For this photo contest, we invited you to share your best photo manipulations with chances to win a DJI Osmo Pocket and more. From your creative magical landscapes and edited portraits to on-location light and subject manipulations. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"P1210218 " by Sebokvasnak

"Fire " by _EVO_

"Face to Face " by RalphArtPhotography

"Claws Drawn " by chrisbalboni

"The colors that shine from within " by Snow2525

"Sparks! " by Merma1d

"Double Exposure " by SimonB

"Fire Angel " by ShaunWhitePhotography

" " by miguelramos_8420

"IMG_0024 " by eagle44

"Family portrait " by spectaclephoto

"If anyone is interested in the story behing the photograph: " by geranraath

"Round The Twist. " by AaronM

"Maciek " by halinaj

"0E2A7886 " by danielburton

"Rainbow Hydrangea " by Nikki_clicks

" " by Odd_Gentleman13

"Melbourne Train Long Exposure " by Gxmbyy

"Princess of Mars " by FONDphoto

"Into the Light " by LeanneNB

"Mount Dancer " by santifisher

"Smoke and Style " by SFalagario_photos

"Get low " by Blatoski1

"Hana " by anetacoufalova

"They say a dream can only come true if you wish for it.. i said reach for the moon babygirl. " by BrieAlleman

"super hero " by shy-oob

"Solo Mission " by aychmb

"******** " by janeklass

"Intentionally blurred " by felicebellini

" by olga_wing

"Day to night " by Jeanpauls

"Daniel " by Alejandrogomezbri

"Opening doors in the darkest of times " by joe_rtr

"Fun Width A Smoke Grenade " by Tande

"Peek-a-boo Copyright D.D.De'Ville 2021 " by DDDEVILLEPHOTOGRAPHY

"the cake is a lie " by Kotana444

"Orange Room " by ScottGoodsell

"Siren " by kaicoombes

"Inner Fire " by Sekrety

" " by AndreDominique

"Are you looking at me? " by olivierlw

"Beam Me Up " by ianmontgomery

"Statue" by indi001

"Self Portrait ll " by auriafaruquee

"Deep calm " by aboodalomari

"last smoke " by WolfgangPichler

" " by dellaina

"Book " by (A)miniaussie