We believe that dogs are more than just pets, they are beloved members of our families and an integral part of our lives. This photo contest celebrates the unique bond between humans and their furry companions and invites dog owners to share their most memorable and heartwarming moments captured in photographs.

A special thanks to friend, professional photographer, and Master Judge Ida Lehtonen:
"My name is Ida, I am a professional dog photographer from Finland. I've been working as a photographer for the past 10 years. Dogs are the roots of my passion, every single photo session makes me want to photograph more. I get my inspiration from beautiful nature. In Finland, we have four different seasons, and I love how the colors change with every season. I have been teaching dog photography since 2016. My photos are colorful and I love to show the love between the dog and the owner. I want to make people see how beautiful their dogs are just in the way they are!"

Congratulations People's Choice "Archie " by megancarew

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Throw my ball! " by hackersnackers

"This is exactly how every dogs day should look like. The atmosphere in the photo feels real and also the technical implementation is well done." - Ida Lehtonen

Congratulations Runner Up "New Puppy " by LexiDawn

"Lovely moment captured very beautifully. I like to see this kind of photo that shows the bond between a dog and its people. This must be a start of a great story." - Ida Lehtonen

Congratulations Runner Up "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie " by spm1photo

"Very peaceful photos, the colors, and the subject are supporting each other. It's visually very beautiful capture." - Ida Lehtonen