Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing curves in nature in the Curves In Nature Photo Contest with chances to win a Rode On-Camera Microphone and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Halfdan Hallseth for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "I drive for 24 hrs and climb any mountain for the right light.
The rest is passion. Photography and filmmaking is not something I do. It´s something a can´t avoid doing. For any surreal fjord, waterfall, or other epic Norwegian scenery visit

"Sea falls " by tunnguyn

"Silencio" by albertoalvaro

"Teddys Lookout, Lorne" by susanzentay

"Slow Wave, Lighthouse Beach - Ballina NSW - Australia_1614" by dallasnock_8182

""Tunnel Vision"" by Kaisaleephotography

"Too far away" by Darrenp

"Fisheye" by blairwacha

"When you cease to dream, you cease to live." by ryandaw

"Narrow Mountain Road" by HaydnDarePhotography

"Golden road to the Mont Saint-Michel (disney Castle)" by mathieurivrin

"Icecream Sunday" by (A)BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith

"Around the Church" by maurocirigliano

"story about tree" by tadejturk

"Sunrise Colored Cave" by larrybeard

"creation" by ntinos_lagos

"The wave" by Inaki

"Milkybow" by petrabischoff

"up is down" by EmmanuelVerzura

"Serenity" by ashtraus

"Paradise At Dusk" by AzuraPhotography

"The Long Shadows of Morning " by (A)Jamescalvert

"Green Vine Snake in monsoon" by angad13

"Niagara Falls Rushing Water" by tonyahurseyboyd

"Majestic" by charlotterhodes

"Winter's End" by andreacelli

"Rakotzbridge " by HatcatPhotography

"Godafoss falls, Iceland. This long exposure was taken around midnight under a full moon. Loved that the moon lit the snow covered landscape. " by tadbrowning


"Green Land " by (A)MariaBander

"Rainier under attack " by maraleite

"Mississippi River Headwater " by GigiJim08

"Juniper Under the stars" by jessicacathrinesantos

"The Loop " by CarolQuinaPhotography