Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best dark portraits. A bug thanks to friend and professional photographer Isaac Alvarez for his collaboration as a guest judge. Isaac Alvarez is a editorial/commercial photographer, director and artist based in Los Angeles, California. Isaac is well known for his dramatic portraits that resonates emotions while giving the viewer a powerful insight into his subjects lives. His work is a reflection of contemporary/cinematic. While his images are often on the edge of any situation, photographing the situation is not nearly as interesting as photographing the edges of human emotions.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Seeing each day as the same" by Manadh

"I love the mystery behind the foggy lens. The ambiance of the whole image is surreal.  The lighting of her face is ominous and subtle, it's like a creepy yet dark portrait of a female that is ravishing in beauty. Over all this is the best from all of them." - Isaac Alvarez

Congratulations Runner Up "Those eyes" by francescorizzato

"The blending in the blurred and clarity on the eyes gives this image a dark essence.  I love this cause the focus goes straight to the eyes and really intensify the portrait.  The color scheme is great as well, the spurts of gold and the black compliments the blue eyes in a way.  Did an awesome job on adding a bokeh in the background.  Love the artistic blend of paint splash on the face." - Isaac Alvarez

Congratulations Runner Up "the Dark side" by DavidMossPhoto

"The classic silhouette portrait. I love this one cause the image is clean yet sharp.  The use of light is done perfectly shimmering the eye and the creases on his lips and nose.  The hat was a nice additional touch to the portrait. The photographer did a great job cleaning the background and shadows. Overall this is a great portrait." - Isaac Alvarez

Congratulations Amateur Winner "***" by geomad

Congratulations People's Choice "Self Portrait" by sebastienlory

"_DSC1099-6.jpg1.jpg5.jpg6 - Copy" by laurastoica

"Street Portrait" by vascotrancoso

"is my face" by djeffact

"untitled" by mariaartos

"Forgotten Britain" by kizziemurray

"Searchlights at twi-light" by andreaaccordino

"Daughters look " by bengadsbywilliams

"windows to the soul" by shaneagaiger

"strange" by kabiraarts

"Smoke" by Ivana_Mi

"Biggles 2015 b" by johnsmiddysmith

"Dramatic" by CarolAnnPhotos

"Dark Portrait" by benjaminyoud

"FB_IMG_1428851153736" by lexibalnozan

"Amanda Schlueter" by robguion

"Rain" by laurelhouston

"Broken" by Big_Aine

"Geeorgia Red Scarf" by laansanh

"untitled" by rheashields

"TheDon" by abramevnin

"Game of Thrones comes to Cornwall" by SplinterPhotographic

"- F R A N Z I S K A - by Andreas Voigt Photography" by AndreasVoigtPhotography

"Tariro" by joshrottman

"150419-6505-Edit-2" by blackmarkers36

"Nuri" by mutos

"Fairy tale" by jevgenijscolokov

"Wayan" by elenamunoz

"Dark portrait of a girl light." by Kireev

"Counting Days" by PaulKilleenPhotography

"Missing You " by DjCilliers

"Grace" by rodrigochapa

"Phoebe" by jasonlorette

"In despair" by hampusalexbjorklund

"Stare" by CarlWelsby

"Yoshi S 6" by autumnhedwardsphotography

"defined. " by abilewis

"Leanne mono tooth pick" by slide71

"Film Noir Inspired Low Key Portrait" by kyliepurtell

"Cheeky Lace" by traversbell

"untouchable" by louisloizidesmitsu

"JUST ME" by AlfonKlepon

"Freckles Beauty" by Ermal

"Contemplation" by vickiyeates

"key hole" by joebaxter

"_GMP1216" by GlenMorgan

"IMG_3625bw" by stephenallenschultz

"soul lights" by ernestabielskiene

"Helezin" by NevePhotography

"Destitute" by ManualFocus

"Katelyn" by michaelanglin

"Secret Service" by Misho5z

"the wine colored dream" by sparkbearer

"Black and Flowers_by Roseano" by Carnisch

"Shadow Walker" by BradGrove

"Ann" by miketlim

"The Dandelion" by lisaholloway

"LOOK OF WITCH" by marekbiegalski

"untitled" by ChristinaWitham

"Complicity" by aminefassi

"Selfie" by klapouch

"***" by usachevalexander

"Divus" by RussElkins

"_MG_4219" by jethuynh

"Sprinkling" by ricardowilliams

"Only 10" by bryonworthen

"D3S_9882-E" by DoyleHarrell

"I know what you did !" by 800ISO

"..." by Iwona

"earth" by jasonbassett

"All The Rage" by AtlanticHousePhotography

"Smoke" by raza

"Kali" by danicasherry

"CarlyL_1" by anikamolnar

"***" by DmitryFevrlalev

"mother, grandmother, great grandmother" by zebmay