For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best shots showing your love for coffee with chances to win a Moment Wide 18mm lens and more. From your favorite baristas and your friends drinking coffee to the beans and the milk that make a perfect drink.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Taya Iv for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest: "I'm a photographer, article writer, and editor whose work has been published in books and magazines. I've been taking photos for over 10 years. My main focus is portraiture and self-portraiture, but I love to experiment with other genres in my free time."

"ChadKatelyn_Engagement1 " by diffusemedia

"Barista Girl " by recaear

"Running Espresso " by WynandNel

"inbound7584040510150734280 " by amrelmnyawy

"Relaxed " by LCorby

"Coffe Girl " by Penderev

"Kimberely Wallis " by jrigbyphotography

"Coffee Break " by emilygraser

"E R I K A " by sejmsfoto

"Coffee Time 2 " by ColinDixonPhotography

"jette7 " by ahmedahanjoul

"AdirondackWide " by tomato1236

"cafe " by kristenhaveman

"Morning coffee. " by Anna_Miziolek

"Coffee around the world " by esraageltouny

"Coffee & Cheesecake " by mark-kathryn-vegera

"Full of beans " by SteeleBirdie

"Coffee by the Sea " by JMichellePix

"Fresh hot Espresso " by MBphotographybiz

"Coffee??? " by elenapardini

" " by MikkelLarsen

"Coffee " by robbyticknor

"IMG-20180807-WA0074 " by crazyangel77

"Private moment over coffee " by amandahanchin

" " by seifsalah

"Feria 3.19.2016-4508 " by edmundoferia

"Time to enjoy a cup of coffee warm " by dudygr

"Mornings plans. " by canipel

"Another from our wee ninja trip to Edinburgh today with this one @kirstenrus " by howardashton-jones

"coffee time " by Kareas

"Daria " by Olya_Go

"Head Shots and Coffee " by Elocin_Photographic

"Abigail " by martinkemp

"Just another coffee " by antocamacho

"Katie " by Masher

" " by Legendary_77_b

"coffee " by (A)amaryllis19

"Coffee break " by (A)Nigel008

" " by (A)Jlifox

"Lena " by socreative

"Catherine " by sw127350

"Male-Efficient morning coffee " by gabrielastiep

"E " by coughdrop

"Laurina " by ilyayakover

"Coffee Break " by (A)gracealmera

"Home Brewed 2 " by ldelphoto

"Morning coffee... " by Cezary

"Available light portait " by Fotostyle-Schindler

"Sasha " by klepikovadaria

"espresso " by aimeejohn

"Ivana " by Jono3358

"Coffee Break " by Goran_Jordanski

"Warm cup on a cold day " by Ccourtneyellen2

"Tranquility " by UncleDozer

"Coffee or me? " by arielgitana

"Saturday Afternoon " by randybenzie

"Taking a Sip " by Alf_Myers

"Wake up and smell the coffee! " by Macro_art

"Coffee time " by nicolasbernaln

"Simple Coffee! " by martinwerge

"Java " by klang

"coffee " by snapshott

"The Mixing Of Two " by theoriginalvisagie

"coffee spill " by tomviggars

"My morning routine " by liviupenaru

"Christmas coffee " by mettiuzara

"The Daily Grind " by nlhammondphotography

"coffee break " by carolcostigane

"Cofre and cinnamon " by MLazaroMartin

"Spring Coffee " by schevallier

"Coffee v2 " by naurisdollins

" " by indiadavies

"Coffee and sweets " by Freya14577

"Cup of coffee, coffee beans and coffee grinderr " by ESoderberg

"???????? " by Filin

"Java Joe " by KoAxEs

" " by Alla-Reza

"Sabina " by DmitryTeperkin

"Coffee " by Rauhaatu

"LC039_AEP2_wm " by luigireale_8856

" " by fabiobrocchi

"Coffee extractions " by lrizzodg

"Moment " by Ivan_Bertusi

"Coffee break " by (A)J0anna

"Early Morning Coffee " by gerhardprinsloo

"I Spilled the Beans " by BriHanson

"DSC05630 " by ronaldwebb

"Coffee-Break " by Upton

"Coffee break " by Photological

"9AAFF726-1926-4606-9BE5-B2DA7DB26E76 " by fawnmelanie

"Coffee love " by bielefoto

"Caffè III " by felicebellini

"with cinnamon aroma " by EdVal

"Tea time in Cotswolds " by Magicaltrails

"I Miss Polaroid " by jalinde

"Afternoon Light, at the coffee shop " by Beno62

"The Milkman Breweth " by JPiccariPHOTO

"Lake Placid 2011_00522 " by CarolynAnnRyan

"Lunch is served " by (A)Aspirephotography1

"Anything can happen over a cup of coffee " by Devipriya

"Coffee or Die " by Morgan_Lytle

"Think Red " by seenthroughmylens

"Coffee time at cosy coffee shop " by BeataPogoda

"Predator " by zenbutcher

"IMG_20191210_085740-01 " by aritganguly

"coffee " by (A)ninavadala

" " by lisa_2382

"Had a great coffee that day " by alhasanhusni

"Smaller lens, bigger lens " by dilanmuslu

" " by joeycompier

"Unicorn coffee " by prakaryahaldoko

"02A8AAA4-34A1-4E63-9E8A-CDA5986B6C3E " by laurenhixson

" " by Pako Noriega

"My keepcup with an amazing coffee is perfect for long walks with people you care about. " by (A)kieranhudson_5627

"Coffee " by kat_0700

"Coffee on tap " by wondertroy

"morning coffee " by (A)scott196752

"0B6A5978 " by fathiaelsisi

"Coffee beans with this luxurious smell of fresh coffee... " by susab

"fath.jpeg " by fathieleyan

"Chicago Starbucks " by kristiatkinson

"The coffee family " by Korapi

"Stoic " by daniellereese

"fullsizeoutput_cd18.jpeg " by maryhale9534

"Coffee.TysonHarrison.Photography " by tysonharrison

"A Half Cup Of Coffee " by KarenRoberts

"IMG_2042.JPG " by rolandpeuryehissong

"turkish coffee " by BunghiuzEduard

"Coffee and Tea " by nonseireale83

"Coffee Break! " by fotosdenada

"Colazione 3 " by Arthurcha

"Coffee Time " by Tracy1229

"Just what I needed " by Lorlee_Lee_Murray

"The ultimate cappuccino! Liquid Velvet " by Fotovanjeauto

"My Coffee " by Honar

"Coffee Beans " by visualeatsphotography

"Love for coffee " by zzz1

"IMG_6978 " by diegoazama

"Coffee Time " by asphot

"Coffee Owl " by Ana-Photogirl99

"Taylor-7681 " by nerdyhillbilly

"Coffee or Cappuccino? " by Pupparazzi

"Relaxing Sundays! " by odedios

"Coffee " by mhaeri

"Kornmuhle " by georgyde

"Coffee Anyone? " by tricianicolescott

"Coffee and Sheet Music " by ameg

"morning coffee " by Cali_Wine_Fan

"coffeecup " by alglover

"8D3A1394 " by Movielighter

"need caffeine " by (A)andygeene

"Savory and Sweet " by (A)ginnielerch

"coffee creamer drop " by (A)daveklimek

"Coffee " by (A)kimdarienj

"Coffee " by (A)Sitan1

"I let her drink a taste of my bulletproof coffee " by (A)lesliecat23

"my coffee story start with Starbucks coffee! " by Joey82

" " by (A)jennyhanley

"Coffee time " by (A)KamilBinkis

"IMG_1752 " by (A)srgiobarbosa

" " by (A)supergamax

"coffee time " by (A)debsbain

"Coffee maker " by (A)jessicacoudert

"Heart Starter " by (A)MarilynDavies

"Expresso lover " by (A)armandor

"Coffee Splash " by (A)NiaWolf

"Morning Mug " by (A)Tpm067

"Morning Coffee " by (A)matthewgriffiths

"Christmas Tree Coffee " by (A)PWMMacro

"Paradise Drink (Coffee Time) " by (A)GraemeCamera

"Magic in the air " by mssunshine

"3 in 1 Coffee Splash " by Eduardbetz

"Simple Pleasure " by petergillberg

"_LPH7549-1 " by LAVA

"Splash 2 " by ventenni

"Just another day with Billie " by cathos1244

"Warm and Cozy " by Jesse3650

"Coffee Can Be Sexy " by Latitude4236David

"Coffee with Sarah " by NicoleShotMe

"Coffee " by traceydobbs

"Modern Delicacy I " by danicasherry

"Seriously? " by (A)vsidles

"dessert " by alexey_gorshenin

"it was too weak " by obpiotr

"Quiet moment " by Lunaa80

"Hot Cup " by BlackKatPhotography

"Single Girl in Washington D.C. " by shantanuchandra

"Coffee " by cristinacovas

"Hot Coffee " by Joerg

"Morning coffee " by Bogdan_Iacob

"Java The Hut " by rturnbow

"coffee latte paris " by maperick

"Good Morning " by Andreas_Voigt

"Morning coffee at work " by (A)Amuturephotographer

"A Cup Of Coffee With Macarons " by Arzhtatiana

"My "Buna" " by RobertoPazziPhotography

"Anna1 " by Talmaza

"Two coffees one mouse. " by Confalonieri

"I love coffee! " by BGoodsellPhotography

"Starbucks- Milan " by danielinternational

"cafe' with friends " by henridroski

"Coffee " by PattiBaker

"Morning Mocha " by starry_night15

"Milk drop in the coffee " by juliseven

"???? " by D_Golubev

"DSC_0898 " by Europephotos

"_DSC5583 " by (A)mea115546

"Circle of Brightness " by GracefulFoto

"IMG_7040 " by andresrosas

"Coffee? Coffee " by myyleenee

"Warm evening " by dimabegma_photo

"Hanna " by LiliNis

"coffee lens " by VanderblackStudios

"* " by anetacoufalova

"1 (24) " by darbydoll

"Coffee Break " by (A)schommipixx

"Coffee " by Orsena

"Drinking coffee,feeling vintage " by littlevirag

"Turkish coffee " by zenit

"Coffee and a puzzle break " by arttochoke

"The Hands of a Coffee Loving Man " by heathermchenrywilson

"Cappuccino #2 " by werryson

"Coffee with Milk " by HermannKlecker

"Starbucks " by DavePrender

"But First, Coffee. " by BrittneyJune

"Tea " by kunalsagar

"Sairah's Senior Portrait " by AprilRoseMore

"Steamy Chocolate " by Marix04

"For the love of Coffee " by CreativeMB

"But First Coffee " by vking

"Coffee Cup " by donbenderphotography

"coffee shop " by jessicagodincenzalli

"ADE56879-1C95-453E-8586-099CFC4AA1DC.jpeg " by Grant-Spurr

"Coffee Refresh " by PixMayank

"Julia " by MDBPhoto

"the-coffe-flag " by matteofranchetto

"DSC_2530 " by PanGram

" " by (A)cameronbrothers_5296

"Snowdonia (2019) " by Jingy2212

"Beans " by paulageminbell

"coffee " by pemaphoto

"Coffee Grind " by A_Shukla

"Rising Joe " by WanderingFool

"Enjoy it Before it's too Late .. Yes, I mean Coffee this time " by healthylaura

"Park City (1 of 1)-6 " by Jamezillasaurus

"Coffee & Good Books " by principlecaliber

"After coffee break " by ppuuffyy

"IMG-20200209-WA0038 " by (A)sanketgaikwad

"Coffee time " by andu38

"7D4E5BC1-6D38-4014-9FD7-A06F73160E82 " by ashleykaysiery

"Spiritual Gansta " by DeeanaCreates

"I don't like coffee " by (A)kesslerlite

"Tea Time " by (A)FanaticPhotoGirl

"the beauty and the coffee " by Photo_fervr

"coffee " by (A)froirivera

"Comfort Coffee " by jacobmarsh

"IMG_4813p " by yuliaivanenko

"Alzbeta-Pilarova-1636 " by Alzbeta