Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing animals or people getting wet in the Get Wet Photo Contest with chances to win awesome prizes by Lowepro!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer John Bozinov for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. John is a New Zealand born photographer, educator and naturalist who specialises in polar expedition photography. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of the New Zealand landscape, his journey into photography was shaped by the environment which surrounded him. John's work has an strong emphasis on communicating ideas of environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation in the remote and coldest corners of our fragile planet.

"Stare Down" by galsworth

"Joyous" by (A)kathaggiss

"Ursa Emerges" by (A)Athena_B

"Water Dog" by jvcron

"Happiness is..." by liliaalvarado

"Just taking a bath" by albertoghizzipanizza

"Stay together" by tanjabrandt

"Jumping out of the water" by gerdaeilts

"Wings" by kathijensen

"260A4445" by carlosalvarezalvarez

"Monsoon Splash" by aadnan

"Family Spat - Coastal Brown Bear Cubs" by Pnwnative

"Making faces out of water" by kylere

"The Mighty Tiger" by amona27

"Camargue-white and black" by (A)DebColeman

"bla bla bla bla bla" by elfiedwards

"Ocean King" by CSteeleDesigns

"Singin' in the Rain" by VHiggins

"wave 2" by johnandrew

"splash" by godriguez

"Shaking Brownie." by (A)BGillis

"_MG_2726_AnotherFaceOfFlorence" by CurtPeters

"Fredauh" by adrianrichard

"Emma splash BW" by joebaxter

"Nina's flip in monochrome" by PoloD

"Good Catch" by csamson

"Shake it Off!" by Judy_zehentner

"Summer rain" by WWWest

"Journey" by scottmccook

"Fast and Furious 2 in the big water" by brentmorris

"Splash" by ghwtog

"Iceland sunrise photo shot" by JohnStager

"Fish fight" by ireid195

"Little wet face" by rturnbow

"Vortical Bath" by (A)peterkitanov

"White horses of the Camargue" by Masher

"Cash" by mandypiccolo

"taking a dive" by thetradewindsgallery

"Becca & Manta" by (A)Spider1987

"IMG_2037uu" by vlahrbek

"Delphie" by Despird

"Passion...." by kbrowko

"Splashing puddles = Boy Bliss!" by Lindsey_Shedd

"Two at a time" by nigelsmith7dmk11

"Dash" by kapuschinsky

"skimmer " by greghadel

"6087" by geoffcaddy

"Cricket" by (A)fuzzyfelt30

"Shake It Off" by (A)LarryGreene

"In the rain." by panyoki

"Wet Dog" by DavidMonty

"Brown Pelican Takes Flight" by TKFranzen

"Friends" by JuliaAltork

"_ACT8732" by robheath

"That Moment" by NatashaHaggard

"SS Mai Tai - Cook Islands" by anhede

"Get Wet 2" by carlbrugger

" Ant on a leaf" by nedkov

"Splash splash!" by (A)kathyallison

"Loki" by CW_Photography

"Rain" by michaelkarakinos

"Nature Meets Chicago" by eastlyn_

"beach babe" by PaigeLaroPhotography

"Serenity" by DamianPiorko

"Pisces Rising - Common loon with fish" by JimCumming

"Horses running in Camargue" by jg74

"Warming Light - Chile, Patagonia" by acseven

"Hawksbill sea turtle" by NZEXPOSED_Photography

"fly-n-wash" by jimspics

"He Loves Me Not" by jasonmatias

"The River" by KellyALongphotography

"Seal Cape Palliser May-2013" by stephencoppinger

"Good Bye" by cindysnaps

"Watersilhouette" by Kornum-Photo