Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing any type of family reunion or relationship in the Family Gatherings Photo Contest with chances to win a Give Back Bundle and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Cris Duncan for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Cris, along with his bride, Deanna, operates CjDuncan Photography, a high-end portrait, wedding and commercial studio in Lubbock, TX. CjDuncan Photography has flourished for 15 years in a competitive market and continue to be regarded as one of the top studios in Texas. Cris is a Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman. Since turning pro in 2002, they have photographed Presidents, Vice Presidents, dignitaries and countless others. Cris has worked for such companies as Stephen Joseph, Frito-Lay and Bayer CropScience and been honored to photograph numerous weddings, portraits and commercial assignments of great people all over this land.

"Brothers" by NurseShaw86

"With grandma in bed" by fotofrankyat

"Happines" by henrykurniawan

"ATRN6792-7" by adrianmurray

"Golden Sisters " by przemyslawchola

"Brothers" by ktq101

"Mother and Son " by suzymead

"Sibling Love " by AbbyMathison

"Peekaboo" by MissionMan

"Dion" by fatjonhoxha

"Brothers" by Lindsey_Shedd

"DSC_0380" by vickiecrosbycarroll

"3 brothers" by caitlynblake

"Luke & Gracie-1-" by jenniferwilhite_photog

"How about some meatballs?" by bromleychamberlain

"Autumn Family" by (A)lyoungs1023

"Where Life Begins" by NurseriesandNurslings

"When you have nothing, you smile..." by ClaireJean

"Running Home" by eastlyn_

"Grandmothers_86_Birthday_021" by PeterEvans23

"catch bokeh" by (A)KonstantinKhor

"He's so cute!" by lynniroberts

"Sweetness in the Fall" by Chelsie_Cannon

"Family Dog" by elenagonzalez_6866

"Distance" by ingomenhard

"Best friends forever" by lavidainbloom

"Amongst The Leaves " by (A)MarissaJane

"The twins" by olivierlw

"Sisters and Storms" by jesdomacasse

"Collins Family Photos-2015_42" by kimberlypekula

"Isabella & Mom" by redteaphoto

"FOT_9260a" by MariaKruusenvald

"Ring around the Rosie" by kathymuhle

"Friends" by beamieyoung

"Love Outsmarting Time" by fabiosozza

"Family" by andrewboykov

"%22post-war family%22 " by miskovic

"Waiting on Baby Sister to Arrive " by CourtneyBlissett

"Sisters. Best friends. " by LeahRobinson

"The Family " by Alexander_Sviridov

"I'll Protect You Forever " by crystaldiane

"Johanna Birch Piano_1 " by jjursch

"Sisters " by lisaholloway

"My love " by Child_Expressions

"Eternal Bond " by contamestorias

"The Most Epic Pillow Fight " by SuzanneTaylorPhotography

"Surrey & Maelle " by rejeanbrandt