Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best abstract shots in the Epic Abstractions Photo contest with chances to win a Vintage Camera Bag and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Brad Olson for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Brad approaches photography with a fascination for light, a keen eye for beauty and a quirky sense of humor. Specializing in fashion, editorial and lifestyle photography, Brad brings his experiences from video production, graphic design and music to create a visual style that is uniquely his own. Brad is a Photo Vogue Artist and a Getty Images contributing artist. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and daughter.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Paper Folds" by ceridjones

"The shapes and colors and light have been masterfully crafted into a surprisingly appealing composition. The effect is very successful in all aspects. Beautiful work!" - Brad Olson

Congratulations Runner Up "Ice Ceiling " by LelaKieler

"This is a really beautiful photograph that looks like it could have been a watercolor painting. From the photographer's perspective, the icicles appear to be bursting in all directions which creates both a tension and a focal point.  The monochromatic palette and dynamic range is very pleasing too, well done!" - Brad Olson

Congratulations Runner Up "Water drop" by cameliasopon

"This very creative capture combines a whimsical composition and macro detail for a final image that is certainly eye-catching and becomes more rewarding as you study it." - Brad Olson

Congratulations People's Choice "Frozen Tundra" by deitrick

"Beaches of Cabo" by dyanpratt

"Upskirt" by quinnkirby

"Porsche GT 3 fine art photo lighting with the focused diffused lighting technque. " by sarelvanstaden

"Birds-eye-autumn" by rogerhampton

"A Frosty Road" by Daniel-Photography

"Framed elasticity 2" by FruzsinaGBerkes


"Dawn Patroling " by Picsurfer

"Fair" by SteveWazowski

"***" by traceydobbs

"Abstract Flower" by CeRey

"Black Arachnoid Eyes" by GeordieBoi

"Mineral" by aleoko

"Lines" by daniturphoto

"detail" by gergelynemeti

"" Waterdrops on thistle "" by JonENielsen

"Fog" by corymarshall

"dream shelter" by gilclaes

"Light show..." by lesleygroves

"untitled" by Visualpoetry

"Water drops on Red Gala 3" by AlexanderW

"cactus" by kasper

"Frost Patterns" by clfowler

"Abstract Petals" by AnneDphotography

"Net-enhanced Bodyscape II" by briancann

"_CYJ8837a" by simonyj

"Against the glowing sun." by wombatgirl51

"Pareidolia. this part of my constant obsession with water. what do you see? Pareidolia is describes as perceiving payterns where non exist. " by abug4pc

"Waves " by paulsmailes

""I was feeling more edgy and uncomfortable as my unquenched desires moved from a feeling of discontent to full blown pain. At first, the sensation was more like an irritation or itch, but the longer I sat there, the more intense it grew. Not only was" by lanzottiphotography

"Almost Frozen" by gailstelick

"Rust Spot Abstraction 01" by martinconrad

"YellowFilterCubeNG" by DuffyDoherty

"Railing" by jeanettesugar

"Crisp Point Lighthouse " by kenvanevery

"Red dimension " by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Breaking The Waves II " by adrian-borda