Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing the African continent in the Explore Africa Photo contest with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm Lens and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Laurie Rubin for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer specializing in wildlife and nature photography. Her passion for photography as well as a career working for software companies, has combined her talents for teaching and sharing photography, from capture to post-processing. She currently has one of her prints displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

"Looks in the savannah" by albertoghizzipanizza

"107-17_24_09_Z Afri_479_Luminar2018-edit" by JohanVoogd

"Zebra Dawn" by Alannixon

"Red Lechwe" by GeoffG46

"Elephant infant holding tail" by GPetrie

"Stripes" by charlesjorg

"Dune runner" by davidjharper

"Leopard in a Tree" by Kudos

"Tired Legs" by lmr337

"Tanzania 1" by mjkirkland

"A (Miniature) Tower Of Giraffes" by charlotterhodes

"African sunset" by Jtrojer

"Dirty Boy" by UfotoAfrica

"Leopard in tree" by (A)davetalling

"Impala Herd" by meganlorenz

"Dusky Zebra" by jozi1

"Stay Close" by WalterHowor

"Embracing the Sunrise" by kathrynsklenakdannay

"Ready to pounce" by clifffawcett

"This is Africa!" by kimpaffen

"Ethiopian Mountain Boy" by ashlibrookephotography

"Masai" by giovannivolpe

"Male Leopard Yawn" by mytmoss

"close encounter" by saboytjie

"Cheetah" by kiramorris

"Old Timer Lion" by MichaelBagleyPhotography

"Roadblock" by RobSoegtrop26

"Taking a walk" by Darrenp

"The Lion king" by johankoch

"A Dazzling Implausibility" by (A)mpelli

"The largest of them all" by ningdeguzman

"Solo Zebra" by martinrosenkranz

"One word: Africa!" by thomasretterath

"Allees des baobabs" by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Black Mane Lion" by Patrick2828

""The Northern Migration"" by SunBear22222

"Elephant in Etosha" by MarianavdW

"The Hunters" by jdannay

"Lioness Reflection" by CindiAlvarado

"the feast" by moritzleonard

"Meerkats" by DevilishImagery

"leopard meets butterfly" by truetolifephotography

"UgandaGorilla " by jonnytakespictures

"leopard " by ScottELB

"Baby lion " by alexandrechoquette

"Above the Crater Lake " by chriswhittier

"Salayexa " by lindiekolver

"African Hunting Dog. " by merrittimages

"Leopard " by (A)Cortez48

"Pronking Springbok" by charlesjorg

"Cheetah and Cub" by lonniewehunt

"Dusty Silhouette" by henktencate

"Kalahari Lioness" by AndChisPhoto

"Have a drink" by thomasretterath

"A beautiful Lion in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana." by Simon_eeman

"Zebra in the Serengeti" by Pamelabole

"Tusk to Tusk" by stumac

"I See You!" by agefoto

"Lion" by Komainu85

"Reflecting Nature" by Tysondv

"Masai Mara 20130001-101670" by Brenda13

"Figs cub" by AndyHowePhotography

"Some Cavity work needed!" by (A)kathaggiss

"Follow The Yellow Dust Road" by (A)thelifeofasolivagant

"Lion in the Kalahari" by zistos

"Caracal" by Hillebrand

"Mom can we go" by calvinheinly

"The Watch" by Nicholasgm1947

"Sated Cub" by Franh

"Lioness" by kbhasker

"Stars over Barranco Camp - Kilimanjaro" by (A)Robert222

"Rüppell's griffon vulture" by alainmauviel

"Enkoveni Lion 3" by Karl-Heinz

""My what big teeth you have"" by HarryC

"Kudu" by mikehodgson

"Maasai warrior " by wild-west

"Kings face" by christophreiter

"Maki ball" by PierreTurtaut

"Cheetah" by SanamsDarkRoom

"IMG_20170720_051023_267" by Gregmorambo