Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best portraits showing a dramatic use of light in this photo in collaboration with Good Light! Mag with chances to win great prizes. Good Light! Magazine shows you how to use simple and reliable lighting setups in order to return from your shoot with awesome photographs. It features videos with tips and tricks.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Michael Zelbel for his collaboration as a guest judge. Michael Zelbel is an amateur photographer operating a photo studio in Duesseldorf. On his photography blog and in his eBook The Art of Boudoir Photography he shows lighting setups enabling amateurs to shoot professional glamour and boudoir photos. Besides that he is the main tutor in his photographer coaching club and he publishes the quarterly Good Light! Magazine for photography.

"***" by DmitryFevrlalev

"myloves8x12" by (A)emilydarr

"Soulintheyes" by armandoespinoza

"grunge me " by pozofolio

"A Lingering Ache For the Night" by RobinMacmillan

" Alice " by ElenAndreeva

"Dark Beauty " by Chaitalichk

"look" by leonardospinelli

"Turið" by lydiahansen

"Julia" by martaobiegla

"An old man" by SylvainMarcelle

"Gates #2" by JuliaAltork

"Geiko during a procession, Gion, Kyoto" by Patosan

"Baby" by vikkirogers

"My son watching tv" by (A)danielireland

"So cold" by DYACHKOV

"The Smoke, The Face, The Blue Eyes" by RumenMitchinov

"Attachment-1-2" by peterruprecht

"Sun Goddess" by njumlin

"Anguish" by (A)Jacqueline_C

"Mastermind" by janheastont

"Goddess of Destiny" by Laima

"Idda van Munster" by (A)munanazak

"Bring Me To Life" by kellyrobitaille

"ABI SAX" by richardcrompton

"sC71A4478L2" by JessicaDrossin

"Nathália" by guilhermeescosteguy

"King Artur" by marekbiegalski

"georgia3-2" by laansanh

"The Dandelion" by lisaholloway

"Senior7" by Ethos

"Oracle from Udaipur. She already knows.. " by (A)Cezary-Wyszynski

"windows to the soul" by (A)shaneagaiger

"Sailor Smoke" by JamesOliverConnolly

"Child Lost" by brandylynnjonesmace

"Ilford FP4+" by Kalynsky

"Redhead laying down in grass" by jleigh2014

"Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil " by marygracedelapena

"Mistique" by NinaMasic

"Black Ink" by joshcaudwell

"OMG" by (A)Shinegonzalvez

"SIMONA" by dayatocareva

"Hailey " by CatherineDotson

"untitled" by Helerand

"Anna Portrait in B&W" by Anatoly_Photography

"Portrait of Marc... " by peschman

"Girl with green eyes" by inesestoner

"Low Key Portrait" by angad13

"_MG_9622-2" by lyndsaybrown

"879610x20 2" by danrowe

"last shepherd" by romansolar

"Trance" by stevewholey

"Faux fur" by emmachartrand

"Late Night" by dannyk6

"**" by andreapollini_7642

"untitled" by ejnelson

"Fire" by sabrinabrockbank

"The Quiet " by EricaAlmquist

"Never Look Back" by xenaavramidis

"Gallery1_Beauty_2015-12-06 15.43.21" by ArindomChowdhury

"ADAM" by rachaelklave

"Mel" by Manthos84

"Beauty Editorial I" by Laska

"Ann" by miketlim

"Bad Hair Day 2" by cliveseymour

"Noir" by IDJones

"Alisa" by OlegErmak

"Portrayal" by louisloizidesmitsu

"Anna" by Rostovskiy

"K" by agneses

"The Boss" by jamiecameron

"If you forget me" by fabienlombard

"Looking For You." by Florianpascual

"inimitable" by Jbrie16

"Anny" by lucafoscili

"Daniella" by pstavs

"Cecilie Ebberup Madsen" by PevibaFoto

" Close to You " by johannesvierula

"Those eyes" by jdphotostudios

"Sammie" by (A)kenhood

"Angelina" by Atari

"oops" by kobusodendaal

"BW" by rebekavodrazkova

"Hedda" by cectho67

"_MG_8066-Edit" by williamriquelme

"Elise by Noe Lozano" by noelozano

"Anastasia" by liudmiladutko

"1" by irinabondarenko

"Wood Love" by simonnorbert

"Marielou" by Kevin-V