Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing people in a state of intense excitement and happiness in the Euphoria Photo Contest part of the Give Back Contest Series. There are many non-profits doing critically important work helping people, saving animals, and protecting our planet. In support of these organizations and their causes, we proudly present our “Give Back” contest series. The winner of each “Give Back” contest gets to select one of the amazing charities to receive a donation... and gets the Grand Jury Prize. Let’s team up to for the greater good!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Royce Bair for his collaboration as a guest judge. As a former photography gallery owner and curator, Royce has helped scores of photographers showcase and sell their fine art photography. From 1984 through 2007, his Stock Solution agency aided hundreds of photographers in editing, distributing and licensing their stock photos to publishers and corporations, worldwide.

"Party Groom " by drewnoel

"breathless " by adelynbaber

""Happiness" " by pedrontheworld

"Mad Science of Selfies" by nikolaihessenschmidt

"Леди на велосипеде" by Polina

"IMG_3553-Edit-Edit-2" by oluuuka

"MMay_LaughterIsKey" by mandimay

"She enjoys taking photos" by DamianHadjiyvanov

"Beautiful Maria" by PoloD

"Jonida" by fatjonhoxha

"The Chef" by GeraintRadford

"Vivacious" by adrianchinery

"Scream" by oleksandrakazymirska

"Vanessa III" by tobiasglawe

"Who is the most notorious?" by Atullya

"Chasing Bubbles <3" by Lindsey_Shedd

"Flying the winds" by dennischernov

"My Light" by suzymead

"Baby Toss" by TroyWheatley

"Happiness is..." by liliaalvarado

"Let it go" by stephaniecomeau

"Sundown" by SophieJaneNZ

"Wedding in Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Rocca Calascio (Central Italy)." by alessandroavenali

"Birthday Boy" by AshleyGoverman

"Ryan Joy's Smile" by (A)Chrissywphoto

"Catch a Leaf" by martinpodt

"The Jump" by bartboodtsphotography

"Joy" by toppavak

"Jump!" by (A)rachelphillips

"Sophia.." by Marco1971

"Endless Love." by Florianpascual

"Mother Natures Giant" by Kiwi-Vagabond

"sand angel" by stevenjay

"Freedom" by tadejturk

"Friday Funday" by LisaShalom

"Midsummer mood" by daniildragunov

"You're so funny!" by danielagabay

"go girl" by kelleyhurwitzahr

"Tampisaw" by archiechiecharon

"joy" by magorzatakuriata

"Crazy two" by sobokarfoto

"Super Zac" by cmoore

"Holly Dolly" by AvalonImages

"Cheeky Bride" by ashleysowter

"Wedding, Denmark" by lenaschlmersndergaardangioni

"Glee" by Arastan

"Sunset Fun" by pattyschmitt

"Laughter" by courtneymahrblissett

"Cristina" by lucafoscili

"Music for Deaf" by YuliyVasilev

"Smile" by Feliris

"Hidden creek" by danikajacqueline_8121