Thank you to all the photographers that shared stories through their photos in this photo contest with chances to win an iPhoneX, an Adobe Full Creative Cloud subscription and more!

"The judging was a very difficult task because all finalists presented wonderful images. We have rated finalists based on 4 criteria: idea, technique, creativity, and composition." - The Zamurovic Brothers

A special thanks to friends and professional photographers The Zamurovic Brothers for their collaboration as guest judges in this photo contest: "We are the Zamurovic brothers and we are 33 and 39 year-old full-time photographers based in Serbia. Art photography is our passion. We love what we do, and it is obvious in our work. Never into the ordinary, always exploring new ideas, we experiment with new techniques and photo equipment, and we are in search of interesting ideas. Passionate about traveling and cooking. Our biggest treasures are our little angels for whom we breathe."

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Blue sea " by adelmomassola

"Blue sea by adelmomassola is a stunning example of creative thinking and bold composition, which results in a surreal feel. Vivid colors and perfect lighting make out of this world experience."The Zamurovic Brothers

Congratulations Honorable Mention "Every night " by chloegrayson

"Every night by chloegrayson is wonderful image and it evokes strong emotions. We were attracted by the contrast of its fairytale concept and real life tone of this image."The Zamurovic Brothers

Congratulations Honorable Mention "Holy Perimeter " by DrewHopper

"Holy Perimeter by DrewHopper beautifully combines minimalism with documentary style of photography. It successfully tells a story by the creative use of elements."The Zamurovic Brothers

Congratulations People's Choice "IMG_5605 " by ingapyata

"39736417351_f6394580cc_k (1) " by jmpznz

"Storytime " by photosbydana

"Sunburst " by davecostantini

"Storytime " by juandiegojr

"The seedling life " by merindacaston

"IMG_7406 " by Lakotavaughan

"Portrait-003 " by KoreaSaii

"Heterochromia " by patricknicol_3588

"the-hills-are-alive " by SonyaAdcockPhotography

"Inspiration " by SarahBowmanPhotography

"AS0_6306-B&W " by Albert-Serra-Photography

"The night was dark and full of wonders. " by marusnazzaro

"Ygritte " by MarketaNovak

"Wave Dress " by HouavangPhotography

"Loss of Control " by AllurePhoto

"Spark Bulb " by arpit_purti

"Introspect " by brittanyerin329

"It's unlocked, you just need to pull " by RBaig

"The shroud " by beamieyoung

"Easter is Over " by Christian-Read

"The Gossip " by sophiethionville

"Vix " by ivanabellazadro

"Untitled " by MattMcGee

"red 3 " by tanushiels

"The red chair story " by daliaa

"Mary " by WolfgangPichler

"Model " by Prijaznica

"Vintage Rose " by EnfocarPhotography

"DEREZZED " by stanislavstehlik

"Diamond in the Rough " by ABarnes19

"Beauty resting in the grove... " by ghphotouk

"Dream Drifter " by suzannesingleton

" " by dpken

"Tribute to Frida " by olgakuznyetsova

"Colors of life " by Pixxel

"Love is Blind " by SharonCovert

"Ballerina on the Jetty " by mikehudson_4920

"lion heart " by kellymcdonald_0063

"Cello Storm " by helengadd

"Star Dust " by sharonmorris

"Power " by rekhagarton

"Alone " by dudygr

"Home " by Lichon

"Lion " by Komainu85

"Feeling the wind " by MarinaArmen

"The girl and the cat " by doina-domenicacojocaru

"Sexy Double Exposure " by bryxter

"Gabriela Dream " by littlebearph

"The Gang " by tamasszarka

"Balloon Sky (46/52) " by Meike_I

"The Engine Driver " by catalinmos

"Framed elasticity 2 " by FruzsinaGBerkes

"Turbine " by tsupka

"Red Bull challenger Daniel Ryfa above Abu Dhabi " by pilapix

"Cheng Han - On the 5th day of genesis " by cheng-han

"Pointe Of View " by CMDurst

"Lonely logs in the orange autumn woods " by Hud1ai2

"Shades of Green " by JayneBug

"Jessica " by jimfreeman

"Boxtroll " by sheenaraepasswater

"Steps " by Harri

"Reflection " by Nico2z

"Colors in my head " by vondan

"Wild horses " by Fotostyle-Schindler

"Underwater_Levitation " by Smashgraphics

"Vacant " by mariostomazou

"Lion eats jewels " by robras

"semplicity " by pakopaniko

"Berkeley Kite Festival " by michaelkovler

"Piercing Stare " by Maddhatter

"My mornings " by samanthaliddick

"Photobreath " by phoenixdrakoarete

"Dirty happiness " by pilardazgmez

"Rose " by ReaVasic

"Welcome to Ghost Town. " by Matthiasdengler

"Spring Showers " by heidiphillips

"Casting the spell (Maleficent) " by Andreamartinphoto

"Jenie " by alexeykazantsev

"Macadamias- Northern NSW- Australia 0027 " by dallasnock_photography

"Alice " by Kirichay

"Outdoor concerto " by lisanicole

"Little Red Riding Hood Is in Trouble " by scarlettnjo

"Emily " by justinbetts

"Street Sancti Spiritus, Cuba " by RuneHermansen

"E ticket Ride " by greghadel

"paradise " by Antonio_Leao

"Succulent Silk " by SebastianWuttkePhoto

"Summer " by AnnieWhitehead

"Fishing For Company " by tpruessner

"Old violin " by cindygrundsten

"Snowwhite " by ManfredVoss_

"Fire News " by Elijah_sad

"long necks " by Celtic

"Enisala Citadel " by BiancaBechisi

"Searching " by theresadonahuemcmanus

"How I Shot This Photo! " by ArberElezi

"In dreams " by Delana_R

"Happy Halloween! " by hadissima

"Pure Bliss " by N1ckBaker

"Delirium " by darynabarykina

"Nuclear Biker " by jonwolding

"A.Wake " by Diogo_Pereira

"Fountain Dancing " by photoflea

""music was my first love" " by MarilyndePolignac

"rebelheart " by beakiss

"Contemplation " by paulantony2

"Portal " by AaronM

"Natalia_Polomina_Spring " by tinozavrus

"Model @pocket_126 #expressive #model #photooftheday #art #photographyeveryday #models #modeling #art #expressive #posing #kapturephotos #studio #photooftheday #beautiful #model_look #photomodel #modellife #itgirl #artistic #portrait #portraiture #portr " by kirkkulgavin

"Merit " by SeldaPhotography

"Midaia " by siegart

"The excited reading " by safeerck

"Urban Swan " by KatherineAndelman

"Snow queen " by Mikepearce20

"Coffee with Sarah " by NicoleShotMe

"KJ in red " by Daniel_E_Photography

"Summer blossoms " by MariaKruusenvald

"A birthday cupcake " by Jesse3650

"the crow queen " by claudiastrepp

"Request helicopters for urgent evacuation - mission accomplished " by MOZEL

"Alone In The Dark " by RobertGaines

"Heidi " by aleksandralemke

"SØF " by Rob_Lopshire

"AUTOPORTRAIT " by celine-namm

"The Rabbit #1 " by Cyberwolfankha

"The queen in the storm " by Dduerringphoto

"Veronica " by nickelphoto

"Natali 2 " by Hansgphotography

"DSCF3294-4 " by St-GermainPhotographie

"Morocco 2009 (406) " by sendme37

"Large white hat 3. " by Refat

"20170302Float " by bartoszchronowski

"Strike a Light " by stuartrobertsonreynolds

"Books and Dust " by javluc

"Indian bride " by Sujeethpotla

"Claws Drawn " by chrisbalboni

"Tessie " by ManuKeggenhoff

"- " by fightthelight

"Dreaming Paris " by SirDiegoSama

"Ivona " by tomashtmkmasojc

"Emma " by karinsanders

"dark reign " by jordiehennigarphototaker

"Milan November 2014 Fashion Night " by Neweraworldstudio

"Spooky " by david94903

"Falling Star " by KDRphotography

"sleep in peace when day is done " by LeonhardKieffer

"Oni " by Joepx

" " by Khali77

"Saint and sinner " by nateshrao

"hgs_n8_029433 " by helgisigursson

"StevenCity_Edit1 " by SinfulStudios

"Country gilr takes on grafitti monster! " by tmarinella

"Lauren " by katywalters

"© Suriyathepjuti Tinanop " by Suriyathepjuti

"North Star over Vogelsang, Yosemite, California " by Walklightphoto

"Peace " by shadowimagephotography

"Earth " by branislava-brandic

"B08B146E-6173-4F19-847C-D09A33B67F6A " by kristinakairiene

"Winter Soldier " by joeehlen

"The Salty Wind " by hopemacphotos

"LOSS modern dance PP 2014 (87 of 105) " by stevengargadennec

"Transform_Jackie_CoverPage_Jackie14133 " by ArindomChowdhury

"Shades of life " by sreyasrajesh

"Let's take a look back in our history. " by DianaAndras

"El desliz " by Resquin

"SarahJayne_Webb_15 " by SJWebb

"moon beam " by PaigeFreier

"Corset " by eperjes

"friendship goals " by erlphotography

"Perched cheetah " by SevMimosArt

"Peace " by anaritaferreira

"Gunslinger " by TonyDWolfe

"DSC_0272 " by kevinzimmerman

"Fall Colors " by christiana_colette99

"Pure beauty " by irisdj

"”The Sorceress” " by gracealmera

"World in Between " by MichaelSchnabl

"Rainy day " by Loza

"The Queen. " by Samantha_Dawn

"In the dark " by UnTill

" Reflections on Ambivalence " by JessicaDrossin

"The beauty beneath " by vittoriogreggio

"ba-9967 " by TerriCoxPhotography

"Cayendo sin Caer " by EricGomez

"Light and Dark " by CasaBay_Photo

"Little masterpiece " by piotrciechomski

"IMG_3458 " by viceroy

"Actress 5 " by livioferrari

"Deer in the headlights " by kerisagarcia

"Woman in a Yellow Dress " by AbbyMathison

"Surreal " by Kornum-Photo

"IMG_2380 G " by Alexander_Sviridov

"Behind every pretty light... " by RainingInsanity

"Eyes " by jolandavandermeer

"Absent " by CarriAngel

"Fireee " by ales_neumeister

"After the War " by doccravens

"Sanctuary " by maxsolve

"The Stable Boy " by JenniferKapala

"Tears " by jeromebertrand

"The Unrealized Void " by natalieallgyer

"Tyrone " by markcarolan

"Marble X " by endegor

"Spectator " by cameliasopon

"psst " by spARTiat_de

"The Homecoming " by kapuschinsky