Capturing the beauty of the outdoors can be both challenging and rewarding. Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos of nature in this photo contest with chances to win The North Face Stormbreak 2 Tent and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Frederick Foliage " by BruceSaunders

"Photogenic Tornado " by NZPChasers

"Three Sisters Superstition Mountains " by WorldPix

"Sunset Volcanic Eruption at Kalapana. " by PreissAlex

"Autumn Path " by lindagagnon

"Forest " by rumenzografov

"The Bell of Beauty " by joewankelman

"Lago Di Braies Night Final " by seanewest

"DJI_0532-2s " by SorinMosescu

"Chasing The Light.. " by mitpjenkeating

"Arch of Light " by francescogola

"Reach for the Sky" by simalg05

" " by colleone2

"OR Dunes 041 " by Dalriada50

"Baobab Tree " by MythicHippo

"Sunrise Over Hot Creek " by ConorEgan

"Sunset on the Pond " by dixiejbrumm

""reach for the sun.." " by dimitrisdrisas

"Breath Of The Gods " by AzuraPhotography

"DSC_6745 " by VincentRoccoPhoto

"La boucle " by Fannie_Jowski

"I took this photo after 3 days of very bad weather. So i was even happier to see this amazing sunset. " by curiosum

"Waterfalls in Autumn " by autumnoaks

"Hanson's Gold 2 " by hillaryyounger

"Washing Away the Day " by nishidashot

"Tree On fire " by MasonDeanM

"A sunrise on Torres del Paine " by n5dbsj7qcj

"First light " by saintek

"Once upon a time... " by edytatrojaskakoch

"Whale Tale " by rpgdepictions

"Height of Summer " by lesleygroves

"Gates Pass " by jeremydamron

"Valley of Giants " by KyleBardenPhotography

"water Drops " by joviga1421

"ice " by rcscharf

"Aurora, Moon and Big Dipper. " by DJMayImages

"messengers of spring " by pixelmac

"Misty Morning " by DanaCarruthers

"The arch " by Juliocastropardo

"Buffalo and Grand Tetons, Gros Ventre, WY " by Jdmccranie

"Ughill Brook " by necru

"Dancing Northern light " by NordicPhotos

"yearning for spring " by judithkuhn

"Wonderful world ...... " by francescorusso

"Turks South Sea " by GaetaJ

"Iceland's Rivers and Waterfalls " by twenty_four_evan

"Rainier Cloud Dance " by stevezimmerman

"The tunnel of ice " by samanthawilson25

"Larch Drive " by chrisbalboni

"WYSIWYG " by Titus

"Multnomah Falls " by netbee

"The Stand " by jamesharrisphoto

"Alps Mountains " by SparkStudio

"Over the Edge " by Tpellett

"Evening on the Hoh River " by teryani

"The Mist " by adearests

"Jungle and the Sun " by MacroSagar

"Solitude " by 1927Steinway

"Morning Light " by nakulsharma07

"Tunnel View at Sunrise " by pluralboy

"Listen To The Peace " by russcook

" " by Rumblrben

"Lonely Barn " by Tim-Hall

"A Trail Less Traveled " by AnkarloAdventures

"Kissed By The Sunset " by (A)Kazza60

"frozen lake on a cold night " by (A)Robert222

"Reflection " by (A)hammerphotos

"Morning Light 7 " by (A)DanMac

"Northern Lights of Iceland " by (A)jeffreythomas

"Fall at Horseshoe Falls.jpeg " by (A)Tammysauve71

"Seljalandsfoss " by (A)goncalocapitao