Thank you to all the participants for sharing their favorite shots in this photo contest in collaboration with Master Judge David Rocaberti. David is a photographer specialized in advertising and travel photography. Graduated with honors from the International Master in Documentary Photography at EFTI School in Madrid in 2007, he has received several international awards, such as the IATI award for excellence in travel communication in 2020 and the sustainable tourism award granted by the Government of Indonesia in 2019. His work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Miami, Jakarta, Madrid, and Barcelona.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Eruption " by tmasfreyrkristjnsson

"Amazing point of view. A really good exposure of a spectacular event. Great fit for the theme." - David Rocaberti

Congratulations Runner Up "Haifoss " by IvanPedrettiPhoto

"I'm not a big fan of getting the sun in the frame, especially when it produces some circular flare and artifacts next to it. Nonetheless, the photographer managed to capture the essence of the scene pretty well. Color and composition are on point too, IMO" - David Rocaberti

Congratulations People's Choice "Fox race " by duben

"Impeccable exposure of a fast moving subject. The fox's right eye is really in focus and the light and composition are really appealing." - David Rocaberti