Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Freshmen 2016 Photo Contest, sharing their favorite shots (contest only for freshmen 2016). Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who can pick the prize.

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following winners and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite submissions. Stay tuned for more amazing photo contests.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Golden morning" by Markus_van_Hauten

Congratulations People Choice "Goðafoss Sunset" by carstenmeyerdierks

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Anti-gravity" by FraserPearson

Congratulations Runner Up "Fire and ice" by DanielKordan

Congratulations Runner Up "herwood" by Lichtreize

Congratulations Runner Up "Reflecting on Life" by davidstrozdas

Congratulations Runner Up "Jumping Spider" by Rui_Santos

Congratulations Runner Up "nathalie 2" by nickiastrup

Congratulations Runner Up "Bob_Print" by justinorlandobrown

Congratulations Runner Up "Northern Princess" by vessiev

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Acquiescence" by serenavsworld

"Great Grey Owl " by fredlemire

"The Swan" by Histos

"Man On The Desert" by pimpin_nagawan

"Predator´s love" by thomasretterath

"The beauty in blue" by marcodemaio

"Happiness is... running with a stick!!" by ceciliazuccherato

"IMG_7900 copy-2" by dallasharder

"013A6500_2" by liamvandenberk

"DSC_1823BW" by marpan

"In the garden of remembrance" by GraziaMele

"Liberation" by krisztinaschmidt

"Sibling Fun" by EmmaStaskoPhotography

"Hamnoy" by brigittemohn

"Motherhood" by scottwickward

"Snow Angles " by morgand5

"Wedding Dream II" by MadeNNediM

"Geisler Alm" by VDPFreelancer

"Morning in Iceland" by charleswhite

"Using Paw" by ClaudioPiccoli

"Lovely Dino" by taylorelainestraw

"lion cubs" by erezs

"Dazzling Silk Route" by vivekjprasad

"Ksenia" by Maksim_Mashnenko

"Intimidation" by nobryan18

"Backyard Safari" by trascoe

"Flying" by maloumarielouisereedorflarsen

"That Wanaka Tree" by paulkleynhans

"Iceberg Lagoon" by RobKennedyPhoto

"Anticipation - Formula 1 Car At Goodwood FOS " by SDP_Photographics

"Svetlana" by JackHoier

"Whytecliff Sunset" by villfaren_captures

"zinga zinga" by dalekobetich

"Girl" by GabrielaHomolova

"Daria in the wild" by dawidkoziski

"ph" by denniscontreras

"Character Development" by lzakedis

"Thennyfeliciano" by thennyfeliciano

"Roaring Fork Cascade" by amyholley

"Lady with waterdrop" by adinaJ

" Golden Chef" by DonnaColemanPhotography

"Ophelia" by anthinemoen

"$1600 for half hour flight." by sj1050

"Line Portrait" by paigemdawson

" exhibition" by mousumichakraborty

"It‘s ok" by PooFace

"My Rainier" by Yidography

"Refugee Series Brisbane - Nudgee Beach no.2" by Mdphotog

"Floey" by MartynaOzog

"DSC_006" by viceatelier

"In the Hades Kindgom" by jmecs

"Bonsai Rock Sunset" by floodthesensor

"Closing the day" by PattyFrank

"Zebra Longwing butterfly" by shirleybcoulthard

"Bearback" by kathyvid

"Kilchurn" by strOOp

"Mist down under Mesa Arch" by Tammy_Lee

"Shipwreck" by IndriaFe

"stuck in the mud." by jimburton

"garrison slough sunset HDR " by vernmanis

"Arctic Angel" by aaronbaggenstos

"Breakfast To Go" by JakeKurdsjuk

"IMG_7686-2" by xenophonharamis

"hgs_n8_016511" by helgisigursson

"Storm Imogen, Newhaven" by MJTPhotography

"Quench" by ingwe911

"Lightning Storm" by martinankor

"I see...." by suedoughertyoffleash

"One (Mi Tierra III)" by Miguel_Angel_Martin

"arch-04" by tazzzer62

"Dunwich woods" by Carl65

"Swamp Raccoon" by kimaikawa

"untitled" by MiguelCastello

"two ways" by njord

"Mulakolla" by gslikristinsson

"image" by bonbahar

"Tulip accessory." by EJSMITH

"Angelic Pose" by phoochan

""Fleeing Light"" by ericbennett

"Dancing in the dark" by marcocacciatore

"Gasadalur" by dslrno

"Euphoria" by ElysianFineArt

"Paris Subway" by Forrest_Brown

"808A8960-2" by ralfjust

"Dreamscapes, Olympic National Park, Washington" by patrickmarsonong

"Lost in the Cedars" by Kriskow

"Magical Moments" by Lemjay_Lucas

"Jekyll Island 2014 Calm sunrise 1.1" by rivarologallery

"Approaching STORM" by upsidedownshoots

"Saskatchewan Storm - June 24, 2013" by braunjo

"Hawkeye" by dmdiener

"Bee in flower" by nedkov

"The Love of Gannets" by NicoFroehberg

"Someday my son, this all will be yours" by thomasretterath

"Herbstwald" by klaussteinert

"Petrel Cove" by SlinkyVision

"IMG_2566" by lisakathryn

"Sunset over Table Bay" by piascharein

"Flow" by lucabenini

"Breath Of The Gods" by AzuraPhotography

"Melissa" by CarmineWorx

"color slow shutterspeed-80" by francoisloubser

"Friends forever!" by tierpfoto

"Broken philosophy" by Mougaard

"family in misty park" by jorma

"6b-DttHR78c" by AnnaMelnikova

"LakeBall" by GillesJorrot

"Flower´s Tear" by High-Hopes

"Death Valley Dunes Sunrise (1 of 1)" by Barparildar

"Drops of Gold" by SaschHalpin

"Nowhere" by petersamow

"Metal Foundry" by greghadel

"Home Under The Stars" by carleycollins

"Midwinter" by mfedun

"The Trail" by stevethomson

"A Crown Jewel that belongs to the Sea" by racooneyesimagery

"Lonely orbin' under the bridge" by K887

"south Arm" by learnarice

"Misty Forest" by Jeso

"Splash" by Tyler_Hitchcock

"Boy in the paint" by RafaelBaesse

"Raspberry Sunset" by jeremylewis

"Los Realejos -Tenerife" by Solana

"In search of extraterrestrial civilizations." by SergeyKichuk

"Endless" by whaevamakesuhappy

"heavens last light" by Shootswithcoops

"Wrapped" by nicolewells