Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Divine Forests Photo Contest, sharing their best photos showing the beauty of forests. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins an Amazon Echo.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Rick A. Brown for his collaboration as a guest judge. Rick A. Brown is an award winning photographer working in the nature/conservation and commercial fields. His work has been featured in many magazines including National Wildlife, WildBird and Outdoor Photographer. He is currently represented by Danita Delimont Stock Photography.

"green serenity" by (A)armin_aminelahi

"Crepuscular Complexity" by AaronShaver

"The Old Lane" by martinpodt

"Ghost Forest" by Celtic

"Golden Light" by ceridjones

"Tunnel of Light " by corymarshall

"Golitha Falls Cornwall" by (A)Davey

"Sunlit Majesty" by christianwicklein

"Blurry Forest" by artursomerset

"Autumn Mist" by IanDMcGregor

"Casting light" by robhansen

"Eaton Park Tree Line 14/11/14" by (A)mushroomgodmat

"Lost in the Forest" by Alexey_Argentum

"NZ Redwoods" by Storycatcher

"dartmoor forest" by chrisparr_6773

"IMG_1203" by robanaka

"Estranged " by JanPoloni

"Golden autumn" by jmadjarova

"Winter Reflections" by PhillipMinnis

"Snow Shadows" by mjollnir

"Gaia" by DWongPhotos

"Limbs" by Jellyfire

"This is South Falls" by chrisgiordano

"Forest -SUNRISE" by (A)AlMacleod

"Little man" by joopsantos

"Sun kissed" by JeffreyA

"6" by (A)Stormfari

"Rainy Day Aspen" by jimgarrison

"Netherton-woods" by danhowarthphotography

"Creeping Mist" by jules41

"A River Runs Through It" by Denis09

"Filtered Gold" by LeeBennett

"Forest Walk" by ronaldjansen

"Aspens" by ericakinsella

"Bluebells" by RichardBarnwell

"Enchanted forest" by Iwona

"The Forest Floor" by AMills

"Aire Valley , Californian Redwoods" by (A)KHulm67

"Giants in the Mist" by nina050

"Forest path" by joostlagerweij

"Sea of Blue" by Cobber

"If These Trees Could Talk XXVIII." by ZsoltZsigmond

"Once More Into The Fray" by Joshua_N_Lopez

"Water Walker" by lauradark

"SmithRiverTreeNG" by DuffyDoherty

"Tullawallal Trail 1" by TwoCatsPhotography

"Jayde" by martynleaning

"untitled" by ShannonAlexander

"Bridge in the Forest" by angiesimpson