With great care, Dennis Polman (dennisartphotography) captures the magnificent moments around us. Based in the Netherlands, his images portrays the beautiful Dutch landscapes and great architecture of the cities. With over four years photography experience, Dennis master lighting and have excellent post processing techniques leaving his viewers in awe. He is a person full of inspiration and ideas, using photography as a way preserve his creative ideas in images.  We contacted Dennis to ask him some questions about one of his biggest passions: photography. Enjoy!

I love photography because…
It gives me the freedom to capture my creativity through photos. I am privileged meeting other photographers who share my passion and have the opportunity to visit the most amazing locations. But it is after the photoshoot that the real fun begins, which is the post processing of the images and bring them further to life and enjoy the moments again.

My camera lets me…
Take pictures of things you normally wouldn’t or hardly see with the human eye.
For instance, within night photography, which is one of my expertise, by using a long exposure there is much more to see on the picture than you would normally think. So every picture becomes a piece of art and is just more than just a photograph.

I find inspiration when…
If I really think about it, I always feel inspired. To be honest, I feel so inspired many times that there is just not enough time to work on all the ideas I have ;)
I also get inspired by photos which I see on social media channels as well as on Viewbug. And finally the more often I travel around the more I understand what is or isn’t a good spot to photograph. I see the world through a different perspective, always looking out for the best and most beautiful spots to shoot from.

One of the photos I am most proud of is "Posbank Sunrise" because…
During August - and only under this specific month - the heathland of the Netherlands turn purple. This location is so special because it is one of the few heathlands where there’s actual hills (the Netherlands has a very flat landscape!).

The circumstances was perfect to shoot this picture. The heathland had a beautiful purple color, there was fog all around me, and the sunrise was stunning. During the month of August, I was there three times, but this time all the components came together just perfectly, don’t you agree?

My favorite place to shoot is…
Amersfoort in the Netherlands. It is the city I live in and it has an old center town with beautiful architecture. During the day the small streets are perfect locations to photograph in HDR, a technic which i use a lot. At night the city gets some sort of fairytale look and feel. It’s amazing!

One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is ”Winter Tales” by Elena Paraskeva it makes me feel…
The photo highlights the cold extremely well, as well as how the little girl is taking care of the bird. Although the snow is added at a later stage, It is still an extremely beautiful shot.

One of my favorite photographers on Viewbug is Ryan Buchanan because…

To be honest I don’t have just one favorite photographer as I like a few, however specially for this article I have been looking around on Viewbug and I came across the portfolio of Ryan which I really enjoyed watching. The colors are really strong, his composition is great and the locations are amazing.

These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:
1. Make sure that when you take a picture the settings are in your favor, and that you have all the information to further edit the picture to your desire at home. By only using editing you can not solve everything.

2. I always photograph in bracketing. Not saying I use all pictures, however if in some circumstances when the dynamic range is high and one picture is not enough, then I could still use a darker picture and a lighter picture in Photoshop and manually blend in pieces when and where applicable.

3. Preparation is key when you go to a location you have never been to before. For instance, if I go to Amsterdam, where I don’t know all the streets that well, I use google maps to locate the most beautiful spots. I also then check where the sunset is on particular spots I want to photograph. One hour prior the photoshoot I check the surroundings again. It might sounds like a lot of preparation but you just don’t want to come home after a long trip and haven’t been capturing the great moments you initially planned and made the trip for!

One photo that was difficult to shoot was "Skyline Amsterdam" because…
This picture is taken from the Skylounge of a famous hotel which had an amazing view of the skyline of Amsterdam. Due to the several light sources and traffic it was not possible to capture everything with just one picture.

The tips and secrets behind this photo:
For this picture I used one photo for the sky, three photos for the city, to balance the differences between shadows and the highlights. Finally, I used three photos for the traffic to get those beautiful lines. This picture is manually blended in Photoshop by using layer masks.

For more amazing photos taken by Dennis, visit his profile and website.