepearson

"Kiss of illusion" by shellspeare

"Wanda" by srahwinter

"Stressed Out" by thenickelwell

"Fourvière at Lyon and the Moon !!!" by FredericMONIN

"Snow Cone" by kateluber

"Paestum, Italy" by ferhadib

"Tree Man" by byrnephotography

"CIRCUS - Scary Beauty" by KoreaSaii

"Bubble Wings" by lauradark

"Finch From The Back" by oddballz

"lanier super moon" by jessemobley

"1" by CourtneyBlissett

"Watersilhouette" by Kornum-Photo

"Love and Sunbeams" by eastlyn_

"Celestial Visitor" by Latitude4236David

"Portal" by kapuschinsky

"Another wee bash on photoshop today" by (A)Alan_Shirkie

"flipping in" by jump1rope

"Whale dancing" by alanclimb

"Up Against" by TomCornish

"Through the leafs" by olivierlw

"Bright Lights !!" by CaptureLife77

"Colors" by sarinamannaert

"Flying Bride" by Elmer-Laahne

"De Noblesse Délicat" by danicasherry

"green energy" by maperick

"Love is deep" by christinebazan

"Lost Words" by marieteilhard