We want to thank  professional photographer Dallas Dahms for his collaboration as a guest judge. Dallas Dahms is a full time professional photographer based in Durban, South Africa. He specializes in corporate events, documentary work and small product photography. He is also the founder and lead writer for Fotozones.com. In addition to running the website Dallas is also a local brand ambassador for Olympus, a brand he has wholly adopted as his only camera system in 2014.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Wonder." by shubbsphotography

"This image captivates and expresses things that we would ordinarily find difficult to put into words. That's why photography is so cool as an art form. The light, pose and composition are fantastic, so a worthy winner in my mind." - Dallas Dahms

Congratulations Runner Up "The Kiss" by MichaelPekasaPhotography

"Light and gesture make this a wonderful image. It is expertly produced!" - Dallas Dahms

Congratulations Runner Up "Alternate Worlds" by aproudlove

"This is one of those great scenes that only a gifted photographer notices. What makes it interesting to me is the sharp contrast between what's reflected in the building glass and what we see in the other half of the frame. the birds are like icing on the cake." - Dallas Dahms

Congratulations People's Choice "Storm over Samsonvale" by capeyork

"who are you" by beamieyoung

"Cityscape" by Masabus

"Helpless to the Tide" by WendyHudnall

"top7327vb" by andrewmcgaughey

"Ellis Mill" by m12core

"Straight Forward" by sofwanredzuan

"Foged" by DevilishImagery

"Hueneme Pier at sunset" by Bruz

"Dendrophile" by JuliaAltork

"Eastern Light" by ShutterSpeak

"Brooklyn bridge" by Speedskater

"Antelope Canyon" by Rainer-foto

"Umbrella Acacias in the Serengeti" by LeeBennett

"Milky Face" by jonathanwatson

"Sacred" by stephenmaw

"Pier at Sunset" by alexgutierrez

"Stark tree" by simonworth

"Falls Park and Liberty Bridge" by mtraufler

"Mono Lake Milky Way" by BensViewfinder

"Highland Summer" by neilbarr

"SF night" by KaroKrauzPhotography

"House on the hill" by PWMManchesterUK

"Cowboy Combustion" by sarahking

"Melbournes Striking Night" by stevewyper

"..." by Iwona

"The Nightwatch" by Denis09

" Through the Looking Glass - Dreamscapes" by ollietaylorphotography

"In the caves of St Johns" by oksanavashchuk

"Night-time at the station" by DreamingOfSteam

"sunrise" by Marcombg

"Ice Cave Adventure" by ryanmagdanz

"Waiting" by vikkirogers

"Where Giants Meet" by adrianmurray

"The sea and the sky" by francescorusso

"Whale Skeleton and the Universe " by ChrisVanLoan

"Lower Antelope" by bitterer

"Mysterious pathway to nowhere" by MissionMan

"MIlky way over Aurora " by douglasdrouin

"Golden Meadow" by markcote

"yosemite moon" by andyandyblueantipin

"Davenport Crack" by mikezampelli

"Painting the Night" by ManishMamtani

"The Heavens Rain Down" by nicholas_elwell

"Manta" by LorenzoMittiga

"Ghost in the night" by RJHPhoto

"Moving at night" by shirariegler

"Shipwreck Awakening" by Zeattle

"CompositeLarge" by yipDog

"Renaissance Man" by KelThompson

"DSCF7941" by devinjohnstonlee

"Pathway to Shangri-La" by stuarthingston

"Clio on Fire" by danielcook

"Beautiful storms of life." by BLPhotography

"Under the Bridge" by tomerkeren

"Passage" by _2902

"Autumn Leaves" by MilicaDC

"Sunset at the beach" by chuckrickman

"Australia Day Fireworks!" by PNPhotography