The best photos of people are the ones that capture their personalities and feelings. Make them wistful, make them sad or make them happy... we saw how you unleashed your creativity and you showed us what really makes these individuals tick!

"Kiss " by jensfischer

"...she's gone " by PipGogof

"Love Sees No Color " by MichaelBurlakPhotography


Athlete competing in the recent Melbourne Ironman shows the raw pain he is experiencing in his face as he pushes up the hill on the second lap of the 90km cycling leg. " by MomentsbyShaun

"In his eyes " by KatieMcKinneyPhotography

"Karolina " by anetacoufalova

"Second Place " by jborys

"B&W portrait Sheena " by amf250963

"Woman biting her nails " by ChristerW

"Sarah " by CreativeVibesPhotography

" " by Ori0n3

"Straight Faced. " by PeachDream

"My Heart " by jenniferwilhite_photog

"Ying & Yang " by KoreaSaii

" " by KirbyLeAnnePhoto

"Julie " by Boholm

" " by ruckbenclash

"Stressed and Aching " by Jchumleyphotos

"KaryHugsNG " by DuffyDoherty

"Rage " by sastimos