For over 10 years, an annual Gerber baby photo contest called Gerber Photo Search invites U.S. residents to submit photos of their children between 1 day and 4 years old. The Gerber baby contest winner becomes the Gerber Baby for the year, gets an honorary role on Gerber's Executive Team as Chief Growing Officer, earns a year’s supply of Gerber products and other prizes, and receives a $25,000 cash prize.

The company, a leader in early childhood nutrition, got its iconic baby logo as a result of a similar contest organized in 1928. Furthermore, over time, they received countless baby photos from their customers. It seems natural to continue the tradition and search for a Gerber Baby to represent the brand each year.

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However, Gerber baby photo competition has a few drawbacks. For example, it is only available for U.S. residents and allows a single entry per child. There is also just one winner. You can only submit over a short period of time (around 10 days), and considering it is an annual competition, if you missed the Gerber baby contest deadline, you’ll have to wait for another year. 

Each year other restrictions may apply. For example, in 2023, applicants had to submit a picture of the baby and a picture of one of the parents at the same age. Last but not least, children older than 4 years old are not eligible, which leaves many cute babies out of the Gerber baby contest.

But don’t worry because there are alternatives to Gerber baby contest, competitions open worldwide, with fewer restrictions and more winners, accepting photos of babies and kids of all ages, and offering attractive prizes as well.

Viewbug Baby Photo Contest – The Best Gerber Baby Photo Contest Alternative

Gerber baby photo competition inherited the company’s notoriety and has plenty of applicants regardless of the long list of restrictions and small chance of winning. However, if you are looking for recognition as a photographer alongside being a proud parent, there are better options than Gerber Photo Search.

And Viewbug Baby Photo Contest is one of them.

Viewbug is a photography online community that organizes photo contests all the time. Unlike Gerber baby photo contest, Viewbug allows you to submit your baby photos for weeks. Furthermore, you can submit them to more than one competition because baby and kids pictures fit Viewbug baby photo contest but also Viewbug competitions with themes such as portraits, close-ups, bokeh effect, and the rule of thirds.

The platform encourages you to look beyond a subject matter and consider composition and technique, as well as storytelling. In addition, you can enter Viewbug baby photo contest from anywhere in the world.


Viewbug offers prizes in cash and/or objects. Prizes are delivered through Amazon and cash prizes are sent via Paypal. Each competition has its own prize, which makes things more interesting. For example, you can win a DSLR camera (e.g., Canon 5D, Nikon D5300), photo accessories (e.g., carbon fiber tripod, Sigma lens, Canon 50mm lens, Moment Anamorphic lens), cool gadgets (e.g., Apple smartwatch, portable RGB camera light), and even trips (e.g., round-trip flight to Amsterdam, round-trip flight to Iceland).

In addition, you win Viewbug coins to purchase whatever you like, receive feedback from your peers, and establish yourself as a photographer.

Popular Submissions

While with Gerber baby photo contest only the winning photo gets to be seen, with Viewbug baby photo contest things are different. Viewbug has a popular submissions page for each of its photo competitions where everyone can see the photographs. Furthermore, Viewbug users can leave comments, show appreciation, and even send Viewbug coins to support your work.

Previous Winners

If you want to check out the competition, you can find blog posts about the winners of previous Viewbug baby photo competitions, such as Baby Face Photo Contest, Beautiful Babies Photo Contest, and Babies Are Cute Photo Contest. It’s not just one winning photo as in the case of Gerber baby photo contest, but the judge’s top picks alongside Grand Jury Winner, People’s Choice winner, Runner Up winner, and Amateur winner.

More of Baby Photo Competitions like Gerber Baby Photo Contest

Viewbug baby photo contests aren’t the only alternatives to Gerber baby photo contest. You can find other good options either on parenting websites or photography websites. NewParent, a magazine for expecting mothers and new parents, and Voteyourbaby, a community for parents, provide baby photo contests for parents.

If you aim for baby photography recognition, make sure the contest matches your photography skill level and style. For example, LullaPanda offers contests for amateur photographers and proud parents, while Baby Photo Awards is a competition for professional photographers.


How do I enter Viewbug's Baby Photo Contest?

Baby Photo Contest, like many of Viewbug’s photo competitions, is open to anyone with a Viewbug account. You can sign up for free and then submit your photos to the competition. As prizes are sent via Amazon and PayPal, make sure you have access to these services in your country.
The photos must be JPEG files, smaller than 30MB. The website recommends resolutions higher than 1300x600px. You can only submit one image to a contest. As a free user, you are allowed to upload 5 images per week. However, paid members get unlimited uploads and access to all Viewbug’s photo competitions.

What is Gerber Photo Search contest?

Gerber Photo Search is an annual baby photo competition organized by Gerber. The winner becomes Gerber Baby for the year and receives prizes in cash and objects. To be eligible, you need to be a U.S. resident, over 18 years old, and the parent of a child between 1 day and 4 years old. Gerber baby photo contest may have additional themes each year. Usually, the submission period is between May 31st and June 10th.